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Chapter 3

Embarrassing Incidents

Sparrow was flouncing around the gym, and Jinx was watching her discreetly. Her face was a mask of indifference, but she seethed inside; damn, that girl was so annoying! The way she pranced around the Pit all the time, acting like she owned the place. The way she ass-kissed everyone of a higher rank, and completely disregarded those of a lower or equal rank. The way she just seemed... Jinx didn't really know how to describe it. Fake? Yes, that was as good a word as any – the way she just seemed fake all the time, as if she was just putting on a show.

And her complete obsession with Jinx's Sensei! It had been funny at first, but now it was just irritating. Jinx was quite impatient for Scarlett to come back and kick the crap out of her. She kept bothering Jinx about him, constantly pestering her and asking questions about him.

Sparrow had approached Jinx at the end of a training session.

"Umm, Jinx?" she asked tentatively. Jinx turned around.

"What is it?" she snapped, exasperated. She had already had enough of this girl during the class.

"I was just wondering... why does Snake Eyes wear a mask all the time?"

She glared at the unbelievably nosy girl. It wasn't really the question that bothered her - almost all of the new recruits wanted to know why - but Jinx wished she would have enough courage to ask him herself.

"Why don't you ask him?" she replied coolly. Sparrow looked a bit shocked; not many people at the base had been quite as... abrupt with her as Jinx had.

"Well, I would, but I know he's really busy, and I just thought that I'd ask you instead, since you're so close to him, and since he obviously respects you..." she said in a sickly sweet voice. Jinx just managed to stop herself from rolling her eyes at the obvious flattery. Really, this girl was pathetic.

Jinx could feel a cutting retort building up inside her, so she gave Sparrow a disdainful look and walked away.

And that was just the first time Sparrow had hassled Jinx about her Sensei - Jinx was beginning to feel like her masters PR manager. There had been multiple incidents since then, the majority of which ended in Jinx walking away before saying something perhaps a bit too cruel. Seriously, this girl was turning into some sort of Snake Eyes stalker. Jinx often wondered if anyone else on the team got just as frustrated as Jinx did with Sparrow.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The first time Sparrow had spoken to Kamakura was when Jinx hadn't answered her question about Snake Eyes and his mask. Sparrow spotted him sitting on his own in the mess hall, and walked over to him, switching on her very best alluring smile.

"Mind if I sit here?" she said softly to him. He looked up, confused, but nodded and gestured to a seat anyway. She sat down opposite from him, and started eating. She decided to wait awhile before getting to the real reason she came to sit here – no need to anger or insult him. When an acceptable length of time had passed, she spoke.

"Hey, Kamakura..." she waited until he looked at her before continuing "I was just wondering about that guy who takes my Defence classes? What's his name... Snake Eyes, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's him. What were you wondering about?" Kamakura asked.

"Well, why does he wear a mask all the time? Surely it can't be comfortable. Or practical."

Kamakura looked hesitant, and his eyes shifted around.

"Umm, I don't know if he'd want me to talk about that..." He was clearly uncomfortable. He looked down and started pushing his remaining food around his plate.

"Come on now" she purred "Surely he wouldn't mind. It's not like I'm going to tell anyone." He didn't reply, so she reached over and lightly touched his hand. He looked like he was about to break, and Sparrow congratulated herself on her victory.

"Why would it matter if he was bothered about you telling me anyway? He's not that important" she continued. She saw anger flash in his eyes, and immediately regretted saying it. That was evidently the wrong line to take.

"He is very important" he nearly growled. He stood up, took his tray and walked off, unmistakably insulted. Sparrow inwardly cursed herself. And she had been so close too!

_ _ _ _ _

Jinx had watched the curious exchange from across the cafeteria, and it had surprised her. She had never seen Kamakura get so angry! It had also raised a fair few questions, the main one being what the subject of the conversation was. Jinx fully intended to find out, so when Kamakura had stormed off (there really was no other term for it) Jinx had followed.

Another interesting question – why had Sparrow touched his arm? That must have literally been the very first time they had spoken, so why get so personal?

And yet another interesting question – why was Sparrow talking to Kamakura in the first place? The curiosity was eating up Jinx inside, so she picked up the pace and cornered Kamakura in a deserted corridor.

"What did Sparrow say to you at lunch?"

Kamakura was clearly taken aback by her seemingly random question, but gathered himself.

"She asked about Sensei and his mask..." he tensed visibly "Then she insulted him." he continued through gritted teeth. Jinx nodded, more to herself than to her fellow apprentice. That would make sense. First question answered.

"And she touched your arm?" Kamakura looked confused now, and thoughtful.

"Yes... yes, she did. I wonder why that was..." he sounded quite befuddled.

"Me too. Was that the very first time she had spoken to you?"

"Yes, yes it was" he seemed even more perplexed than before "she was just completely random, she came to sit with me out of the blue... and she kept looking at me funny and talking in a bit of a weird, husky voice. I think..." a faint blush coloured his cheeks "I mean, I don't know... but... I think she was trying to flirt with me" Jinx looked at him questioningly and the blush deepened. He didn't say anything and fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

So that was why she had touched his arm, Jinx thought. Second question answered.

"Do you know why she asked you about Sensei and his mask in the first place?"

"No. I think she was trying to make it sound like she didn't really know who he was, and was merely curious about him" Kamakura paused, with a pensive look on his face "It didn't really work though, I could tell she was a little desperate for the information."

"Okay..." Jinx replied "And what do you think about her?"

Kamakura didn't answer at first. He appeared to be thinking something over. "Personally, I think she's putting on a show. Like she's acting out a role"

"Yeah I know what you mean. I agree, she seems to be a bit fake" Jinx said seriously.

The two ninja apprentices looked at each other, stunned. Kamakura was the first to break the awkward and shocked silence between them.

"Did we just... agree...?" He struggled to get his words out properly.

"Yes, I think we did" Jinx whispered, with a horrified expression. Suddenly she grabbed Kamakura's arm. "We never speak about this. Ever." He nodded vigorously.

They glanced at each other, mortified, before walking hurriedly in completely separate directions.

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