Ciel: The Teenage Years

Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso, but that should have been obvious as she is infintely more talented than me.

Note: This is a collection of one-shots in chronological order, but they are not connected in any way other than that. You can read any one of the chapters and it will make sense.

Age 13: Zits

Summary: Ciel learns that even he is not immune to the bane of the existence of adolescents everywhere- the acne pimple.

It started out like any other morning. Sebastian opened the curtains and gently woke a groggy Ciel from his sleep before going to fetch breakfast. Ciel yawned. If he remembered correctly, he had several business meetings before a mathematics lesson. So if you asked him, it was going to be a very mundane day.

At least, that was his mindset as Ciel stood up and slowly made his way toward the corner of the room where he kept a basin of water, a cloth, and a mirror for washing his face.

Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary as Ciel performed his morning ritual. He grabbed the bar of soap and cleaned his face before splashing it clean. He momentarily glanced in the mirror as he was drying his face, and what he saw made him scream.

"SEBAAAAASTIAN!" His shout was so loud that it not only brought the demon butler running, but the rest of the staff as well.

"Young master, what is it?" Sebastian asked, just a hint of alarm in his voice. He was about to add something, when Bard charged into the room, flame-thrower in hand. Maylene and Finny weren't far behind, ready to protect their young master.

"What's going on?" Finny asked. Maylene stood by, pushing her glasses up her nose.

"What is THIS?" Ciel shouted, pointing to a red, inflamed spot on his nose. "What is it?" Sebastian stepped closer and peered at the red dot.

"I think that Young Master has a pimple," the demon explained. "Apparently they are quite common on teenagers." Ciel glared.

"But how do I get rid of it?" he asked.

"You could always just pop it," Bard suggested. "That's what I always did." Maylene looked ready to smack him.

"Young Master, you can't pop pimples!" she exclaimed. "You will cause scars if you do that! You should use witch hazel to clear it up, and I have a solution of alum and ale that I apply every night before bed to prevent them. And you'll need to stop using regular soap on your face. We shall have to get you some face soap."

"Maylene's right," Finny agreed. "You shouldn't pop them."

"But what am I supposed to do about it?" Ciel protested. "I can't meet with business contacts with this on my face!" Maylene looked thoughtfor for a moment, then said-

"I think you and I are similar in complextion. You could wear some of my cosmetics to hide it." Everyone could see Ciel physically recoil.

"No!" he exclaimed. "That won't be necessary."

"Well then," Sebastian said cooly. "I will dress you so you can go about your day. We can't have a simple thing like the onset of adolescence throw us off schedule. You will be meeting with Mr. Bartholomew in forty-five minutes, so you'd best hurry. Today for your breakfast I have prepared an omelet with mushrooms and a pot of Lady Grey tea." Ciel glared. That stupid demon didn't understand how much of a problem this was. He couldn't conduct business when he had pimples! The thing Ciel prided himself on the most was showing how equal he was to all of the people he did business with. But now he was experiencing things typical of normal teenagers! Ciel was far from normal, and he liked to make sure eeveryone knew that. As much as he hated the suggestion, he inclined his head towards Maylene.

"Fine. I'll use your cosmetics." Maylene ran off to fetch them, and Sebastian turned to Bard and Finny.

"Don't you have work to do?" he asked. The cook and gardener backed out of the room, leaving Ciel and Sebastian alone together.

"Young Master, you showed remarkable... maturity just now," the demon said. Ciel's scowl deepened.

"I knew you wouldn't have canceled the meetings," he groused. "If I have to go out like this, I might as well try to hide it." Sebastian nodded.

"A very mature viewpoint," he said, causing Ciel to roll his eyes. What was with Sebastian and this sudden emphasis on maturity?

– - -

Half an hour later, Ciel was standing in front of his mirror, peering at Maylene's make-up hob. He detested the feeling of the cosmetics, but, for all their problems, they did do a satisfactory job of covering up the blemish.

"Remember, don't touch it," Maylene warned. "You'll cause the powder to come off."

Even though she had warned him, Ciel still found it very difficult to leave his face alone. The cosmetics felt strange, and it was instinctive to touch it.

"Earl, are you alright?" one of the people Ciel was meeting with asked. "You keep touching your chin..." Guiltily, Ciel lowered his hand.

"Young Master had an unfortunate accident this morning," interrupted Sebastian. "He fell and hit his chin on the bed-post. I'm sure it's quite uncomfortable for him." The man seemed to accept the explanation, but Ciel glared at his butler. That explanation was almost worse than admitting he had a pimple! Sebastian just smirked- Ciel should have known by now to make his instructions more explicitly clear, otherwise Sebastian was liable to say the first excuse he could think of, or an excuse that he found entertaining.

After the day's work had been done, Ciel took a bath and got ready for bed. Irritatingly, the pimple had not gotten smaller over the day, and in fact, almost seemed more noticeable than it had in the morning. Poor Ciel sighed. He supposed that he was just going to have to deal with it until it went away. But that just wasn't his style. Maybe if he popped it, it wouldn't scar. Yeah, that was it. All he'd have to worry about was covering up a small mark where the pimple had been. It would just... take... a moment...

"Young master!" a voice called out. Ciel wheeled around, coming face-to-face with a rather worried Sebastian. "What do you think you're doing? You'll scar your face."

"Shut up," Ciel said. "You're not the one with the acne problem."

"I would hardly call one pimple an 'acne problem,'" Sebastian replied dryly. Ciel just scowled.

"Fine. If you know a better way, then I order you to get rid of it!" he nearly shouted. Sebastian sighed.

"Yes, my lord." He removed his glove, and gently poked the offending blocked pore. Ciel felt a small tingle, and then Sebastian pulled away. Ciel looked in the mirror, then promptly got angry.

"If you could do that, then why didn't you do it earlier?" Sebastian tried to look innocent.

"Whatever do you mean?" he asked.

"You could have gotten rid of the pimple this morning!" Ciel yelled. "I didn't have to go around all day in Maylene's make-up!" Sebastian just laughed.

"You didn't order me to do anything about it." Ciel growled, and threw a towel at the demon.

"Next time, just get rid of the zit!"


Author's Comments:

This whole project started from a very stupid conversation. I was stressed out over tests, and my beta-reader was suggesting funny things that would cheer me up and be easy to write. He suggested Ciel with zits. Once I wrote this, I got ideas for other teenage!Ciel stories. I didn't want to spam people with oneshots, so I decided to collect all of them in one "anthology", if that makes any sense whatsoever. There are four more one-shots, ranging in age from 13 (this one) to 17 (the last one). One thing my beta-reader suggested was to try to make these stories all-ages, so that's what I did. Chapters will range in rating from K to K+.

Anyway, thank you for reading!