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Jinx wondered why on earth her Sensei had asked her to help train the new recruit's beginners class; it was no secret that she had little patience at the best of times, and she marveled at the way Snake Eyes was able to keep a cool head whilst dealing with some of these truly incompetent buffoons.

Honestly, this one couldn't even punch correctly, despite the fact that she had been instructing him on the right method for the past 20 minutes. She rolled her eyes and stopped him, showing him how to hold his fist properly for what felt like the thousandth time.

Her Sensei wandered around the class, whilst the ones who had finally mastered the punch had divided into pairs and were shadow boxing. She watched him in near awe - he never got frustrated, even when the person he was talking to couldn't understand ASL, and he always seemed to know how best to deal with a student.

With a mixture of shock and intense relief, she watched as the beginner she was teaching threw his first acceptable punch of the lesson. She congratulated him, and told him to do it a few more times so she could make sure he really could do it.

Once she was sure that it hadn't just been a fluke, she groaned internally at the thought of what lay ahead of her; she had to teach him how to kick now.

He proved to be surprisingly adept at kicks, or better than he was with handwork anyway, and it didn't take too long before he had managed the basics.

Before she could move on to blocks, her Sensei ended the class, slightly earlier than usual. As the beginners left the dojo, he made his way over to Jinx. She couldn't see his face, but she could tell he was amused about something.

"Sensei" she said, and bowed. He acknowledged her with a nod, and started signing.

*Did you enjoy that, young apprentice?* Jinx hesitated. She had to be honest with her master, and yet she did not think he would like to hear her truthful thoughts.

"Not particularly, Sensei"

*Why would that be?* his shoulders seemed to shake slightly whilst he answered, as though he was laughing at her.

"Well, I just don't understand how you can deal with them! I mean, the one I was instructing... there is only one word for him, absolutely hopeless! And then..." She fell silent the moment her master put up his hand, signaling for her to stop.

*I knew you would react like this* She felt her irritation grow.

"Then why did you ask me to do it, instead of Kamukara? If you knew..." her master stopped her again. He was no longer laughing.

*Why do you think I asked you to do it?* Jinx thought for a moment. What could her Sensei have possibly wanted her to learn from this exercise?

He was growing impatient *Come on, Jinx. Think about it. I know Kamukara would have done better than you at this* she was about to interrupt, but the glare he sent her instantly quelled her anger *he is more patient than you, you know he is. So, considering that I know that, what would have been the point of having Kamukara help me with the class? YOU are the one who needs to improve your patience, not him.* She shuffled and looked at her feet, highly embarrassed.

"I apologise for questioning you, Sensei"

He nodded *I will make you realise what you have learnt today. The new recruit you were teaching was unable to punch, even in the loosest sense of the word, when you began instructing him, yes?*

Jinx nodded.

*And you were getting very frustrated with him?*

"Yes, Sensei"

*But, and this is one of the things you have learnt, you did not let that frustration show. And it paid off in the end*

She nodded again, but one of the things her master had said confused her.

"Master, you said it was one of the things I have learnt today?" he inclined his head "What are the other things?"

*You will have to figure that out for yourself, young apprentice* and with that, Snake Eyes turned and walked away, presumably to find out if Scarlett was back from her mission yet. That was probably why he ended the class early, Jinx realised.

She went looking for Kamukara. It had been a while since she had teased him.

Earlier that morning, her Sensei had told Jinx that Scarlett still wasn't back, and that she would have to help with the beginners class.

So that was why she was here again, waiting for all the members of the class to filter into the dojo. Her master was not here yet; he had said something to her about a meeting with General Hawk, and that she should start the class if he wasn't there in time.

Suddenly, a flash of blonde caught her eye. Inconspicuously, she glanced over at where it was, and saw a girl sitting there. She looked to be about 22, or 23, had watery blue eyes and her brassy blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail.

Jinx thought this was strange. She wasn't in the class yesterday.

She waited for another 5 minutes for her Sensei, then decided to start the class.

"Okay, get into..."

She was interrupted by a male voice. "Where's that guy with the mask?"

"Master Snake Eyes is busy. I'll be teaching you for the first part of the class. Now..."

She was interrupted by a different voice this time. "Ah darling, you couldn't teach me nothing. I mean, look at you! Barely an inch thick!" this was met by loud laughter from one section of the group.

Jinx remembered what her Sensei had said about patience, and made herself count to ten before she answered. So, instead of shouting at him, as she so dearly wanted to, she smiled sweetly.

"Lets see about that, shall we? Why don't you step up to the mats?" her voice was dangerously nice. The individual who had spoken second stood up, and went to join her at the sparring mats.

"Don't worry, beautiful, I'll go easy on you"

Jinx said nothing, and adopted a ready stance.

"Are you ready? Okay... begin!"

Her opponent lunged towards her, and tried to punch her half-heartedly. She grabbed his fist before it had even closed half the distance between them, pulled him further towards her and kicked him in the stomach. She twisted the arm she had hold of so it was part-way up his back. This meant he would be uncomfortable, but the hold wouldn't actually break his arm. All it would take, however, would be a mere twitch of her hand, and Doc would be very angry with her.

Whilst she was contemplating whether to do it or not, and thinking of a decent excuse for Doc if she did, she heard her master's feather light footsteps stop in the doorway. She immediately released him from the hold and turned to bow. Snake Eyes walked into the room. He looked at the one who Jinx had sparred with, who was still clutching his arm, and gave the rest of the group a sweeping glance.

*Thankyou Jinx. I will take it from here* Jinx nodded and took her place at his side.

Whilst her master instructed the new recruits, she concentrated on listening to the heartbeats in the room. Her master had told her to practice that the last time they had trained.

They were all mostly steady - maybe heartbeat of the one who had almost had his arm broken was still a little bit irregular - except for one. One heartbeat in the room was going so fast it was like a thrumming sound, and was very erratic. She pinpointed this heartbeat to the new girl, who was gazing up adoringly at her master...

Oh no. No, this could not be happening. It took every ounce of self control Jinx possessed not to burst out laughing on the spot.

There was part of Jinx who felt genuinely sorry for her master. He went through this almost every single time a new female recruit joined. There was something about the strange, silent, mysterious ninja that attracted them like moths to a flame. They could never keep their eyes off him. Obviously, once they heard about Scarlett, they backed off...

Yeah, it was lucky for the ninja that he had a truly terrifying girlfriend. Once his admirers saw how close they were, and how protective they were of each other, they were left well alone.

Jinx was happy for them that the new recruit's 'love' fizzled out so quickly. But it was rather wonderfully funny while it lasted, so Jinx planned to enjoy every minute of it. And, Scarlett was still away on a mission, so hopefully this would go on for a little bit longer than the usual.

Her master had given no indication that he had heard the girls eccentric pulse, or her lovestruck eyes, but he was very good at hiding things like that.

Snake Eyes finished instructing them, and the ones who could understand ASL finished translating it to the ones who couldn't, and the lesson began.

For the first 20 minutes or so, Snake Eyes had them hit punching bags, and Jinx walked around the dojo with him, correcting those who made an error, and congratulating those who did it right. It did not escape Jinx's notice that whenever her Sensei walked past the new girl, her heart skipped a beat. Jinx rolled her eyes.

After that, they did 20 minutes of blocks, focusing on the more simple ones. When the majority of the class had managed to do at least one vaguely correctly, Snake Eyes called for the class to sit around the sparring mats.

He addressed the new girl.

*Do you understand ASL?* she nodded vigorously *Good. With all new recruits, either Jinx or I will spar them to find out where they need to improve. So, Jinx is going to spar you* the girl nodded again and joined Jinx, who was already stood on the mats.

Jinx mentally ordered herself not to be too hard on the new girl. Well, she thought with a wicked grin, she could try. But someone had to help Scarlett out when she wasn't here.

Her Sensei called for the sparring match to begin, and the first thing Jinx noticed was that the new girl didn't just lunge forward, as most of the other new recruits did, she instead mirrored Jinx as they circled each other. The second thing she noticed was that the new girl was in the basic Karate defensive stance.

The new girl flew at Jinx, who was mildly impressed by her speed. Jinx sidestepped out of the way of her attack and jabbed her kidneys as she shot past. The girl recovered from Jinx's jab, which wasn't even hard, and tried to kick her. Before the girls foot could connect with anything other than air, Jinx grabbed it and tried to twist. The new girls fist hit Jinx's nose out of sheer luck before she could twist very far, and Jinx was forced to let go. The new girl attempted to hit her again and again, but Jinx dodged her attacks with ease. Jinx didn't try too hard to hit her, but occasionally one of her blows would hit the girl. She noticed that the new girl didn't take as long as others had done to recover.

Eventually, Jinx became bored with the sparring match and ended it by pinning the new girl down on the floor with her fist inches above her forehead. She looked up at her Sensei, who nodded. Jinx rolled away from the girl and held out a hand to help her up.

The girl looked at Jinx with a mixture of disbelief, defiance and fear. She ignored the hand and got herself up gingerly, letting out a few moans and groans. Jinx shrugged and turned to her master, who dismissed the class. Instead of speaking to her about the day's class, Snake Eyes walked swiftly out of the dojo. Jinx supposed he was even more anxious than yesterday about Scarlett, considering the mission was meant to have been completed by last night.

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