"Well that's the last of it" I stuff the last of my shit into the box and put it by the door next to all my other things I'm taking. I look at Emily as she sits on my bed smiling at me. I know for a fact that the smile is fake because I've got one to match. It's a sad day for both of us.

I'm leaving for uni today, going to Manchester to study politics, economics and marketing. Don't get me wrong I'm really excited about university; you know a chance to spread my wings and fly and all that shit. The only thing I'm not excited about is that Ems isn't coming with me. She's staying in Bristol along with most of the gang, well except for JJ who is going to Cambridge, but we always knew he'd end up somewhere brilliant with brains like his.

"I can't believe you're leaving already" I sit down next to my gorgeous girl and immediately hold her hand. She looks up at me with those eyes I love so much and it kills me to see even just a tiny hint of sadness in them.

"I know babe but like I keep saying, I might be going away, but I'm not leaving you, I'll never leave you, you don't get rid of me that easily Fitch" she smiles at me and I gladly welcome the same feelings that I get every time she smiles at me or hell even just looks at me. It's something I will never get tired of feeling. Sometimes I can't believe she's mine after the way I treated her, the way I hurt her. I don't ever want a life without her in it, no wait correction; I can't have a life if she's not in it.

"Really? and here was I thinking I was finally free" I can tell she's teasing me by the way her voice gets a little bit higher as she says it. But still I can't control the urge to at least be mock annoyed at her.

"Is that so, well maybe I should just stay in Manchester and never come back" she laughs and leans in and kisses my pulse point. I literally become putty in her hands when she does that and oh how she knows it.

"Oh really" she kisses me again and I have to grab her shoulders to steady myself "is that a threat?" she asks me

"You know it is" shit this girl is good, I'm trying desperately to control my breathing as she strokes her hand along my thigh. I can't take it anymore, I crash my lips against hers and it feels like I'm kissing her for the first time. She drags her tongue across my bottom lip waiting for me to grant her entrance which she knows I always do. Before I know it she's lowered me down onto my bed and she's straddling me, our lips never leaving each others. I lift my knee up and press it into her centre. She pulls back from our kiss and she moans loudly as I press my knee into her that little bit harder.

"Fuck Naomi" she gasps as I sit myself up and start placing gentle kisses along her collarbone. I reach behind her back and undo the zip of her dress, the dress that she knows she can't wear without me wanting her. I love how it just falls off her, letting me admire her amazing body. I feel her tug on the bottom of my top and I stop kissing her and lift my arms up so she can remove it properly.

I start searching frantically for her bra clasp and I can hear her laugh at my urgency.

"Might want to look at the front babe" she said giggling as I looked and felt incredibly stupid for not realising it was a front clasp. I reach round and undo it with ease and the second the bra is off I rap my tongue around one of her already hard nipples and bask in the sounds she makes as I tease her.


"SHIT" I shout as the knock at my bedroom door startles me.

"Naomi is everything alright in there" fuck sake it's Kieran. He's been living with us for over a year now and he seems to have the worst timing in the world.

"Everything's fine I'm just finishing some stuff" Emily giggles at me as we both desperately try to control our breathing

"oh right well your mother says that we need to get going soon so get a move on missy" I look up at Emily and notice how her expression has changed completely as she climbs off me and picks up her bra and dress from off the floor. She dresses quickly as I open the door to give Kieran the last of my stuff to put in the car.

"oh hello Emily" he smiles at her cheerfully "now Gina wanted me to make sure that your absolutely certain you don't want to come with us in the car to Manchester"

"Can't Kieran It's my Nan's birthday so I really need to get back soon" noticing the sad look on Emily's face Kieran makes that his cue to leave the room. I close the door, walk up to her and rap my arms around her as she finally lets the tears fall. I kiss the top of her head gently and stroke her hair. Christ she's gunna set me off in a minute

"hey Ems its ok"

"I just hate the fact that everything's changing" she sniffs and I wipe a tear off her cheek

"no one likes change Em, and I know everything's happening so fast but I love you and I want to be with you now and when uni is over and whatever comes after that" she smiles through her tears and I can't resist leaning in to kiss her perfect smile "nothings ever gunna change the way I feel about you Emily, you know that right?"

She nods at me and brings her lips to mine. It was barely a kiss but it's just something to tell me that she does know.

"I love you Naomi"

Our little moment is once again interrupted as I hear frantic beeping coming from outside. Emily just laughs at my annoyance

"Fuck sake" I walk over to the window and open it shouting down to my mum and Kieran who are sat in the car "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT I'M COMING STOP BEEPING"

Ems and I walk out of my room hand in hand, downstairs and out the house.

We just stand on the grass silent for a minute, my mum and Kieran have decided to drive up and down the road, to give us a minute alone. They have to be the two most unsubtle people in the world.

"I can't believe how quickly this has come" Emily says staring down at her shoes.

"I know but we are going to make this work Ems, I'll call you everyday and email you as well" She looks up at me with tears in her eyes

"You swear?" my heart breaks a little as she says those two words because there is so much vulnerability in her voice. I just smile at her and wrap my arms around her waist.

"I swear" She puts her arms around my neck and I can't resist leaning down to put our foreheads together "Just a couple of weeks and then I'll be back for Cook's birthday"

"two weeks is like forever" I can hear in her voice that the tears are about to fall again and I can feel my own eyes well up as I pull her as close to me as physically possible and breath in a smell that is uniquely her, My Emily. I look up and see Kieran pull his car up outside the house.

Emily pulls back from our embrace and we both have tears streaming down our cheeks. She leans up and kisses me with so much passion that she almost knocks me off my feet and I have to tighten my grip on her to stop myself from falling backwards.

When I finally pull back I know that I have to go now or I'll never leave her

"I love you Emily" I whisper it to her as though it's a secret and in return I get a gorgeous smile and chaste kiss

"I love you to Naomi"

She picked up my hand again and walked with me to the car. I gave her one last kiss before climbing into the back of the car. Kieran drove off and I gave her a reassuring smile and wave as I watched Emily standing there before we finally turned a corner and she drifted out of sight, for now anyway.