I smiled to myself as I pack up the things I had brought with me to the Condor. I know I'd be coming back, but I was still so sad that I had to leave. I had decided on today to leave, so I haded for my skimmer. I place the pack in the compartment on the back. I get on and turn on the engine.

"Wait Phoinix!"

I turn in my seat to see Aerrow rush over." yes?"

He held out another pack. "This is for you and Ranndi."

I take it and place it over my shoulders. "Thanks big brother."

He hugs me and I hug back. There's no need to cry, I told myself, I'll be coming back. "I guess this is goodbye." I says.

He break the embrace and smile both sadly and softly. "But remember, it only for now." Aerrow nods to me, and I nod back smiling if not a little sad too.

I gun the engine and take off. As I deploy the wings, I think back to everything that's happened. Getting kidnaped, finding out that ace is my father, meeting my not-so-old-looking grandfather, and having powers. It occurs to me as I smile ruefully to myself, that this all happened, because I had chosen Aerrow as my Sky Knight.