Love Given Light by Darkness

A Link X Samus fanfiction

Disclaimer: Nintendo owns all rights to Super Smash bros and all the respective games, not me.


Chapter one: Dark Entry

It was a normal day in Smash Mansion, all the smashers were on a picnic and relaxing on a hot summer day. Everyone except the manager, boss, and figure head of the Smash Core., Master Hand. He was sitting (or floating) in his office going over the roster. He was thinking of recruiting new smashers, yet he wanted them to be different than the normal hero/protagonist gig. Then he noticed something odd about the roster.

"Hmm, what's this? This whole roster is off balance. Alright then, we need a new villain!"

*Later in Smash Mansion*

Link had just been called into Master Hand's office after dinner, and as he was walking the long hallway to the office he wondered what it was about. It wasn't usually a good thing being called in to see Master Hand privately. He stood in front of the large oak double door that led to Master Hand and knocked.

"Come in." Came a voice on the other side of the door. Link opened the doors and went in side. He walked up to the large wooden desk where Master Hand was floating.

"Take a seat, Link." He said while pointing to a chair to the right of Link. Link sat and waited for Master Hand to begin.

Master Hand cleared his supposed throat before starting. "You are probably wondering why I called you here today." Link only nodded, "Well, it's because I want your opinion on something I recently thought of."

"Opinion?" Master Hand never asked anyone's opinion before. Everything was always "this is what's happening so deal."

"Yes, you see, I was going over the roster and I noticed a slight quirk in the roster. The ratio between heroes and villains is completely out of balance. So I figured I try adding a new member."

"OK, but why ask only me. Isn't this something everyone should be in on?"

"Ah, but this villain is someone most connected to you. Also, he needs your help to get here." Link couldn't help thinking that if Master Hand had a mouth then he would have a devious smirk.

"No! You don't mean...."

"Yes, I do. The fans will love it! One of the favorite heroes has an evil doppelganger that's as evil as the original is good. Yes it should be quite interesting."

"I can't believe you are even considering this! He is just a menace, and I guarantee if you bring him here it will be disastrous!"

"I wasn't asking for permission, and don't use that tone when talking to me! You will show me respect! I only thought it would be right to tell you since you are not going to like the process to bring him here."

"What do you mean?"

"All I'm going to tell you is that for the next three days you should stay locked up in your room without letting anyone into the room with you." Master Hand touched his index finger to Link's forehead and Link's entire body writhed in pain and it felt like his very soul was being torn in two. Link felt a wild surge of emotions and feelings he never felt before; anger, cruelty, jealousy, lust, violence, all the things that were in opposition to his nature and all things that he had only truly seen in only one foe.

When it was over, Link crumpled in a heap on the floor, writhing and unable to even stand. Master Hand called for two metal alloys to take him back to his room.

'Hmm, I hope this entry won't break him in the process.' thought Master Hand.

All the smashers found it a strange sight to see Link being dragged through the halls of Smash Mansion looking half dead. Due to Link's good nature he easily made a lot of friends in the mansion so seeing him like that obviously worried a good amount of people. One of them, a fellow swordsman named Ike, walked up to them to find out what happened.

"Link! What's going on?! How did you end up like this?" Link only lifted his head up for a moment, and when he did Ike saw a flash of red in his eyes. Just for a second they looked evil, and for the first time in a while Ike felt fear.

The alloys stepped past Ike and kept walking to Link's room. Once they reached his room they went in and laid him onto his bed and then they left.

For the next two days Link didn't eat, drink, talk, or even come out of his room. Everyone in Smash Mansion was confused and worried as to what was going on with him. Not long after the first day, Master Hand gave an announcement saying that, "No one is allowed to disturb Link for an indisposed period of time," which only added to the worry and confusion. By the third day rumors started to spread.

*Smash Mansion Cafeteria*

Sitting at one of the large eating tables in the middle of the room were Wario, Ganondorf, Bowser, Wolf, and King Dedede and they were the start of all the rumors, and at that moment were trying to think of more.

"Oh I got one." Bowser suddenly said. "Well don't keep us in suspense. What is it?" Ganondorf asked. "What if he's a baby abductor, and keeps them under that hat, but now he can't find a hat to put them under so he stays in his room so no will find out!"

"AHAHA! Dude that's a good one!" Wolf exclaimed. "Leave spreading that rumor to me. I'll have everyone in a 100 mile radius talking about it!" Dedede said.

Samus, who was sitting at a near by table, violently stood up and walked over to the "villains only" table. She slammed her arm cannon down on the table startling the villains.

"What's up toots? Got a problem?" Wolf questioned with his cocky attitude. "I've got a problem all right. My problem is how much I hate pathetic losers who try to make themselves feel better by making up ridiculous rumors about someone better than them.!" She yelled.

"We'll have you know these are more than just rumors. They are proven facts, and we don't appreciate bossy girls insulting us you he-man of a woman." Ganondorf retorted. "Yah." added Wario.

Samus was about two seconds from blasting away the whole table with the villains with it, but she refrained because she knew she would be suspended for starting a fight outside the arena. She instead used her power suit to tip the table over, spilling all its lunch contents. She walked away afterwards to find some real answers. To be honest, she was quite worried about Link as everyone else (except the villains) were. She felt a certain bond with the Hylian hero as they were both solitary heroes who went through dangerous tasks with little or no help. She wouldn't admit it, but it was difficult to not like the elf. He was strong, courageous, friendly, cares about others, and she didn't find him bad to look at either. She figured she'd do the only thing that answer everyone's questions yet no one wanted to do due to Master Hand's warning, talk to Link himself.

*Link's Room*

His room was simple enough, the walls were forest green and the floor was hardwood. There was a couple of windows that were hidden by blinds at the moment so not a single ray of sun could creep in. The bed was overturned, there were random holes in the walls and the normally clean room looked like a battlefield. Link was crumpled up in a ball in the middle of the room.

'What the hell is happening to me? All this rage, this anger, it just keeps growing!'

Suddenly there was a knock at his door, and he heard a voice on the other side. "Link? It's Samus. Listen, I just want to know if everything's fine. Can I come in" Samus... Link didn't know why her name got his heart pounding. He didn't know why, but every time he even talked to samus he got really flustered. There was just something about her, and for some reason he was always disappointed when she was wearing her power suit. Although that wasn't too hard to figure out, she was beautiful without it, he just didn't know why he thought of her in this way.

"Don't come in! Please... don't come in." Samus was surprised by the aggression and deepness of his voice.

"Link, I'm going to find out what's going on so I'm coming in!" She busted down the door and was at first surprised by the darkness of the room that met her, but she was even more surprised when she saw Link looking so weak in the middle of the room. She rushed over to him, set her helmet down, and kneeled down to lift his head. When he looked into her eyes he felt something snap inside of him and he felt that flustered feeling only multiplied by 100. He couldn't control himself and he lunged at her, pinning her beneath him. Their faces were only inches apart and Link's emotions were going haywire.

"Link, what are you do-mph!" He had closed the gap and kissed her. Before she even had time to register what happened, he broke off the kiss and threw his head back, and let out a blood curdling scream. To her, it looked like the very fabric of his being was being stretched in two. There seemed to be something transparent coming out of Link. Just as it seemed the thing was about to break free an explosion knocked Link to the wall and Samus to the side of the open door.

Link was all of the sudden feeling much better than he had in three days. His emotions were back to normal, and he no longer felt all that rage. When he looked up, he saw what he hoped never to see again standing in the middle of the room. Standing there was a person looking extremely similar to Link but not exactly. He wore a pitch black tunic and his skin was almost as dark as his tunic. He had silver hair and piercing, cruel red eyes. He had a sword similar to the master sword, but his had a black blade with a pale blue handle. There was a dark billowy aura around him, and he had a maniacal smile on his face. He was Shadow Link.