Summer Camp


OMG! I'm so excited to go to summer camp with my two besties Alice and Rosalie, but she prefers Rose. I zipped up my suitcases and somehow managed to bring them into the living room. On the TV there was a note with a set of keys. It read:


Here are your keys to your new car.

It's in the garage.

Have fun Bells

Charlie xxx

P.S. Did you really think I would make you take the bus?

Yay! I'm not taking the bus! I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart and sat on the island. As you may not know, I'm very rich. I live in the main part of the house, which is MASSIVE and has 6 floors. I also have a pool house, HUGE garden, football court, a place to sunbathe and a big garage etc. Alice and Rose usually stay over all the time, so it's kind of like their house aswell. My dad is normally away on business trips, so we most always have the house to ourselves. Even though, they're not really rich and I am, we respect each other for who we are and have loads of fun. We use to have the best time of our lives, back when our three best 'guy' friends were here. Their names were Emmett, Jasper and Edward. I know they enjoy the amount of stuff we can buy, especially Alice.

Crap! Its 7:36 already, I was supposed to meet Rose and Alice at the bus stop at 7:30. Oh well, I can just drive there and meet them. I'll let them come to camp with me in my car. The bus is arriving at 8:00, so I better hurry up if I want to catch up to Alice and Rose. I'll probably stop by there house anyway. I don't even know what my car looks like. Better find out. I ran to the living room grabbed my car keys, picked up my suitcases, mini purse and put on my sunglasses. I'm wearing a shoulder white top which has 'Hot!' written across the front in light pink graffiti. I have a mini skirt that has a chain belt attached. I also have on skin tan tights and white and pink heels. This is an Alice 'approved' outfit. I ran to the garage and lifted the door up to see a red BMW convertible. OMFG!! I started jumping up and down and squealing. I was doing an 'Alice'. I pulled up the boot of the car, it may not look big, but you could fit a whale in there. (Exaggeration intended). I placed my 5 suitcases in there and jumped in the driver's seat. I love driving fast, so I sped to Rose's house to surprise her and drive her to the camp with me.

I finally made it to her house; I think I'll phone her. Hopefully she's home.

*Ring Ring*


"Rose, it's Bella"

"Oh, hi Bella. I'm sorry I'm late. I couldn't find my favourite Gucci top and I just found it. I'm heading for the bus stop now. Don't worry."

"Rose, I don't think that's necessary." I chuckled.

"Why?! You don't want me to come?!"

"No Rose. Meet me outside when you're ready."

"I don't see why..."

"Just please! Come outside when you're ready."

"Sure whatever you say."

"Bye Rose"

"Bye Bells" I hung up.

While I wait, I think I will put on some accessories. I decided on big hoop earrings, a chain bracelet (that Rose, Alice and I have as a sign of our friendship), some bangles and a heart necklace. I fixed my make-up, which contained, mascara, eyeliner, pink eye-shadow and a clear gloss. My hair was curled and bounced lightly on shoulders. I looked up when I heard a door open and a loud gasp. I looked up and saw Rose, mouth wide and shocked.

"BELLA IS THAT YOU'RE CAR!!" She shrieked. Damn, you could hear her all the way from China. I nodded. You see, she loves cars, so she would love to use my car to work on. She ran up to me and now I could clearly see what she is wearing. She's wearing a little pink tank top, a little purple cardigan, purple skinny jeans and black stilettos. She had a little silver purse to complete her look. Her sunglasses landed on her head, she wore natural make-up except for smoky eyes like me. Pink hoop earrings, our chain bracelet and purple and pink bangles. She looked awesome!

"Yeah, it is Rose. Now put your suitcases in the boot and hop in. We're picking up Alice." I'm excited. Woo!!

"You're taking me?" She questioned.

"Of course. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't?"

"Yay!" She dumped her 5 suitcases in the boot and surprisingly, there was still more space. She hopped in the passenger seat. We made lots of chatter and we busted out a song and started singing and laughing. Some people, were looking at us weirdly, but screw them.

As we drove up Alice's driveway, I noticed Alice sitting on her porch steps. She had her head in her hands and I could see tears running down her face. Not much can bring Alice down, so whoever did this will pay the price. I parked and Rose and I jumped out and ran up to her.

"Ali, what's wrong?" Wow, Rose has a sensitive side. Only to her besties though. She will personally kill anyone who annoys us, makes us angry or upsets us. That's one of the reasons she's my best friend.

"D-Derek (sob) b-broke up (sob) with m-me." Then she full out broke down. I know I have a pack of tissues in my bag. Just let me find them.....Oh, found them. I handed them to her and she just continued to sob. I know Rose and I hated Derek, but he made Alice happy.

"Do you know why?" I asked.

"B-Because I didn't want (sob) to s-sleep with him. I went to h-his house (sob) and saw h-him cheating on m-me." She said through tears. Oh, that asshole. I know just the thing to cheer her up. I looked at Rose and it looked like she thought the same thing.

"I'm so sorry Ali, but how about we go to Starbucks and get some cappuccinos? We can drive in my car and wait at the bus stop after, so we can follow the bus. Deal?" I didn't know where 'Brooke Field Summer Camp' was, so I'll just follow the bus.

"Yea ok" She looked confused, then shocked and then excited.

"OMG! OMG! YOUR CAR IS AMAZING!!" She shrieked much louder then Rose. I really should be used to it now. Having Rose and Alice as friends, does so much damage to your ears. She started bouncing up and down and up and back down a million times. Rose and I were laughing, that's our pixie friend we know and love.

"Ali, why don't you go to the car? Bells and I will bring your suitcases for you." I looked at Rose confused, but she just mouthed 'wait'.

"Ok. Thank you" She started bouncing away.

"What is it Rose?" She had that evil glint in her eye, so I know it's bad.

"We kill Derek". She grinned wickedly. That's all she needed to say and I understood.

"Definitely." I said menacingly. We don't actually kill him; all we do is whenever a boy crushes our heart. We plan revenge and make his life a living hell for 2 weeks.

We grabbed Alice's 7 suitcases and stuffed them in the boot. That just managed to fit. Good. I now know my boot can fit 17 suitcases. I jumped in the driver's seat and Rose in shotgun. We put on 'Battlefield' by Jordan Sparks and were singing like crazy to Starbucks. At least Derek is forgotten for now. I looked at Alice's outfit and smiled. We all looked awesome.

Alice is wearing a mid-thigh blue halter dress, that has silver sequins along the top. A small blue cardigan and a silver purse. Her sunglasses over her eyes. She had blue heels. Her blue star hoop earrings, smoky eyes and our special chain bracelet. A long silver necklace. Her hair is spiked and it goes to her chin. She is a shopaholic. She is the one that gave me all her fashion sense. Now, I love going shopping with Alice and Rose.


We stopped in the Starbucks car park and got out. I locked my car and we linked arms and walked in. The man at the counter looked like a middle aged man. He is fairly tanned, but not like us girls. We have got great tans. He has short black hair and electric blue eyes. He isn't ugly, but he isn't my cup of tea. If you know what I mean. I decided to order while the others found a seat. I already know what they like, so I don't need to ask. I turned to the man and rang the bell that was on the counter. He looked up and his eyes widened. Is he looking at me? I turned around and no-one was there. It must be me then. I gave him my 'dazzling' smile.

"Hello" I said

"Hello ma-am" He stuttered. This is fun.

"Um, can I please have a Caramel Cappuccino Swirl, Mocha and a raspberry smoothie please?" I asked as politely as I could.

"S-sure." He stuttered again. He started to make them, while I walked over to Alice and Rose. They were having a heated discussion. As I walked it felt as if I was on a red carpet, everyone's eyes on you. It's a bit freaky.

"Hiya guys." Alice's head snapped up.

"BelladoyouhavemyMocha." She asked desperately and so quickly. But luckily I'm used to it, so I understand.

"No, he's making them." She turned sad. She loves Mocha too much. I worry about her sometimes.

"But I want it now!" She whined.

"Alice, get a grip. What's with you and Mocha?" Rose asked clearly annoyed aswell that she doesn't have her Caramel Swirl.

"I love it. I need it right now!" She started thrashing about. Jesus, what's gotten into her? Me and Rose just looked at each other and shook our heads. Same old Alice. Then the waiter came and Alice rushed over to him and grabbed her Mocha. He wobbled a bit but steadied himself. He placed my smoothie and Rose's Cappuccino in front in us, but he didn't leave.

"Are you okay?" I asked. I was worried, was he in shock or something.

"Yes" He still didn't move.

"Do you need anything?" I asked.

"No" He STILL didn't move. This isn't getting anywhere. So Rose thought she should take control.

"THEN MOVE YOUR FACE AWAY FROM THIS TABLE!" She roared. I kinda felt sorry for him. Rose can be scary sometimes. By now, everyone was staring at us. The poor guy just placed a piece of paper on the table and ran away screaming. He was knocking chairs and tables out of the way. When he left I read the letter.

To you 3 hot girls,

My name is Jackson and I would

Like to give you girls a night to remember.

If you know what I mean.


Call me,

(0798 8658 295)

Eeew!! I jumped up and threw the piece of paper in the bin.

"That was poor service, so I don't think we should pay!" Rose said sternly. I have loads of money, but why waste it on this, when we were treated badly.

"I agree, let's go!" We grabbed our drinks and climbed back into my car and drove to the bus stop. On the way we were talking about how stupid Jackson was and how Starbucks don't know how to employ people.

When we arrived all the boys were at their bus stop and all the girls at theirs. Some stop and looked at us, either drooling or glaring. It's 7:50, so we have 10 minutes to waste. I looked over and saw three very hot guys. They reminded me of three other people I know, but I can't put my finger on it. I was about to ask Rose, when I heard a sob from Alice. I turned around and asked her what's wrong. She just pointed to over were a guy was making out with a girl. I was confused at first, but then realised it was Derek. I gave Alice my whole tissue packet, just in case. I turned to Rose and whispered.

"Let the revenge begin!" I smiled evilly and pointed to Derek. Rose saw and started grinning evilly aswell. We are going to make his life hell!