Amanda looked back at Ian from the pilot's seat. "The plane's going to be over Twopoint City soon enough. Are you ready?"

Ian slipped on a parachute and smiled. "All ready."

"I'm going to find somewhere to land this thing. You concentrate on finding Max, okay?"

"Got it. I'll call you if I find him."

"Oh, and Ian?"


"Don't forget the gloves."

Ian had almost forgotten the gloves. Amanda had made him a pair of gloves out of pages from her Notebook. If he went for an extended period of time without them… Ian wasn't prepared to think about that right now. "I know!" he lied.

"No, you don't." Amanda smiled knowingly.

"No, I don't." He gave Amanda a small salute. "Inky out!" He jumped out of the plane.

Amanda spotted a small valley about 15 minutes away. There. she thought to herself. She steered the plane to the direction of her landing spot and began to zone out. She wouldn't be surprised if Ian called her before she even got there.

* * *

Ian walked through the streets of Twopoint City. It was hardly fair to call it a city anymore. It used to be full of life, but about 50 years ago large amounts of gold were found in the southern area of the country, causing most of the northern citizens rushed to get some, including Twopoint City. All he knew was that the less people were wandering around, the better chance he had of finding Max.

"Maxwell!" He started to shout randomly. "Max! Prod! It's Me! Inky!" He continued to shout randomly for a few minutes until a member of Blackink's army interrupted him.

"Maxwell has been terminated."

"But… You monster!"

"It was not my doing."

Inky was about to apologize when it continued. "No, I wasn't given the honor. I would have killed him myself if given the chance."

"May I ask you something?"

"I suppose."

"Do you have feelings?"

"I was bred without feelings, no."

Without a second thought, Inky scribbled into his Book and used the resulting katana to cut the humanoid being into four pieces. He walked over to a box on the ground and took a seat. "He was… He was a good kid…" He shed some tears over the loss of the friend that he had never met in person before remembering to call Amanda.

She picked up immediately. "Hello."

"I… I know where he is. I'm near the east side of town and-"

"Oh, good, I'll be right there!"

"No, wait!"

Amanda didn't hear him and hung up. She was almost at the city anyway and could talk to him there.

* * *

"Hey, Ian!"

"Hi, Amanda." Ian was still very upset, and it showed in his voice.

"What's wrong?"

"Max… Max is…" Ian broke into tears. He couldn't finish the sentence.


They both heard a muffled sound coming from the box. "MMMMPH!!"

Amanda leaned in closer. "Did you hear that?"


"Open the box, Ian!"

Ian, still holding back tears, created a crowbar and pried open the box. To everyone's surprise, Maxwell fell out.

"If you had used my name, I would have said something sooner!"

Ian and Amanda began to squeeze Maxwell into the biggest hug he had in his life.

"I should have stayed in the box…"