I always had a small problem with the Twilight series: Bella. In this story, I'm going to give the girl a personality. And an annoying one at that. Let's see how she reacts to everything now.

Also, does anyone else find it strange that Bella never had any friends in Phoenix? Or none that were mentioned anyway.


"Now this isn't going to be a full time thing,"my mum tried to convince me as we both wandered into the airport. "Just for a couple of years, until you go to college."

"Uh huh."

"It's only because your school work will be affected if you were moving around all the time."

"Uh huh."

"And your father hasn't seen you in so long. Its about time the two of you got together."

"Uh huh. Do you think that Starbucks has the muffins I like?" Not waiting for my mother's surprise, I turned and started moving over to the small Starbucks, rolling my bag behind me. In reality, I didn't care if they had muffins or not, I just wanted Mum to shut up. We both knew why she was sending me away from my life in Phoenix to live with my dad in the damp little town of Forks. She just couldn't handle me any more. I wasn't what you'd call the perfect daughter, I was more of a little hell-raiser. I smoked, I drank, I turned my music up full blast and I had a fondness for partying all night. Mix that with my bad grades, bad mouth and crazy friends, and you have the reason why I was being kicked out. Mum could say that her husband's new job was the reason I was leaving, but we both knew that was bullshit. Now I was Dad's problem. Bad luck, Dad.

"Blueberry muffin, please,"I asked the man behind the counter. I saw him glance at my hair when he was getting the muffin for me and I tossed my head to give him the full show. I never said I didn't like to show off. "Thanks,"I smiled, taking the little cake and walking back to where Mum was standing in the middle of the airport.

"Well,"she said. "I suppose you should make your way over to the gate then. No point in standing around."

"IZZY!" The chorus of voices echoed through the building, making Mum's face go slightly paler than it already was. The reason for this became clear when four people rammed into me and started talking in very loud voices.

"Izzy, you were going to leave without telling us!"cried my best friend, Amy. She buried her face into my shoulder, hitting my face with the mini black top hat she had tied onto her head.

"You can't go without saying anything first, you bitch,"frowned Jason, ruffling my hair as he spoke. His black hair was teased in a way that resembled Edward Scissorhands, as usual.

"Yeah, do you want us to die of sorrow?"Lewis asked, resting his head on my other shoulder. He didn't have a mini top-hat to hit my face, but the row of bright blue spikes worked just as well.

"'Cause if you don't, then you'll have to stay here,"Steven told me, taking my face in both of his hands and blinking out at me past the flop of hair in his face.

"I can't stay here,"I told them with a scowl. "I have to go to Forks to live with my Father."

"No you don't, you can live with me,"Amy said, keeping her head clamped to my shoulder. "We've got plenty of spare rooms."

"Or you live at my place,"Steven said. "It's not as big as Amy's house, but my mum's cooking is great."

"Sorry guys,"I told them, shaking my head. "I can't."

"Can't or won't?"Lexis pouted.

"She can't,"Mum snapped, pulling my arm to get me away from my friends. "I'm sorry you're going to miss Izzy, but she has to catch a plane now and the reason she didn't tell any of you was to avoid a scene."

"Actually, I didn't tell you because Mum threatened to steal my phone, iPod and car money if I did,"I corrected. Mum shot me a resigned look, but I ignored her.

"I'm gonna miss you, Iz,"Steven said, pulling me into a tight hug.

"Farewell my rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore,"Jason said with a grin, tugging my ear.

"Jeez, we get it, you like Edgar Allen Poe,"Lewis sighed, hugging me. "But I'll miss you too girl."

"Promise you'll get your skinny ass back here to visit,"Amy demanded, grabbing me by the shoulders.

"Promise you'll get your Lolita ass up there to visit,"I told her. She nodded and then turned away to wipe at her eyes.

"Come on Izzy, you're going to miss your plane,"Mum insisted pointedly, tugging on my arm. In annoyance, I stepped away and picked up all my bags.

"Bye guys,"I sighed, pouting slightly. "I'll email you."

"You better,"Amy snapped, stamping her booted foot.

With a small smile, I turned and walked away to the gate. I was definitely going to miss those four idiots I called my friends. Steven was the loner at the back of the maths class with a mop of greasy hair hanging over his face all the time. It was a miracle he could see where he was going. Oh yeah, and he's gay and loves eyeliner. As for Lewis, he had a strange fetish for leather and spent ages every morning gelling his hair up into a row of blue spikes. Jason was the eloquent, English goth with ratty black hair and huge boots. Then Amy, well she was my best friend and the sweetest thing I've ever met. Her father's in the oil business and her family's richer than God, and since she's an only child, she's spoilt. Fortunately, she doesn't rub our noses in it, but she always lets us know when her Daddy's shipped a new Lolita dress from Japan. Lucky bitch. We were all the outcasts at our school, and that was the glue that held us together. I definitely wasn't going to let my moving several thousand kilometres change anything.

Of course, the incredibly long plane ride left me tired and grumpy, so I wasn't in the best of spirits when I got off at Washington. Perhaps my dad, or Charlie as I called him, could sense this as he didn't say very much during the drive back to his house. Just looked at me nervously, as though I was going to throw open the car door and jump in front of a passing truck. But that wasn't going to happen. Yeah, I was pissed that I had to move, but I wasn't suicidal.

"So have you thought about what you'll do up here?"he asked after a long period of silence.

"No not really,"I shrugged, looking out the window.

"Any plans about getting a car?"


"Because I've already bought you a truck from my friend Billy Black. Do you remember him?"


"It's a nice vehicle, very sturdy and really cheap. You'll only have to pay for gas."


He gave up after that, thank God. Then we got to the house and I saw the car Charlie had got me. It was big, red and hideous. An ancient, run down piece of crap. I was going to have to drive it? Oh great.

"Do you like it?"Charlie asked hopefully, desperate to please.

"Oh, it's uh..." I floundered for a word. "It certainly looks sturdy." I left at that, leaving Dad in the driveway. "I'll be in my room, assume I don't want dinner,"I called out to him as I unlocked the door with the key hidden in the eaves and stepped into the house. For that first evening I didn't want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to kick off my boots, throw myself down on my bed and deafen myself by playing a CD at full volume.

The room was like I remembered it, right down to the threadbare rug on the floor. I remembered coming here years and years ago and staying in this room over the Summer holidays. The horrible memories of grey Julys came flooding back to me as I thumped my bags down. Looking around, I realised that the only thing which had changed was me. Back then I'd been a five-year-old girl with curly brown hair and a love of ponies. Now I was a seventeen-year-old girl with black and purple hair and a love of platform boots.

I looked out the window at the grey world. Knowing Charlie, he'd told everyone he could that his daughter was coming, not realising the kind of person I was now. I knew that Forks was going to be in for a shock when it met Izzy Swan. Stupid small town won't know what hit it.