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Summary:-What if the Potter's had one more child other than Harry?

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It was Halloween night in 1981. Children were roaming around in the neighborhood trick-or-treating dressed up in various costumes. The Potters were under hiding. They had been from the past few months. Two month old Emily Potter was in her crib in the nursery. James Potter was playing with his son Harry. Lily Potter was looking in on them and was smiling. They felt they were secure under the Fidelius charm.

"Where's Emily?" James asked.

"She just went to sleep. I'm sure Harry never troubled me this much. She has taken after you James." Lily replied weakly.

"Is that a bad thing?" James asked raising his eyebrows.

"Oh the worst!" Lily teased.

"Come Harry sweetheart it's time to go to sleep." Lily said gently to Harry trying to flatten his hair but failing.

"It's the Potter hair. It wouldn't flatten." James said laughing.

"There is no harm in trying. I hope Emily doesn't get your hair." Lily said taking Harry away from the room. Harry was resisting and was trying to get away from Lily.

"What is wrong in my hair?" James said running his hand through them.

"Nothing but a girl might find it difficult to manage." Lily said quite serious.

"Here take your son. I can't handle him." She added handing Harry over to James.

Suddenly the door blasted open and The Dark Lord entered.

James immediately handed Harry back to Lily.

"Lily take the kids and run! I will hold him off." James said frantically.

But it was a hopeless case. He didn't even have his wand with him. In a few seconds his voice was silenced forever. Lily Potter didn't even waste a second. She took her daughter from her crib and tried desperately to escape. She knew her husband was already dead. She sorely wished that wasn't the case but she could somehow feel it. Tears were pouring freely down her cheeks. She tried to apparate, tried the windows but nothing worked. There were no means to escape. She was trapped from all sides. She had to somehow save her children. She would even die for them.

There was a thump outside and the dark Lord soon entered the nursery.

She took a deep breath. It seemed like this was her final test.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry! Please not my children."

"Stand aside, you silly girl...stand aside, now..."

"Not Harry, not my children, please no, take me, kill me instead–"

"Avada Kedavra."

Lily Potter lay dead on the floor and Emily Potter's loud cries could be heard.

"Finally Harry Potter. I will soon kill your sister too. It's a pity the whole Potter line will die out."

He pointed his wand at Harry's head. Soon the only threat he had from being immortal will be over.

"Avada Kedavra."

But the unexpected happened. The killing curse rebounded on him and Tom Riddle felt unbearable pain. Lord Voldemort had disappeared for good.

Now Harry Potter's cries could be heard mingled with Emily Potter's cries.

All they had left was each other. They couldn't know the hardships they would have to face together in the next few years. They didn't know that Voldemort would be after their lifes till the moment they or he died.

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