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So anyway. The basics are as followed. This is not an extremely dark themed story. It deals mostly with the basic concept of Descendants of Darkness. I don't own any of the characters in this story no matter how much I want to fantasize that I do. It begins when Hisoka is at the store buying food for Tsukuki and Watari during their trip to Kyoto. This story is five chapters long and will have warnings only in this beginning chapter. The rest of the story is just recovering. I didn't really want it to be long like all my other stories even though one version was longer. I just didn't like how that one came together. It was too much retelling the anime. Enough with the talk. I think you're tired of me chatting anyway.

Warnings: Nonconsensual child abuse/rape. If this is a probably with you, I highly suggest you choose another story and don't watch or read this anime and manga. It will not be graphic and only happens in this chapter. The rest of the story is toned down.


Chapter One

Everything always seemed the same way. Tsuzuki continuously treated me like a child. I was no longer a child. Why would he send me to the store and talk over the plans with Watari? Why couldn't I be a part of their planning? I sighed and glanced around at the various foods in the small mart a few blocks from our hotel. Night had fallen quickly but I wasn't scared. I have seen many nightmares in my life, but I had something to protect me now. I slid my hand to the gun in my pocket. I'm sure normal people would scream if they saw it, but it didn't matter. I wasn't planning on using it unless I had to. It wasn't like I couldn't faze out and disappear. I couldn't die either.

Choosing things a random, I made sure I got more sweet desserts than healthy foods. I knew that would bring a smile to my partner's face. He seemed more stressed than normal. I knew that the mention of Muraki he would take this assignment, but his emotions seemed very erratic. Neither one made sense as they bounced off each other. One second he'd be all smiles and laughs, but I could feel a worry deep inside. And the next second he could be furious with sadness mixed in. I was becoming confused and had to develop my barriers more. I didn't want his emotions affecting me or my way of resolving things.

I glanced at the chocolate cupcake. Maybe I could save one dessert for myself. I took the heavy basket up to the front counter and paid for everything. It felt strange knowing that you were dead and still felt hungry. I couldn't explain it more than it must replenish the energy needed to keep our spiritual powers with us. I took the bag and started back towards the hotel. The cold night air chilled my body, but I didn't mind. At least it wasn't freezing.

Walking pass stairs leading up to a shire, I noticed that the cloudy night cleared slightly to reveal a red moon. Fear penetrated my senses as each horrific memory pushed its way to the surface. I glanced up at the moon to try to tell myself that it was my imagination. Looking towards the tree, I saw someone lift a silver object and slam it into another person that they were holding. The victim didn't scream or cry which made me wonder for a second that it wasn't real until I saw the haunting red color splash all over his clothes and the body falling with a sickening thump. The man turned to me, and my heart stopped for a second time. Standing in the red moonlight was Muraki.

I tried to will my mind to wake up. "This was just a dream. I'm hallucinating. He can't be here," I thought over and over again as he approached me. It didn't make sense that Muraki would kill so openly when he knew that we were watching for him.

"My, my, boy, you always are in the wrong place at the wrong time."

I snapped out of my thoughts instantly changing from denial to fear. This was real. I took a few steps back as he launched at me. His blood stained hands attached to my writs and held me close to his body, preventing me from reaching for my gun. I gasped from the pain and glared with all the fury I could muster. Even with fear, I was determined to free myself. "Apparently you need to be taught another lesson."

He dragged me up the stairs. I could feel his dark intentions flowing through me. My mind was going haywire with flashes of the first time I met the doctor to horrors of what he was planning. My only hope was to free myself. If only I could get to my gun. If only I wouldn't have looked at the moon and continued on my way. He slammed my body down next to the bloody woman and pinned me there. I moved my legs and attempted to kick him, but I missed and my feet landed in the bloody mess. Trying to hold my bile down, I focused on freeing myself.

Everything was becoming clear. I knew that if I didn't free myself it'll all happen again, but the spell he put on me was pulling my mind to an unconscious world, paralyzing me. I fought it off and managed to free one arm to land a punch on him, however, I wasn't fast enough to grab my gun. "You little brat," he hissed, kneeing me in the stomach before grabbing my gun and tossing it aside. Feeling more hopeless as the seconds triggered on, I found myself focusing on the moon above us. My mind and body was giving up against my wishes. I was slipping into a paralyzed state.

The only thing I could think about was Tsuzuki. This time I don't think he'll make it in time to save me. The only thing left to me were my senses. The smell of the drying blood and Muraki's musky cologne repulsed me. Silence surrounded us except for the rustling of his clothes. I felt sick to my stomach. I managed to turn my head fast enough to vomit on the ground next to me. It made me even more sick feeling the ruminants on my cheek. Muraki didn't even notice or cared as he finished peeling the clothes off me. I didn't fight anymore. It was useless. He tied my hands together behind my back and tossed my pants somewhere.

He thrust into me quickly with more strength than I ever remembered. I screamed and arched my back. The pain was making it difficult to breath. I could barely handle it. I bit my lower lip in order to stop the screams, but it didn't help. I didn't have the strength to hold on or even fight anything. I didn't care if anyone heard me or even saw what was happening. Maybe someone would stop this. The torture ended quickly to my relief. He redressed himself and left me there with the now cold body of his latest victim. I didn't care to move. I felt completely used and broken. I couldn't fight him off. Anger flowed into my senses. I was angry that I was raped again, but I was far more angry that I didn't fight harder. I struggled with the shirt and managed to move enough to release my arms. I growled and banged my firsts into the cement ground over and over again until they bled, healed, and then bled again. Eventually the anger subsided and I fell into a dark void, ignoring everything around me. I wanted to hide from this world since I could no longer wish for death.


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