This story is about Bella and Edward on the Titanic, it came to me when I watched Titanic the other night. This story takes place after Bella and Edward get back from the Volturi and Bella is grounded

Edward and Bella were watching the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Edward had Bella wrapped in his arms

" I can never watch the second half of this movie by myself" Bella said shivering

Edward felt the shiver and sighed and let go

" No Edward, I'm not cold, that shiver was because of the second half of the movie" Bella said

" I'd feel better if there was a blanket between us, I don't want to make you cold" Edward said retrieving a blanket

Bella sighed, " I wish I didn't say anything, I promise I'm not cold"

" Just humor me Bella" Edward said

Like always, Edward got his way

They watched the rest of the movie and by the end of it, Bella was in tears, she knew how Rose felt, losing her love, she was just glad that she saved her love from death, like Rose, Bella never let go

" Why did you insist on watching this movie if it was just going to make you sad?" Edward asked at the end of the movie

" I love this movie... it's just really sad... Jack shouldn't have died at the end" Bella said

" But they were reunited at the end of the movie" Edward said

" If you think that Rose died at the end, then yes they were reunited, but it would have been better if he lived as well and they lived happily ever after... well as happy as they could be" Bella said

Edward smiled at Bella and kissed her

It was now 9:30, Charlie let Edward stay later to finish the long movie

" Edward it's past 9:00, it's time for you to leave" Charlie said coming into the room

Edward nodded in understanding and the two teenagers said goodbye to each other

" I'll see you later" Edward said and kissed Bella one more time before he left

Edward didn't say see you tomorrow, but see you later, Bella smiled at that even though he is always there in her bedroom each night, it just felt like a dream to her that he is actually here after all of those months of him being gone, she didn't want to remember those months... that led to Jacob which leads to his betrayal

Bella hung out with her dad for a while until it was a suitable time for her to head upstairs to get ready for bed

" Goodnight Dad" Bella said

" Goodnight Bells" Charlie said with a smile

Bella got ready for bed and decided to read for a bit before her Dad went to bed

After Charlie was asleep, Edward snuck into the bedroom

They did what they did each and every night, they talked until Bella fell asleep in Edward's arms

She will not be in her bed when she wakes up, nor will Edward be with her