"G-Greece-san, they're staring."

And it was true, they were staring. Greece and Japan had been sitting on the bench for roughly ten minutes, merely holding hands and basking in the other's company. Nothing sexual, nothing intimate. Just…sweet, Japan decided.

But that wasn't enough. Japan could almost read the thoughts of all that walked by, their eyes scrutinizing and lust-filled and expectant, their gazes giving evidence to their unspoken demand, the demand that he and Greece do something, something likely scandalous right there in the bustling marketplace. Did all Grecians behave like Hungary?

"Ah…your people are frightening, Greece-san…"

Greece gave a slight, almost nonexistent nod of the head, Japan accepting this as a reply to his statement. He offered a strained smile, momentarily masking his nervousness. Greece understood. Greece always understood. Japan proudly regarded his relationship with Greece; so deep and connected that even silence could serve as conversation. Unfortunately that depth occasionally led to problems, such as their current situation.

Japan fidgeted awkwardly, sparing glances at Greece and the people watching them. Japan couldn't take it much longer. Though he concentrated on controlling his breathing, this action did nothing to stop his blood from rushing, face from reddening, stomach from twisting or his body from sweating. He could not take this much pressure.

Japan felt a thick coat of tension begin to smother the air, his breathing picking up again as he regarded his audience. It wasn't his decision anymore. These people seemingly wanted—no needed—Japan to do this, and it was the only way to end it all, to dispatch the overwhelming sense of paranoia he was experiencing. They needed it, and Japan needed it. It would all be over. All of it.

With his defenses shattered and his mind completely panicked, Japan stuttered a small "I'm sorry, Greece-san" before frantically crushing his lips into Greece's in the most clumsy and utterly humiliating way possible.

After what seemed to be an endless lapse in time, Greece responded, but not as he was expected to.

Greece yawned.

He had been sleeping.