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The Night Will Go As Follows by Spill Canvas

I of course strongly recommend listening to the song as you read.

In a romantic fashion
I will experiment with my fear right before her eyes
And every smile that's unveiled will be soaked
In my nervous charm

The air is cool and crisp as I stand outside her door trying to pull myself together before I knock. My palms are already slightly sweaty with nerves. It took me two hours to get ready tonight. I tried on about a million different shirts and glancing down at myself I still think I could have picked something better.

Well here goes.

My knock echoes across the clear night and a look to the stars show a smiling sky, all twinkling stars and bright glow from the full moon.

The night is perfect for romance.

The soft patter of feet brings back the nerves and when she opens the door I'm reduced to a puddle of mush.

We exchange small smiles and when she ducks her head shyly her face disappears behind long, blonde locks.

"You uh ready to go?"

My voice is even rougher in the cool autumn night and she nods slowly before closing the door behind her. Her hand slips easily in mine, she's being bold on our first date. I always thought it'd be me but I'm a nervous mess.

"So where are you taking me?"

There's a playful shine in her blue eyes as she swings our linked hands. She tilts her head adorably and I trip over my own feet, stumbling forward a few steps. Now I'm blushing so hard I think my head is going to explode but she laughs softly and squeezes my hand tighter.

"Uh dinner, beach."

Great I sound like an idiot but by the way she grins and steps closer to me I've done everything right.

Then I'll say
"Is everything alright?
There's been a few things I've been meaning
To let go of tonight"
And she will say
"Everything's just fine
So you can put an end to your worrying mind"
And then our lips will collide

Dinner was full of long silences and sideways glances. I couldn't stop looking at her. She reminds me of an angel and to me she seems to glow. The dinner was short and mostly painless, although I did spill water all down the front of myself. I know smooth. I couldn't help it, she'd brushed her hand down my arm and well, then I just lost it.

Now we're sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash and there's a safe distance of two feet of space between us. Her gaze is trained out on the daunting waves but I can't stop looking at her.

A cool breeze blows around us and I notice her shiver in the night.

"Is everything alright?"

My question gets her to look at me and those deep, blue pools pierce me. She shifts her body closer so that she's only inches away from me.

Her eyes are locked on mine and I can feel her breath on my lips. She has to think I'm having a heart attack because my breathing is erratic and I can't remember the last time I blinked.

"Everything is perfect."

Her smile is all I see then her lips land on mine, effectively sending my poor heart into overdrive.

The August sky will then bare witness
To a brand new chapter with torn up pages
When the planets align, I can feel the gates opening
To my courage
As I proceed to run my fingers through her hair
And forget everyone who's jaded, 'cause they don't matter
And I don't care

When I was ten years old some old woman told me that there was such a thing as heaven. Of course back then I didn't understand the concept and I just kind of shrugged it off, chalking it up to crazy old lady speak.

Now I'm nineteen and I realize that old broad was right all along but when she spoke of heaven she made it sound like I'd have to wait until I was dead. I wish I could tell her now that I found heaven. That heaven turned out to be a person not a place and I didn't have to wait until I had died.

Heaven is in Spencer's smile, her eyes, and her kiss. Oh her kiss is the best thing I've ever tasted and probably ever will. And this is just our first kiss, so light and innocent but there's a million and one promises locked away behind her lips.

In a confident fashion
I will admit my deepest and darkest to her
And every gaze across the table
Will send my unsuspecting body into shock

The walk home is a long one and I planned it that way. She clings to my arm like I'm the only thing keep her afloat. Crashing waves behind us soon become a whisper and her body is so warm next to mine.

Her content sigh ripples through me as we walk and when I smile at her she grins.

"Tell me a secret?"

I'm not stupid, I know what she really means. Before I asked her out I'm sure everyone at the college told her things, bad things about me. She had to be hesitant to say yes to a night alone with me. The thing is every little piece of gossip they told her is just that, gossip.

"Oh um ok, lemme think."

She slows our walking pace and I realize we are getting close to her dorm building. As I rack my brain for some small piece of truth her eyes stay trained on my face and I swear I see something that resembles want in them.

"Ah ok um I'm terrified of garden gnomes."

For a second confusion flashes across her face and then she's laughing uncontrollably. The wonderful sound of her laughter echoes down the deserted street and its contagious, I have to join in.

Then I'll say
"Would you like to go inside?
And forget the world and the rules
By which we are to abide"
And she will say
"There's nothing I want more"
As we step into the room, turn off the lights and close the door

All traces of laughter and silliness are gone as we walk to her dorm room. The halls seem never-ending and who the hell turned the heat up so high? I feel a single bead of sweat drip between my shoulder blades.

We reach her door and it's decorated with all sorts of pictures, her name plastered at the top. She has a very sexy name and it only makes me want to know her more.
"Ashley, I had a really good time tonight."

Another shy smile and I almost tell her goodnight then run like hell but she's fiddling with her keys. I know what that means and she doesn't want me to leave. My heart is beating so loud it's a wonder she can't hear it.

"Wanna go in?"

I give a jerky head nod to her door and those blue eyes turn almost black as a devilish smirk is thrown my way.

When we walk in I don't have time to adjust to my surroundings because her lips are on mine in our second kiss but this time things are heavier. She's pressed against me and her tongue is teasing me as the moonlight streams in through her partially open blinds.

The August sky will then bare witness
To a brand new chapter with torn up pages
When the planets align, I can feel the gates opening
To my courage
As I proceed to run my fingers through her hair
And forget everyone who's jaded, 'cause they don't matter
And I don't care
No, 'cause they don't matter
And I don't care

After what seems like hours of making out and groping we're trying to say goodnight.

"Call me tomorrow?"

And even though she asks the question she has to know my answer.

"Of course, you're all I'm going to be able to think about tonight."

My words get her to blush and my fingers trace her jawline before cupping her neck to pull her in for another kiss.

She giggles at my pout when she pulls away.

"Ok, goodnight Ashley."

Spencer turns to walk into her room but throws one last smile over her shoulder and grins when she sees me watching her. The door clicks closed and I bust into an ear to ear grin.

I even do a little happy dance as I walk down the street back to my apartment. She kissed me, she kissed me!

As I get ready for bed and finally turn off the light I can still smell her. I know what my dreams will be about tonight.

Brash and hopeful
That my luck will not perish tonight
When the overcast tries to kill me
It's your slow motion rain
That falls warm on my neck that keep me alive

Five years later and we're lying on my couch just like every other Sunday afternoon. It's early but we both like to go for early morning jogs. The sound of the coffee boiling is relaxing as we dwell in our own thoughts.

"Ash, lets get a dog."

I smile to myself because I know something she doesn't as I run my fingers up and down her arm. How many times have we had this talk?

"Spence, seriously with the dog thing again?"

I can feel her pout even though I can't see her face and it's taking everything in me not to start laughing. Keeping a secret from her is almost impossible and I'm proud of myself.

"Right, we don't have the time or money."

As I sit up she looks at me like I'm a crazy person.

"Hey stay right here and uh close your eyes."

There's cautious look in her eyes and I don't blame her. I have a reputation for botching every surprise I've ever given to her. So that statement is a dangerous one when it comes from me, oh but not this time.
Her eyes close reluctantly and when I can see they are completely closed I race into the bedroom where my sister delivered the surprise while we were out on our run. He squirms in my arms but relaxes as I hold him close.

Spencer is still sitting there obediently and I wiggle in excitement as I place the small Husky puppy in her lap. As soon as she feels the small paws and soft fur she squeals.

Her blue eyes that match our new dog's are bright with excitement but her jaw drops when she feels what is attached to the collar.


Her nimble fingers release the ring and it clatters to the floor. I pick it up and get on one knee. Tears start to form in her eyes and her hands come to cover her mouth.

"Spencer Carlin, love of my life, will you marry me?"

She nods and whispers a yes as I slip the diamond on her finger. To think all those years ago I almost lost the nerve to knock on her door, what a mistake that would have been.

Consider this song a testament
Of my devotion to your saccharine scent
And to be completely honest
You're not like all the rest
You're not like all the rest
Oh no, you're not like all the rest
You're not like all the rest
You're not like all the rest

Thanks for everything.