So, I thought I'd try something totally out in left-field. Instead of brushing up on new FF, I decided in my downtime (during brief bouts of writer's block), to surf google for Alec and Magnus images. There are a number that I really enjoyed, and found inspiring. I don't know - I'm just a visual person. I WISH I could draw or paint or even sketch anything remotely life-like. Unfortunately, I'm artistically challenged and I don't even bother anymore.

In spite of my lack of artistic talent, I see an image and it makes me want to write. To put a story to the visual. And maybe I can't paint with a brush, but I can give it a go with words!

This is my first shot at it. I wanted to e-mail the artist herself and ask permission, but since I'm only linking to her pic - and giving her props - and not showing the actual image here, I guess it's fine. I couldn't find an e-mail address. So if there's a friend of a friend and you happen to be reading this, by all means - let her know I loved this sketch and I'd love to talk to her if she ever has the time.

Copyright for the characters and the story go to Cassandra Clare. And copyrights for the image that inspired me (linked below) go to Chocolate Kisses. Look her up on DeviantART.

"Alec Heart Magnus" by Chocolate Hugs at deviantart (OK, so FF keeps eating the actual link every time I save. What a shocker. You'll just have to google it too)

(Post-City of Glass, I'd say. Maybe that very winter, since the hoodies and the cute socks just say 'cold weather' and warm cudddles to me)

Magnus stood in the doorway to his flat, watching Alec climb the stairs with amusement.

"I'm sorry. I don't take in charity cases."

"What?" Alec got out, puffing cold air and shivering through the flimsy layers of clothing. His jacket really was no help.

"You look like a street urchin looking for a warm place to hide."

Alec glanced down at his clothes self-consciously, then back up at Magnus with a little snicker. He hugged his arms across his chest, finally reaching the landing in front of the warlock's door. He thought Magnus would surely give him credit - at least for employing so much color in his clothing choices.

Instead, he would draw attention to the fact that the cuff of his pants had been ripped (from overuse, stepping on the hems, and having no talent for mending) and that his sweatshirt was several sizes too big. At least from where he stood, Magnus couldn't see the patch he had covering the biggest rip at the back of his thigh - he had bribed Isabelle to put it on for him, in exchange for a big bag of chocolate. He definitely came out on top in the deal - he'd got it on sale, post-Halloween.

"Maybe I am," Alec replied, biting his lower lip. His teeth were chattering, which made his jaw look kind of wobbly and pathetic.

"It's lucky you're cute," Magnus drawled. "I guess I'll make an exception."

Alec grinned, waiting for Magnus to step aside so he could quickly rush into the warmth of his loft, rubbing some feeling back into his arms.

He objected when Magnus reached around to take his coat from him, but when the hot, moist kisses came he wasn't complaining. He wound his arms around the warlock, leaning into him. Magnus's hot breath was perfect. But even better, was his hot tongue parting Alec's lips and sliding inside.

Alec moaned against him, one hand fisting the hood of his shirt. Magnus chuckled, enjoying the little shiver that passed through the boy's body.

"Did you miss me?" Magnus inquired, nuzzling Alec's cheek. It was so cold. He should have taken better care outside - the harsh wind and wintry cold didn't care how pretty a boy's face was. Obviously, it had been relentless. Alec should have thought to wear a scarf, or maybe even a hat.

"Like crazy," Alec freely admitted, hugging the taller man's neck and nuzzling back, enjoying the body heat Magnus was putting off. It was Magnus's turn to shiver - he really needed to work on warming the shadowhunter up before he sapped all of the heat from him.

"Come on," Magnus urged, reluctantly withdrawing, but only to take Alec's freezing hand - hadn't he even thought to pull on gloves? - and lead him into the den. There was an inviting choice between colorful chairs and couch, but the couch was by far the most obliging for two people.

Alec removed his wet boots, dropping them to the floor with a thud before taking a seat on the sinking cushions. He reached for the multicolored afghan that was draped across the back of the sofa while Magnus moved over to the fireplace, starting a blaze. He didn't have to touch a lighter or reach for the poker. He didn't want to waste the time warming up the room - and his boyfriend.

Satisfied by the crackling fire, he eagerly returned to Alec, who was drawing the afghan around his shoulders. Magnus slid in beneath the knit tent beside him, not wanting an interruption between him and Alec. And he was warmer, by far, than a blanket with holes.

Alec leaned in closer, his forehead nuzzling Magnus's bare throat. Magnus smiled, smoothing his wild hair back and away from his face. "Are you going to stay the night this time?"

"That's the plan," Alec replied. Magnus enjoyed the warm thrill that brought on - the notion that he would have the shadowhunter to himself again, not just for a few hours while they slept, but for dinner, for the relaxing hours afterward, in bed, and maybe even - if he was lucky - to laze in the following morning. But he usually didn't get the chance. Duty called, and Magnus was forced to let him go.

But tomorrow hadn't come yet, and Alec was starting to warm up in his arms, the shivering and the chattering stopped altogether. The shadowhunter sighed, kissing Magnus's shoulder in gratitude. Magnus glanced down, noticing the color had returned to his cheeks. It was softer than the raw red splotches that had covered his face when he first arrived - especially his nose and cheeks.

"So, what can I tempt you into trying for dinner?"

"Are we ordering out?" Alec murmured, dark lashes resting against his cheeks, his head resting against Magnus's chest.

"So to speak," Magnus replied, with a snicker. Alec glanced up at him, returning the smile lazily.

"Then I guess we eat just about anything. What do you want?"

"I was thinking soup and sandwhiches. Or maybe chilli. Max's has really good, hot chilli."

"I could go for something hot," Alec agreed, nodding against him.

"Of course, I hope to have you fully warmed up before the food arrives."

"I am warm. Thank you."

"Now you're going to have to return the favor."

Alec opened his eyes again, and lifted his head. "How's that?"

Smiling a little, Magnus shifted, gently urging the boy to scoot into his lap, letting his legs drape over the other side. Alec cooperated without objection, loosely winding his arm around Magnus's neck. The heat definitely rose with them curled together, rather than just leaning.

The blush was more pronounced now in Alec's face, Magnus noted with pleasure.

"Better?" Alec asked softly.

"There's just one more thing," Magnus considered, glance straying to Alec's pale mouth.

"What's that?" Alec whispered without moving his lips much - as if he knew that he was being watched.

Magnus swooped in and kissed him, taking the shadowhunter by surprise. He bent Alec back over his arm, ignoring Alec's little squeak - although he did enjoy the way he squirmed, legs moving restlessly. Seconds passed and Magnus deepened the kiss. Alec's nails dug into jacket, and Magnus rubbed the boy's warm back through the ill-fitted sweatshirt.

Yes, this is exactly what he wanted. What they both needed. Incredible warmth and a kiss.

That was fun. And over way too soon. I might turn this into a series. Write about some of my other favorite images. Yes, it's a plan!

And I'm taking requests! If there's a piece you have in mind, and you think it'd make a good story, lemme know and I'll see what it says to me. We'll have a conversation about it.