"Um…what are you doing?" a spiky black haired man with brown eyes asked, tilting his head slightly with a confused look on his face as he looked over at the girl. He wore a blue suit with a red tie, a small attorney badge on the collar of the blue suit.

"Trying to find a job…maybe two…" the girl sighed, laying her head on the table where a piece of paper laid. Her black hair was tied up in a top-knot to compliment the small skirt kimono she wore.

"Why two, Maya?" he blinked.

"Because the job I currently have sucks when it comes to earning a living and, not to mention, you keep reducing my pays!" Maya Fey pouted, throwing a half glare at him.

"Because you keep breaking everything!" Phoenix Wright exclaimed. "That and you keep eating everything that I buy for this place," he grumbled under his breath. "And what's wrong with working for Edgeworth or…" Nick started to ask before clapping her shoulder. "On second thought, keep looking."

"Exactly…" she sighed, disappointed. Even if some of their friends, or in Nick's case rivals, had awesome jobs, she highly doubted that they would even go easy nor pay her more than (or if she goes with Detective Dick Gumshoe less) what Nick gives hers. So the job hunt might go well…if she actually manages to find one that pays more than Nick but knowing her she might be fired before that happens.

"Hm…maybe you could write about my cases!" Nick suggested happily as he poured some coffee. Maya looked over with a raised eyebrow.

"I doubt that people want to read about your cases…I need something original, something dramatic, something…"

"Like me?" a man, that looked a lot like Phoenix, said, standing in the doorway, wearing black gloves and had no badge. Nick, who was taking a sip, did a huge spittake and gapped at the man.

"ROGER SMITH?!" Phoenix yelled as he tried to clean up his mess.

"The one and only, dear brother," the man, Roger Smith, bowed to the two of them.

"Wait, you have a brother?!" Maya asked, blinking. He never mentioned having siblings before.

"He went with Dad after Mom filed a divorce. He's my twin and he's a famous negotiator where he's staying at," Nick sighed, pouring two more cups. "So what brings you here, Rog?"

"I was asked to come here by a Ms. von Karma," he explained coolly as Maya sat up, the paper attached to her head.

"Franziska called for you?? Why?" she asked, ignoring the paper. Roger picked it off and handed it to her, causing her to sweatdrop, grinning sheepishly as she took it. "Sorry, I'm just trying to come up with some ideas for a job."

"Oh really? How much does my brother pay you?"

"Not enough…"

"She keeps breaking everything!" Nick called over, with an annoyed look on his face. "I have to pay for the repairs somehow."

"True…why not work for von Ka-"

"No!" the lawyer and the spirit medium yelled, interrupted a surprised Roger. "We've seen what happens when one is trained by her!" Nick said, recalling Adrian Andrews showing what she had 'learned' from her mentor.

"Agree!" Maya nodded rapidly. "Nick was actually suggesting about writing a story…hey that's it! Maybe I'll ask my sis for ideas!" she said, brightening up immediately and writing down some instructions.

"Um…what exactly is her occupation here?" Roger asked, looking over at Phoenix.

"She's a spirit medium…and you need to tell me what you're doing with Franziska!" Nick yelled as Maya set the pencil down and started to do some complicated hand sign.

"Is she usually like this?" his brother asked, as Maya started to glow.

"How should I know?! She usually does it when I'm not looking!" Nick answered as in her place was a different woman, but had the same clothes as Maya had worn. "Hey Mia."

"Nick…and what's with him? Did you get another case already?" the new woman, Mia asked.

"He's my bro, I haven't gotten one yet and apparently Maya came to you for ideas, not sure why…" Nick explained. Roger raised an eyebrow. How could his brother say it like it was no big deal?

"I see…I didn't know you had a brother, Phoenix," she smirked.

"Twins plus divorce, usually means that we were separated," Roger answered. "Now what happened to your sister?" he asked, causing Mia to look worried. "Did I say something wrong?"

"What happened when I was being summoned?" she asked, looking over at Nick and then Roger.

"She was glowing but if she was glowing before I didn't notice it," the lawyer explained, the negotiator nodding.

Mia frowned worsen. "She wasn't supposed to glow! No one is supposed to glow when it comes to summoning spirits!"

"Why what's wrong?" Roger asked, Nick looking like he's about ready to crap his pants…if he hadn't already.

"Where I was, there was a…an argument gone wrong I should say. Anyways, she's stuck where I was at and now I don't know if we'll be able to get her back!" she explained.

"So basically instead of being in this dream-stance like she normally is, she's stuck in wherever you were??" Phoenix asked, straitening himself up. Roger chuckled at the site of his brother falling for his dead mentor.

"Exactly…could be a while before she attempts to switch places, for now we might have to proceed without her," she sighed, writing down something beneath the paper. Roger and Nick raised an eyebrow at what the deceased sister was doing. "I'm writing instructions if she does go through with this author thing…I don't want her to be tracked down…I know there are other branches, trying to do what our aunt try to do…" she bitterly said, placing the pencil down and going over to the couch.

"You stay here while we go and try to find out what Franziska wants with Rog. Hopefully she won't whip me for once," Nick added the last part silently as the twins left.

"I hope so, Nick…I really hope so…" she sighed, placing her head in her hands.

- - -

"…what kind of dream is this?" Maya muttered, looking around the area, confused. "It reminds me of Kurain Village!"

Indeed it did remind her of her hometown, everyone wearing similar clothes like she did but they were carrying swords of different shapes and sizes. In fact one of them was heading straight her way…wait a minute. "OUT OF THE WAY!" an orange haired shouted, running from a man with an eye patch and spiky black hair. Maya just blinked confused, not sure if he meant her until he grabbed her and started carrying her like a sack of potatoes.

"What's going on?!" she asked, still confused.

"I'm being chased by that insane man who loves to fight! I barely made it alive the first time I fought him!"

"Why does that remind me of Nick and Edgeworth?" Maya muttered before the man stopped abruptly. "What's going on??" she asked, looking over at the orange haired man who was looking forward.

"Put the kid down, Kurosaki," a voice sighed, Maya nearly blushing from the sound of it.

"I was just saving her ass because she was in the way of Kenpachi!" the man exclaimed, like it wasn't his fault. Which probably wasn't.


"Fine…you take care of her if she plans on fighting Kenpachi, Renji!" he said, practically pushing the girl into the man "Laters!"

"Hey, wait!" Maya yelled, before looking up at the man, before shivering. The long redhead man, who tied it up into some spiky ponytail stared at her unblinking and coldly, like she was an insect. "Sorry, um…"

"Renji Abarai," he stated, indifferently.

"Oh! I'm Maya Fey!" she greeted extending a hand, before mentally kicking herself. It was just a dream! It's not like he exist! She opened her eyes confused as why he wasn't shaking it and found him kneeling to her. "Wha?"

"You…are part of the Fey family?" he asked, shaking a bit.

"Um…I'm not going to bite…but yeah, I'm part of the Fey family," Maya said, still confused.

"I'm sorry for recognizing you, your noblest!" he said, like he was afraid of looking up.

"Dude, just look up. I don't bite, and last time I checked, only my cousin called me some high title…Tried getting Nick to do it, bu-"

"Where's this Nick so I can teach him a lesson in not giving you respecting someone from a high noble family as the Fey family!" Renji shouted, standing up and drawing his sword.

"Hey! Calm down, he's busy dealing with his twin brother and it's not that big of a deal," she exclaimed, waving her arms. "I mean it would be nice, but I don't think I can force him like that." "Plus knowing him, he rather have Franziska be around to threaten him than you," she silently added before blinking. "Um…look this might seem a bit awkward, but…where am I?"

Renji did a double-take on Maya like she was starting to grow another head. "…seriously?"

"Well…I just got here…" she explained, Renji's face turning about as red as his hair.

"O-oh! Right! Should've figured that," he stuttered, before glaring at where the man from early went. "Thanks a lot, Ichigo…wait so does that mean that your friend is in the real world?"

"Yeah, he was catching up with his twin brother. I didn't even know he had one until today!" Maya laughed as she recalled the events when Roger had walked through the door.

"Huh, most spirits don't remember that when they come to the Soul Society," Renji commented, smirking at her child-like nature.

"Can't you?" she asked, blinking in surprised. Most spirits (or rather her sister) remembered what happened to them before they died and what was going on.

"Nope…" he sighed sadly before brightening up. "But that doesn't mean I should spend this life thinking of what happened before I did end up here, right?"

"Right! Now lead me to the burgers!" Maya proclaimed, Renji blinking blankly at her.


"Never mind. How about you tell me about yourself and who that weird guy was while we find some lunch!"

"You're paying for it right?"

"I'm not made of money! I don't even know if I have any!" she gapped, realizing that they had to pay. "Sis never warned me about this!"

"…we get Ichigo to pay for it then!" Renji shouted, starting to run. "I know a good place that sells great meals!"


- - -

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