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This Chapter is set 2 years since the last chapter

Chapter 14 (Cook)

God when did it get so fucking cold, i know its February but surely winter can end now for fuck sake. I really need to hurry up and get home, its one of Katie's favourite days today, Valentine's day and of course tomorrow is a special day as well. I arrive at the jewellery store just in time to pick up the present i picked out for Katie. I haven't had time to get it any other day because Rob has had me working like a pack mule at the gym these past couple of weeks.

"Order for Cook" the man takes one look at me and scoffs

"are you sure you're in the right place sir, argos is round the corner"

"you fucking what?" cheeky fucking bastard, just cause a guy's wearing a tracksuit practically makes him scum in some parts of this town "look do you want the cash or not?" I pull out my wallet and take out the cash and the look on his face changes instantly

"order for Cook was that?"

"yeah it was" he walks into the back room, fucking wanker. he comes back out carrying the box and opens it for me "yeah thats it"

"that will be £120 please" i give him the money and he puts the present in a bag and hands it to me. I'm never coming to this stupid fucking shop again, fucking stuck up prick.

I walk to my car and drive home. Me and Katie got our own flat about a year and a half ago. So much fucking better then living with her parents, even though they come round a lot and we go and see them quite a bit too. Ems and Naomi are around a lot as well, Emily more than Naomi though cause i mean she does still live in Manchester till May.

I pull up at the flats and hide Katie's present in my gym bag. I've got a whole evening planned, dinner at her favourite restaurant and then we can do whatever she wants.

Sometimes i can't believe my luck, Katie is amazing and she's the best wife in the world. I open the door and i'm hit with the sound of music coming from our bedroom and i can hear Katie singing. Haha this is gunna be fun

"to the left to the left, everything you own in a box to the left, in the closet thats my stuff yes if i bought it, baby please don't touch" i creep up behind her and grab her sides. She screams so loud its so funny. I can't hold in my laughter and she turns round slapping me on the arm as i wrap my hands around her waste

"you idiot that was so not funny"

"it was a little funny" i kiss her and she starts giggling, i deepen the kiss but i'm interrupted by the doorbell "i'll get it"

I walk to the door and open it to see Naomi standing there

"alright blondie what are you doing here?"

"Me and Ems where having a cup of tea with Jenna and Rob so we thought we might as well bring madam home save them coming out"

"oh well where is she then?" i can't keep the grin off my face, i know exactly who she's talking about

"Ems is just getting some of her stuff out of the car and then..."

"DADDY!" i'm interrupted by a gleeful shout as i see her run towards me and wrap her arms around my legs. I scoop her up in to my arms

"hey princess did you have fun with Nana and Pop today" she nods her head at me before i give her a hug. Seconds later an out of breath Emily comes running up the last few steps

"i'll tell you what Cook, for someone so small she ain't half quick"

"nah your just really slow Ems" she sticks her tongue out at me as i carry Becca inside with Ems and Naomi following

"where mummy?" Just as she says it Katie walks out of our bedroom, i point at her as i see my little angel's face light up

"there she is see"

"MUMMY!" i put down my baby and leave her to be picked up by Katie and fussed over.

Seeing them together gives me a bigger high thenany drugs ever used to give me. I gave all that shit up the day Becca was born. My girls are the most important people in the world to me. Rebecca looks so much like Katie its unbelievable. The same big brown eyes, the same laugh, everything about them is pretty much identical.

I look at my daughter in her mothers arms. She's wearing a white and pink top with flowers on it and a pink skirt, her chocolate brown hair brushed back into pigtails. The fact that we almost lost her when she was born scares the shit out of me constantly, i never wanna feel that way again. If anything ever happened to either of them, well i don't even wanna think about it.

I love my life exactly the way it is and i don't want it to ever change. The phone rings and Emily answers it

"Hello?, oh yeah hang on one second, Cook its for you, its JJ" I walk over to her and she hands me the phone

"yo its the cookie monster here" i hear Rebecca giggling, that always makes her laugh and i can't help but laugh with her

"Cook, you need to get down here quick!"

"woah easy calm down double J, I can't come all the way down there now"

"no Cook i am not at university this weekend, i've come home to see my mum who's doing very well she's actually started going to pottery classes and she made me a vase for Lisa for valentines day and Lisa is here with me and then about ten minutes ago the doorbell rang and..and"

"JJ your getting locked on, just calm down and tell me who was at the door"

"Ricky" oh shit "he's back and he's looking for you, something about your mum"

"ok i'll be right there" I hang up and walk yo Katie giving her and the baby a quick kiss "I've gotta go and see JJ"

"Why whats wrong babe?"

"He's back, my brothers back"

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