Ha-ha. You have probably guess I like Geoff and Don  these one shots are very unlikely to happen but, oh well, im sure we will get over it x

"Oy Geoffrey, pass me the pen will you?" Don asked

"Of Corse Donald" Geoff replied muttering under his breathe "duck"

Don heard

"Well at least im not named after a bloody teddy bear"

"Since when has there been a teddy bear called Geoffrey?"

"My daughter's teddy bear is called Geoffrey"

"Oh my god, somebody in your family has good taste!"

"Good taste? Who calls their kid Geoffrey, were they on crack or something?"

"My parents on crack? What the hell were your parents smoking?

"I'll have you know that all the men in the Weatherby family have been called Donald!"

"God, your poor Grandmother"

They continued bickering. Each coming up with new ways to insult each others name. Joe who had been trying to catch up on his paper work had finally lost his patience.

"Will you guys shut up?"

"You shut up Joseph; I mean what kind of a name is that?" Don asked

"Just coz your jealous" Joe replied cockily

Geoff smirked "Of what, your Technicolor dream coat?

They all laughed, even Joe.

"Well those things do come in and out of fashion, you'll be begging for it shortly"

They laughed again. Joe hadn't been the only one trying to work. Sergeant George Miller had been trying to work in his office; the noise had been disturbing him. He decided it was time to give them a piece of his mind. "What is this, a police station or a nursery? You do not get paid to act like monkeys in a jungle"

"Joe, Don and Geoff looked at each other and said at the same time "George of the jungle!"

Let's just say, they all went home a little more hard of hearing than when they came.