"The suction of the ship was pulling us down and we were trying to kick up, it was the most scariest night of my young life at the time, we didn't know if we were going to live or die" Alexander started, " I think we were under water for about a minute and a half, but it seemed longer... I remember crying once I had air and the lady tried to calm me down"

" What were their names grandpa? The ones who saved you?" One of his grandchildren asked

" If I remember correctly, Isabella and Edward" Alexander said with a smile, " I don't know their last name... Anyway... I told them my name and Edward took me out of her arms and he swam with me and her to get on some debris, before that though, we ended up losing Isabella and Edward saw what was happening to her and he had me get on his back in a piggy back style, I hung on tight, I was so scared and everybody around us were screaming and thrashing and that was scaring me as well"

" Edward saved Isabella from the man who looked like was trying to drown her and we swam away from the crowd and found a floating door... Edward said it would be better to get out of the water, they put me on the door first then Isabella got on the door, they ended up arguing over I think who should stay on the door... I didn't understand English at the time" Alexander explained, " Edward hung on to the door and he started humming... it sounded like a lullaby... it was very pretty"

" Do you remember it Grandpa?" One of the grandchildren asked

" Lets see if I remember any of it..." Alexander said and he closed his eyes and thought for a minute and began humming... it was like he was back in that water with the couple fighting to just stay alive

Everybody clapped when he finished humming

That was the end of part 6

The next part started after that

" I remember the couple trying to keep me awake, I didn't know that if I fell asleep I wouldn't wake up, I was so cold and tired all I wanted to do was sleep... After a while, Edward told me to sing a song... Well the only song that I really knew was the song my Papa sang to me before I went to sleep every night... It's called the Cossak Lullaby" Alexander said smiling

His audience all smiled at that, they knew the song

" That song helped wake me up for a while and it made me think about something else besides the cold" Alexander said, " Waiting for the boats took a long time, Edward and I ended up sharing a conversation, I told him about my Papa, my sister and my grandparents... Still everybody grew tired and we all just stopped talking after a while while we waited... we wanted to save our energy... I think I fell asleep, the next thing I knew after that I was in a boat in somebody else's arms and I had blankets on me, they woke me up and then put me in Isabella's arms and I then had permission to go to sleep because everything was going to be alright... the next thing I knew, I was in Edward's arms and Edward said that everything was going to be ok and that we were going to America" Alexander smiled after he said that

That was the end of part 7

The next part started after that

" The ship we ended up on was called the Carpathia, once we were settled, Edward and Isabella ended up talking to somebody that they didn't seem to like, I still don't know what was said but the two were glad when he left us in peace" Alexander explained

Alexander smiled

" I'll never forget the joy I felt when I saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time... we were on the Carpathia for a few days in third class of course and Edward pointed it out to both me and Isabella... we watched it get closer and closer... after a while we got to get off the Carpathia after going through immigration and a lot of people... that is when I told them I wanted my grandparents and sister, I knew when we got to America I was supposed to see my grandparents and sister" Alexander explained

" So did you find your family that day grandpa?" One of his grandchildren asked

Alexander shook his head no, " We went to a motel and then we went to find something to eat"

" When do you find your family?" The grandchild asked

" Later" Alexander said with a smile, " When I woke up the next day, to my surprise Isabella and Edward looked completely different... but I wasn't scared, I knew it was them... It's hard to explained how... but I just knew"

" How did they look different?" A grandchild asked

" It was like they were two different people entirely, Isabella used to have red hair, now it was brown, Edward used to have a light brown color hair and now it was bronze... and their facial features were completely different as well... but I still knew it was them... it was like... magic" Alexander explained with a smile

There were oohs and ahhs coming from both children and grandchildren

That was the end of part 8

The next part started after that

" Edward told me we were going to look for my family today, that made me really happy" Alexander said with a smile then frowned, " I asked about my Papa, I didn't understand about death to the fullest... just that my mama couldn't be with me anymore... Edward explained that my papa was with my mama... it made me sad"

" So did you find your family that day?" A grandchild asked

Alexander shook his head no, " They weren't where Edward said he saw them at... we had to get on a train to Chicago... but we had a five hour wait before we could get on, so they took me to the park" Alexander smiled at that, " That was the first train ride I had and I was excited"

" The train ride took a long time, all day and night... it was a good thing Edward bought me something to do... I had a teddy bear, crayons and paper, a yo-yo and building blocks... I was easily kept amused, especially when Edward played with me" Alexander said with a smile, " It was the next day when I was reunited with my family... we rode in a cab to get there... once the door was knocked, Anya my sister answered and I recognized her immediately... then my grandparents came and our adventure was explained over a hot lunch " Alexander smiled remembering his homecoming, " After lunch, the couple had to go... but they wanted to make sure I was provided for and got a good education, so to every body's surprise... Edward handed my grandparents a lot of money... If it wasn't for those two, none of you or I for that matter would be here today... we owe those two alot... if they ever see this tape..."

Alexander looked straight at the camera, " Thank you Edward and Isabella, for saving me... you have no idea how greatful I am"

That was the end of the video

Bella was so happy that she was crying

Edward wrapped his arms around her in comfort

" I'm so glad he had a happy and full life" Bella said with a smile

They just stared at the screen for a few minutes

" Is it true?" Carlisle said behind them

They both turned around

" Sorry, I heard it all from downstairs... is it true?" Carlisle asked, " Did you two somehow end up on the Titanic?"

Edward nodded, " We don't know how it happened... but... yes, we were on the Titanic... as Jack and Rose believe it or not"

" And during the sinking, we saved a little boy named Alexander and once he was reunited with his family, we went and visited Edward's parents" Bella said

Carlisle gasped, " That explains so much"

" Like how my mother knew that you could save me?" Edward asked

Carlisle nodded, " I thought she was just delirious but... I think... she knew"

It was quiet for a few minutes

" Please, please tell us your adventures to the past... I really want to know" Carlisle said

Edward nodded, " We'll tell everybody, in the living room"

That is how Edward and Bella spent the rest of their day, telling their adventure on the Titanic and more in the past