Not sure if anyone will like this one. I started it thinking I knew where I was going with it but then I kinda got lost and ended up just making things up as I went…… I won't be around for a few days so I'll post the next chapter next Thursday if anyone cares.

Nightmare on Route Thirty

The brothers were feeling pretty good as they drove down the back country road. They had just finished cleansing a house of a particularly nasty spirit and they had escaped relatively unharmed. They had the usual cuts and bruises but nothing that a day or two's rest wouldn't clear up. The only bad thing was the weather. For the last two hours the rain had been coming down so hard that it actually hurt when it hit you and the wind was impossible to stand upright in. They hadn't been listening to the weather forecast and figured they must have driven right into a mini hurricane. When branches and entire trees began to snap in front of them they knew they had to find shelter.

"I can't believe it." Dean said as he leaned on the steering wheel and peered up through the front windshield as he looked up at the sky. "We took care of that spirit with no problem and now this."

"Can't change the weather."

"Guess we're going to have to find some place to ride it out in." Dean looked out at the deserted road and knew it would be almost next to impossible to find a place that wasn't already boarded up. He figured if they had to they'd break into one of the house then when the storm was over they'd leave some money to repair the damages they might have caused. "Look at that." Dean said in disbelief as they passed a graveyard whose nearby creek had flooded and washed away the dirt from some of the graves. "Looks like the storm flooded out some of the graves." Dean said to Sam as he looked at some of the opened coffins that lay on top of the mud.

"That's almost impossible. How can coffins wash out of their vaults?"

"Maybe they're old graves. Years ago they didn't use vaults."

When a large tree fell and narrowly missed them Dean looked over at his brother.

"The storms getting worse, we need to find a place to stay."

"There was a diner about a mile back."

"They're open?"

"It was dark but it wasn't completely boarded up yet, and I thought I saw candles flickering when we drove by."

"I guess it's as good a place as any." Dean said as he carefully turned the car around on the narrow road and headed back toward the diner.

Stetson's Diner

Dean pulled the Impala behind the diner hoping the diner would protect it from any debris that might blow down the street. Together he and Sam made their way to the front of the diner. Just before they were about to knock on the door Sam remembered his lap top and turned back to get it.

"Where do you think you're going?" Dean shouted above the howling wind as he grabbed his brother's arm.

"I forgot my computer."He didn't want to leave it in the car incase the car was damaged by the storm and started to leak. Dean waited under the porch to the diner while Sam returned to the car. A minute later Sam started back to Dean with the computer tucked safely under his jacket while the wind tried its best to knock him down. He had almost reached his brother when a loud bang cut through the raging wind. Dean looked around wondering if maybe a transformer in one of the nearby telephone poles had blown out but nothing seemed to be sparking. He then looked back at his brother just in time to see the shocked look on Sam's face as he fell to the asphalt.

"Sam!" Dean shouted as he ran to his brother's aid.

"Dean…." Sam said as he reached up and grabbed Dean's arm.

"What happened?" Dean asked as he ran his hands over his brother's body looking for any sign of injury. "Did something hit you?" There was debris blowing all over the area and Dean knew being hit by some of the stuff that blew by could cause serious damage or even kill you if it hit you in the right place.

"Yeah….yeah I think so." Sam said as he tried to catch his breath, he felt like he had been kicked in the side by a mule.

"Come on." Dean reached down and pulled Sam up then put his brother's arm over his shoulder and helped him back to the diner's porch. He then proceeded to kick the door with his foot. "Anyone in there?" He shouted as loud as he could.

At first no one answered so Dean kicked even harder, maybe they couldn't hear him above the loud wind and rain.

Finally the door flew open and two men holding rifles stood blocking the entrance way.

"My brother's been hurt." Dean said as he tried to push his way in but the men wouldn't budge, instead they pointed their guns at Dean's head. Dean looked up into their eyes and could tell the men were ready to shoot at any moment but a woman's voice behind him stopped them.

"He's not one of them, can't you tell…he's talking. Those things don't talk." Rita, the head waitress spoke up.

"We don't have room for you." Earl told Dean as he kept his rifle trained on Dean while the other man slowly lowered his.

"My brother's been hurt."

"Well then take him to the hospital."

"Trees are down all over the place, I can't get through."

"I told you, you're not coming in."

"This is the only place around that isn't boarded up."

"It will be shortly."

"Look I don't know what's going on here but I'm coming in." Dean had no idea what had hit Sam but he could tell his brother was in pain and needed to get out of the storm. He pushed the man's rifle aside with his free arm then forced his way in. When Earl started to object Rita grabbed his rifle by the barrel.

"Let him in."

Dean nodded a thank you to the woman then helped Sam over to one of the booths.

"Let me take a look." Dean said as he raised Sam's jacket. He recoiled slightly when he saw that Sam's shirt was soaked in blood. "What the hell hit you?" He asked as he gently lifted up the bloody shirt. He recognized the type of wound immediately. "You've been shot!"