Hi ya all! This my second Naruto story (and my first Stargate). I just got the idea recently (while watching Stargate and reading other crossovers) and decided to write. I would really much appreciate feedback (I love reading reviews, just knowing that someone reads my stories is a very nice thing. :) ).

So. If you have any questions, or ANYTHING, please let me know. I'm going to publish the first 'real' chapter soon. At least I hope so. :)

Ok, my first reviewer (actually, I have a question, how do you reply to reviews in here? o_O) pointed out some issues (which I was going to explain in the next chapter, but I'll do it here too. :) )

So first of all, a Jaffa would probably lose to a ninja head on. But in my story, the Goa'ulds were sneaky (well, they are) and just decided to bomb the villages from high above. And since ninjas don't really have spacecraft or other means to fight Goa'uld motherships - defeat.

Also, in my story, ninjas aren't as invincible as they are in Narutoverse. That would just make them...well, too invincible. But I'll try to explain it a little better in the next chap. :)


How long had it been since the attack? Three months? Six months? Maybe more. Naruto wasn't sure. He had lived in darkness since they were captured. There wasn't any sight of the sun or other measures to know when the day ended and night began. The others called this place 'hell'.

It sure seemed like one.

He still remembered the day the attack had come. It had been only few days after the Chuunin exams. The village was still recovering from the damage caused by Orochimaru and Sound nin's. He remembered looking at the sky. There had been a strange noice which had seized his attention.

Kakashi had placed his hand on his shoulder. His sharingan was unsheathed and look in his eyes was alert. Seemed like the whole village had stopped. Everyone had their eyes towarded to the sky.

When they finally saw it, Naruto didn't believe his eyes. He was sure it was some sort of genjutsu, but Kakashi had declared it was real. And all that happened afterwards was real although to him it felt like an unbelievably long nightmare.

A huge pyramid-looking thing was in the sky. Then there was another one. It wasn't long until there was at least ten of them. And then the war began.

The attack lasted for ten days. Then it was all over. Only few survivors were left. Naruto clenched his fist when he remembered how the attackers had taken the screaming Sakura and Hinata with them. To make them 'hosts'. He wasn't sure what that meant. It couldn't be anything pleasant, he was sure of that.

He, Kakashi and Sasuke were imprisoned too. Of course they had fought, but the attackers had superior technology and weapons that killed instantly. Sasuke had disappeared during the fight and Naruto didn't know if the teme was even alive. And Kakashi had suffered a wound on his thigh. At first it seemed to heal, but...

Naruto looked at the man sitting next to him. He was feverish and sometimes suffered from hallucinations. Sometimes he thought Naruto was Obito or the Fourth. The wound was still open and badly infected. Naruto had fought with other prisoners to gain some fresh water to clean the wound, but soon realised the water was as poisonous as the air. Naruto feared for Kakashi's life.

Of course their captors had tortured them. And sometimes they still did. Just for their own fun. The leader of this place was called Bynarr. Naruto hated him immediately he saw him. The man was fat and had lost his left eye because he had let some woman prisoner escape.

But he wasn't the main villain. It was the one living on the planet near the moon they were held as prisoners. He was called Sokar. He was the one who had attacked to Konoha. And to every other country. And he was the reason why their world was gone.

The reason Naruto could never become Hokage.