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Special Thanks to Jammin Jabala for allowing me use of his OC: Julius Black...

Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ). The adventures that were never told...

Sequel to Seeker's Scroll...

Untold Chronicles...

Melancholy and Repent

As the beast sank silently into the sea, and the RC jet landed back on the ship beside the rudder, the clouds above began to clear, allowing the sun access to shine upon the Gallantry. With the creature defeated, the dark, shadow eclipse of the Doom Sea was cleared, ending its dark name forever.

Sanctuary at last, the crew began to cheer with victory. Raising their fists in the air, the survivors had all pulled together and survive the ordeal with the threat, with that, the Doom Sea. Although most of them expected their moment of triumph would be discovering Algernon's treasure, they were all happy just to be alive. With now bold and confident hearts, they were all determined that nothing could stop them.

Although they did mourn the fallen, giving the gunshot of any military-like funeral as others prayed for them. Black simply sat aside, his arms folded as he leaned against the wall. The fallen pirates meant nothing to him, he was only here to collect his treasure, just like all of them though, only he did not share their compassion and friendship of fellowship.

Meanwhile, Penelope stepped off of Bentley's wheelchair and went to collect her RC jet. After which, she turned to the turtle genius, who had successfully pulled them out of that ordeal, as well save her life. The turtle simply smiled bashfully, as his girlfriend approached him and left a sweet kiss on the cheek. "Now that we're out of that, is there something you want to talk about?"

Bentley's eyes widened, "You noticed?"

"I suspected, yes. You've been very solitary lately," Penelope described.

"Well, okay. After all, like you said, you'll understand."

While the two geniuses talked, Freddy poked his head out of the barrel, grinning as the battle was over. The possum stuck a foot out and tried to leap out, but ended up falling flat on his face in the making. He scurried to his feet, hoping he had not embarrassed himself in front of someone, and spun around, only to spot Neyla in front of him.

The white tigress stood before him, a smile formed in her lips. Although she was still a little angry with the rodent for his previous actions, but he had redeemed himself just as she did, saving a life. Of course, while she saved the lives of Paris, as well as the world, he saved one life, the life of someone very precious to her.

"Oh jeeze! Now what?" Freddy sighed, a hint of fright showing.

"Thank you, Freddy."

"Look. I know I made the biggest mistake- Wait, what?" the possum replied, his brows raised.

"You saved Jack's life, just when I thought I was going to lose him," Neyla told him, leaning close to him, and kissing him "Thank you."

As the white tigress walked away, Freddy placed a hand on his cheek, sighing fantastically, "What a woman," the rodent shook his head and put on a proud smile, "Well, I may have lost what could be the most money I could ever get in the rest of my life, but at least all's well that ends well."

The possum jumped as he felt a hand touch his shoulder, he spun around and found Wilson, who also had a proud smile, "Yep, all's well."

After the great ordeal out at sea, the Gallantry arrived St. Helena, another island of the United Kingdom. When the ship docked the crew departed to purchase and load supplies for their next voyage.

Meanwhile, Bentley and Penelope stood over by the stern while Sly and Murray consulted with Wilson. There, the turtle explained how he felt melancholy about his small, weak stature and that he feared she would turn away from him to someone stronger and more muscular, especially due to his eavesdropping on her conversation with Neyla.

Penelope chuckled, "And you though that was you? No, we were talking about Dimitri. You know, big ego, over exaggerating..." With that, the turtle blushed in embarrassment.

"Oops. My mistake. I'm sorry, Penelope."

"Hey now, you know I've got a thing for smart guys," the mouse told him, caressing his chin with her fingers, "and where am I gonna find anyone half as smart as you?"

She had made a point, no matter what happened, she and Bentley would always be perfect for each other.

The egghead couple shared a tender moment as Sly and Murray grinned happily for their friend. After this whole event, it was proof that everyone makes mistakes. Even if they are the smartest, the most strategic, or best among all. That is a lesson that everyone is to learn and no one is to forget that life is full of surprises and we do not always make the right choices, but that does not mean it is too late to fix it. For an mistake is only an error if it cannot be corrected, and Bentley corrected his error before it became the big mistake.

Meanwhile, Sly realized that this was a major conflict that there were lucky enough to get out alive, unfortunately he knew it would not be the last. They still needed to get to the disclosed location that the Scroll was leading them to. Who knows what adventures await them now?


There you have it folks, the Doom Sea is passed and now they are heading to their next adventure. Keep watch for the sequel: Deception. Murray meets an exotic woman in India, but she is not what the Cooper Gang appears. A mystery/friendship, a bit of romance too, I guess...

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