Sly Cooper fanfic8

Special Thanks to Jammin Jabala for allowing me use of his OC: Julius Black...

Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ).The adventures that were never told...

Sequel to Seeker's Scroll...

Untold Chronicles...

Melancholy and Repent

Bermuda, UK

Across town of the United Kingdom Island, many outlaws and crooks populated the town. For most citizens this would be the place to mostly avoid, but for Sylvester J. alias "Sly" Cooper, this was the perfect to find a crew for the Gallantry.

The ship was tied to the docks, with Dimitri, the Panda King, and the Guru waiting on board, also watching a few sailors and crooks come aboard. They showed the Panda King their cards, which marked them members of the ship and of the treasure hunt for Algernon's treasure.

While he managed the sailors coming aboard, Sly, Murray, Bentley and Penelope were recruiting the crew. Deciding who was worthy of sailing the Gallantry or not, but at the moment they were pretty much taking anyone who approached their desk.

Their recruitment counter was in a quite basement in the town bar, where many souls partied and danced the night away. Of course the music of the party was loud and many of the people danced and stomped down on the floorboard, creating booms from the ceiling according to our favorite gang of thieves' point of view. Murray even had to go upstairs and advertise to a few people, mentioning the words "work," "treasure," and "pirate ship."

"So, Mister..." Bentley began, stuttering as he, Sly, and Penelope interviewed a black panther.

"Marcus." the panther filled in, taking out a cigarette and a lighter.

"Okay Mr. Marcus, tell us," Bentley resumed, "What makes you worthy to crew the Gallantry in search of Algernon's treasure?"

"Well, bro," Marcus began, talking in a street accent, "I ain't ever sailed before on no boat, but I am capable of knockin' the freakin' skull outta anyone."

"Have you ever had a job?"

Marcus lit the cigarette and began to smoke, "Yeah, I was a gunman. Hired to shoot the livin' crap outta people. Any problems wit dat?"

"...No, not at all," Penelope replied, "In fact it's probably what we'll need on the ship."

Bentley agreed, "I second that; welcome to the crew, Mr. Marcus," he said, handing him a pen, "sign here, take your card, and head to the ship please."

"No problem," Marcus said, signing the piece of paper on the desk, taking the card, and heading out. Allowing the next to enter, a mix bulldog.

"And you are?" Bentley asked, looking up at the dog.

"David Rogers," he replied.

"Do you have any special skills useful aboard a pirate ship?"

"I'm a bit of a gunslinger, and a bit of a gambler," Rogers explained.

"And I suppose you're here because you want to be the first to carry a chest of gold?" Sly asked.

"Pretty much the case, yeah."

Bentley looked at Sly, who simply shrugged, "Welcome aboard!"

After the bulldog signed his name and retrieved a card, he left, making way for the next in line.

Surprisingly, the next applier looking for work was a hologram morphing android, a robot.

"And uh..." Bentley began, not sure where to start with this machine, "You might be..."

"I am AAI21-Borg," said the android. It had an ordinary humanoid skeleton shape, two arms and legs. Its skull however was round like the shape of a ball, that of a medium-sized soccer ball. It had two large round dots on its faceplate, two visual sensors that served as the eyes. Two circular audio-sensors were installed on both sides of its head, serving as the ears. And under the eyes of the robot's faceplate was its mouth, a radio speaker.

"Okay? And what's your... function, Mr. Borg?" Penelope asked who was too a little stunned by the applying recruit.

"To start with, my functions are of multiple tasks such as field combat, submersibles, and medicals," Borg explained, "I can serve myself useful for infantry tasks, scuba-based objectives, and as a medic in any situations."

"Have you even done any of that before?"

"Indeed I have. During my programming and constructing I have received training in which has increased my functional uses ninety eight point six four five percent."

Bentley was interested in this android; it appeared to have a sophisticated voice of an Englishman, "What's your programming?"

"I no longer have any programming at the moment. Due to my failure in my last mission my programming was erased and I was discharged of my objectives and primal installation. So now I am seeking work in Bermuda."

Bentley looked to Penelope and Sly, both nodded, "Not anymore you're not," he began, handing him a card, "because you're hired."

"Thank you, my new master," Borg said, taking the card, "I will be at the ship presently."

After the android had left, Sly turned to Bentley, "So how are we doing?" he asked, sipping his mug.

"Well, I think we're doing all right, despite the fact that we're hiring just about everyone that comes down here," Bentley pointed out, looking down at the list, "We have an archaeologist, a naturalist, a few sailors and mercenaries worth mentioning, the android which I'll say seems pretty cool, a fisherman, a taxi driver..."

Sly replaced his mug on the desk, "A taxi driver? Are you kidding me?"

"What's wrong? Mr. Jenkins seems like a capable guy," Penelope said.

"But he's a taxi. Look at all the names on a list, we only have a few specialists capable of treasure hunt," Sly pointed out, "Plus, we have a lot of tough guys, sure it evens it out, but they can get pretty wild and out of control. And while we're away from the ship we're gonna have a hard time trusting who's gonna take care of the Gallantry."

"I guess you're right," Bentley replied, cleaning his glasses, "but you're the one who wanted to get a crew to the Gallantry, what kinda of crewman do you want?"

"Well, we'll need a quartermaster to take charge of the ship and crew for us," Penelope said, pointing out an excellent theory, "With a quartermaster we can trust we should have no problems."

"That's a good strategic solution, Penelope," Bentley complemented, "Only problem is who we can trust out of all these pirates, vandals, and rogues. Murray's a little too soft and the Panda King is needed in the kitchen and on fieldwork. Who are we gonna find that is worthy to be the Gallantry's quartermaster?"

Suddenly, footsteps started from the top of the staircase and worked down. Sly, Bentley, and Penelope watched as a new applier for work aboard the Gallantry stepped off the last step and approached the desk.

He walked like a soldier marching his way into victory, his boots held the scent of sea and dirt, his long brown jacket showed many bullet and burnt marks which showed he had been through a lot of action, and his dark gray beanie hat was made for the most coldest of climates.

The figure stood in front of the desk, waiting for them to interview, "And... are you by any chance applying for a place aboard our ship?" Bentley asked, receiving a firm nod from the figure.

Sly felt unable to believe his eyes but knew they were not deceiving him, the soul applying for the treasure hunt of Algernon's loot was none other than a very skilled and capable mercenary, and an old, trustworthy friend.

He motioned Bentley to skip to the finally question as he handed the figure a bottle of soda, "So let me ask you this; are you ready to sail aboard a ship crewed by what you would call 'the damned' and very much risk yourself to being captured by cops all on a single goal?" He asked the figure.

He opened the bottle and sipped from it. "Yes I am," said the mercenary, J.B. Wilson, "Just tell me this; what's the occasion of this voyage?"

Surprise! How do you all like that?! Wilson is back! But which are you more surprised about? Wilson's return or that they hired a robot into the crew? R&R.