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Chapter 5

Marie sighed with boredom. The classes were continuing as normal with rehearsals and show preparations going on from about one in the afternoon until everyone was too tired to continue and then it was bedtime.

The whole mansion was buzzing with excitement about the up and coming production. The school had never put on anything like it before. The professor always thought it was too dangerous to have visitors to the school with so many young children without control about the place. But now that wasn't an issue. Now the whole world new about Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, so what did it matter if one of the children slipped up and displayed their 'gift'.

Marie was glad it was happening. Some of the kids who had been to public schools before running away from home or being thrown out had missed the 'normal' aspects of their old education. Normal aspects that didn't include learning where the secret tunnels where, hoping to one day fly the jet, and wondering just how comfortable the X-Suits where. Marie thought back to the team's rather dramatic entrance at the White House and remembered the suit. How there had been one in her size she didn't know. But when you got used to moving just so, to avoid squeak,s it was really comfortable. Storm had winked at her and told her it was just because it was new and once the leather had stretched and worn a bit there would be no embarrassing musical accompaniment when she walked.

Marie dragged herself from her thoughts when one of the children raised their hand and began to wave it. She trotted over quickly. Since she had completed her course work sooner than the rest of her peers (having deadly skin tended to put a bit of a damper on your social life – but hey, she got lots of studying done) she had volunteered to help with the lower classes. Which was why she was now in Storm's American History class with a bunch of adorable under elevens (she had learned that as soon as they hit puberty the kids turned into monsters and grew razor sharp fangs and nails – or it seemed like it anyway)

She answered the little blonde girl's query and began pacing the room again, moving carefully between the desks.

Her thoughts drifted again to her fellow classmates…

She didn't think she wanted to be Belle. She had been getting more than the average poisonous glance from Kitty and she really didn't want to have to deal with the extra teenage filled drama. And then there was the whole touching thing. She didn't like being near to people and she knew that most people didn't like being close to her. She didn't take it personally - or at least she tried not to. She couldn't really blame them. One accidental touch and that would be it. Lack of consciousness and at the worse loss of life. And she wouldn't be able to do anything to stop it. It would be a tidal wave of fear, pain and life and she would be powerless to do anything...powerless. The most powerless, powerful mutant in existence. She couldn't help but appreciate the poetic justice. Shakespeare would have been jealous.

How would things go with the other students on stage? She knew that the youngest members of the student body didn't mind her skin. She had always got on well with kids and had been babysitting them back in Mississippi since she was thirteen but the majority of the 'important' cast was made up of the older residents of the mansion. The only two who were really at home around here were Jubilee and Pete…once she had been able to count Bobby in that small group of students…but not anymore.

She sighed heavily. She really didn't want to have to do this. She wanted to strangle Jubilee. She had enough spunk to power the whole of Manhattan so why didn't she audition? But oh no! She had to do the irritating yet lovable supportive friend roll.

In other words -

'Girl, you are still getting over Bobby – I know you are – and this is the perfect chance to take your mind of it and make him wish he'd never looked twice at Kitty,"

Marie sighed. She really couldn't fault Jubilee's reasoning. Her friend was right – as usual. Marie had taken Bobby's betrayal hard and she had been tempted to take Logan up on his offer to decapitate him.

A small smile flitted across her lips.

Logan - her one rock in the craziness that was her world. Ever since she had basically thrown herself on his mercy he had looked after her. And she loved him for it. She had him in her mind, the feeling of him - his protective nature. And she knew that he didn't do things by half and that he wasn't just hanging around her out of a feeling of obligation. He actually cared about her. And his friendship was the steadiest thing in her life, and she knew that she could always count on it…

With Logan

Logan rubbed his hands with a dirty grease marked cloth, only really spreading the dark oil on his skin rather than removing it.

He reached for his beer bottle and took a deep swig, swallowing loudly. One Eye would have a kitten if he saw him drinking in the garage – again – and Logan was actually hoping that he would come out and catch him. Scott was so easy to get riled up and it was one of Logan's non too secret amusements.

Marie wasn't too happy about him drinking either, especially since he could put way a whole distillery without feeling any side effects. She thought it was setting a bad example to the younger ankle biters. So he allowed her to 'bully' him into cutting down his alcohol consumption around the kids. The truth was he would do anything for Marie especially when most of the time it resulted in getting a 'Marie hug' which would consist of several broken ribs and a punctured lung if it wasn't for his metal lined bones and extreme healing ability.

He smiled to himself.

Marie's hugs were just like her. Warm and filled with love. And what made her hugs even more special was that he was the only person to get them. He knew that she gave her little friends girly hugs which were just quick one second squeezes. But not him. He got proper bone crushing hugs that made his day.

He put the bottle down and began to tidy up the tool, slamming the lid on the box and sliding it behind the work bench. He had stopped just leaving out when he has came to use it and found – to his horror – that every spanner, nut and bolt had been organised by size and type. He was not ricking having that happen again.

His heart picked up a beat when the soft scent of a little southern belle reached his nose. That was another thing he loved about Marie. She didn't cover herself in the cloying, nose burning scents that any of the female inhabitants of the mansion were guilty of doing. He wondered if that had something to do with having him in her head. He had never really considered that before.

"Ready for dinner sugar?"

Marie's smiling voice brought an answering smile to his own lips as she came into sight from around the side of the garage. He nodded and walked towards her reaching to put his arm around her waist.

She backed up, hands up and a mischievous smile on her face.

"Don't even think about it Logan! You are not ruining another one of my shirts with motor grease," she told him firmly, shaking her head at him and still backing up.

"Afraid of a little oil are ya darlin'," he grinned savagely. The animal in him spotting the pray in front of him.

Marie obviously saw the change in his expression because the smile slowly faded from her face.


He continued towards her, and then leapt.

She squealed and ducked out of the way, spinning and making a beeline for the mansion.

He ran after her, revelling in her giggles that filled the air.

"I mean it Logan," she shouted, although it sounded more like a laugh to him as he bounded close behind her.

"You're replacing my clothes if you dare –"

She was cut of rapidly when , with one quick burst of speed, Logan grabbed her hand, jerked her backwards and swung her over his shoulder. All in one fluid movement.

She giggled and squealed, hitting his back in mock protest.

"You…you…ugh," she grumbled from behind him.

"Logan, you are replacing these jeans, and the blouse, and the gloves! You've got oil all over them!" she whined, but the giggle was still in her voice so he knew she wasn't too angry with him.

He would buy her a whole wardrobe if the end result was her laughing so happily.

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