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"Hot damn, would you look at that?"

Wes slapped Lenny on the shoulder with the back of his hand and pointed with the other out the window toward the runners going up and down the park lane.

"Which one?" Lenny asked, his eyes currently checking out two brunettes running side by side. Two for one, he thought.

"Not them." Wes's finger pointed out again to trail along with another figure. "There."

Lenny blinked. "Man, are you serious?" He hadn't figured on Wes going for anything like that. Not that he was against it himself, but Wes had never seemed the type.

"Completely. Feel like something different. Besides, look at him. Haven't seen an ass that tight in forever."

Lenny had to agree. "Not too bad. Are you sure? I thought you where a ladies man."

Wes shrugged. "I like the ladies. But hey, I did that stretch a few years back, and kind of picked up other tastes as well."

Lenny grinned. He had never done any time, but he wasn't picky about sex either. Anyway and anyone, as far as he was concerned. "Okay, if that's what you want. Should we wait, or get him now?"

Wes watched his new victim, for that is what he would be, jog along the lane. His head turned to all the scantily clad female joggers. So he only played on one teams side, eh? Oh well, it wasn't like it mattered to Wes any.

A DC cop on horseback was slowly coming down the lane.

"Wait." He said. He had no intention of letting this one out of his sight anyway. Not after they had lost that teenage girl a week ago. Crap, that was a close one. Luckily, she didn't see their faces or they would be up shit creek.

Wes smiled as he saw the guy leave the lane and jog slowly across the grass to the parking lot where they sat watching in a non-descript dark colored van. Could be black, could be navy. None of the other victims had been sure. Regular plate changes had kept anyone from giving a correct number.

The guy looked even better up close, Wes mused. Nice muscle tone. Young, but not old. Early thirties maybe. Just perfect.

The policeman had moved away. It was now or never. The guy headed for a classic car, one of those things he always thought of as a mid-life crisis on four wheels. This guy seemed to young for that. Oh well, boys and their toys.

"Let's go." He said, getting out of the van. Lenny knew what to do. Follow along slowly, wait for the grab, speed up. It had worked well for them.

Wes kept his eyes on the target as he approached. The guy was putting a green sweatshirt on over the plain white tank he had worn to jog. He grabbed what looked like a wallet from the dashboard and slipped into the pocket of his navy blue nylon jogging pants. He still had not gotten into the car.

"Excuse me?" Wes, said, his best nice guy smile on his face. "Me and my wife have been driving around for an hour. Could you tell me which way to Arlington cemetery. The wife has a hankering to see JFK's grave."

His victim looked up. Amazing green eyes. Oh, he was going to enjoy this.

"Yeah," Green eyes said, pointing in the general direction of west. " Turn left out of here, about 5 miles down from here."

"Thanks man."

"Not a problem." He turned to get into his car. Wes pounced.


It had been a good morning for one Agent Anthony DiNozzo. Bright, sunny, not to cold but not too warm. A perfect fall day in DC. The females where out in droves in his regular jogging park. How could a morning start out better?

He planned on grabbing a quick shower at work before changing, and then facing the rest of the day with Gibbs and his currently bad mood, which seemed never ending lately.

But for now, things where good, and he intended to enjoy it.

Just his luck. Really, he was starting to wonder if the universe had pinned a big, red, target on his back.

The guy had looked harmless, like a man driven crazy by his wife's nagging. Which, he supposed, was the point. The more harmless the guy looked, the more people would be comfortable. Shit, he really had to start taking lessons from Gibbs in listening to his gut.

As soon as his back was turned, a strong arm was around his neck, yanking him back. A hand covered his mouth.

He heard the sound of an engine speeding up.

It all happened so fast, he hardly had time to blink. He felt himself being lifted up and tossed into a still moving vehicle, then a door was slid shut, blocking out the daylight.

The man had him trapped beneath him, the hand still covering his mouth. He tried to buck the weight off of him, but two legs straddled his hips and held on tight.

Crap! Fight, Anthony, fight!

He wrestled his right arm out from underneath him and swung it up and back, giving a muffled grunt in satisfaction when he hit solid flesh, and his attacker swore.

He felt a fist land hard into the small of his back, and yelled into the hand locked tight over his mouth.

"Don't do that again." The man's voice said next to his ear. He could feel the hot breath, and wanted to vomit. Not a good idea when he couldn't open his mouth.

"Just do as you're told and maybe you'll live through this."

The arm came loose from around his neck, and Tony jumped into action. He swung his head back, connecting hard with the man's face, if the sound of his yell told him anything. He started to wiggle free from the legs pinned around him.

"You little shit!"

Something hard smashed into the side of his head. He saw stars.

The pressure against his mouth was gone. He took in a deep breath. Fuck, fuck, fuckā€¦had to get out of here. Gibbs was going to kill him. Well, that was if this guy didn't get to it first.

He pulled himself to his knees, trying to fight the dizziness the blow to his head caused. A kick to his backside sent him back down to the metal floor of the van.

"Stop fighting me!"

Oh, hell no. DiNozzo's did not go down without a fight. He rolled over and gave a swift kick with his legs, hoping to land his feet into the kidnapper's privates.

If you had to fight, fight dirty.

His legs where thrown off before they reached their target, and his felt his left knee twist. He yelled.

A punch landed on his jaw, knocking him down again.

"Shut up."

" This might not be worth it, man." He heard the driver say from the front.

"Forget it. He wants to fight, that's fine. What's going to happen is still going to happen, if he likes it or not. He's just going to be a little worse for wear is all."

Tony really didn't want to find out what was going to happen. On all fours, he headed for the van's sliding side door, intending to throw himself out of the moving vehicle. Sure, the fall might kill him, but that might be better then what he suspected these two had in mind for him.

Two arms grabbed him around the midsection and swung him up and over to the other side. He hit the side wall with a bang.

"You're not going anywhere, so just forget it."

"Fuck you." He spat out.

The tip of a steel toe boot hit him underneath the chin. He crumpled.

"No, fuck you."

He felt himself being turned back over onto his stomach. No, no, no, no.

His arms where yanked back. Something rough was wound around his hands.

"I'll let you in on a little secret. I like it when they fight. Gets the blood pumping."

He felt a slap on his ass, before his ankles where crossed over each other and cinched together tightly.

"I just call in four play."

A cloth was forced between his lips, He felt it tighten behind his head.

A hand began to run through his hair. With a muffled yell, and a shake of his head, he tried to throw it off. The hand grabbed the back of his neck and twisted, pulling his head off the floor.

"But, I'll tell you this. The really fun stuff, that comes later. And baby, I get the feeling you are going to be the most fun I've ever had."

He roughly released Tony's neck.

His head dropped, his forehead bouncing off the van floor.

A final kick to the side of his head caused Tony to see red, then black, then nothing.