Can't Afford To Lose You…

By L. Hiiragizawa

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Best Friends

'Another cold Monday morning,' a girl of nineteen thought as she walked along a path of a nearly crowded street, feeling the icy, silent gush of wind whisper coldly, making her delicate, porcelain face flush a light shade of pink. Desperate and searching for warmth, she wrapped her arms around her tiny waist as she walked along the nearly busy street. She had once more forgotten to bring a sweater. Not because of hurrying but by the mere excitement of walking to school early, while enjoying the view on the way of half shut-eyed people ready to start a day anew, smelling the aroma of morning coffee around and just of a shallow fact she needed time to be alone and allow thoughts to dwell in another world.


She glanced at her watch, a bit shocked by her weirdness of waking in such an ungodly hour- for some of course. The sun was slowly revealing its form. Its rays shone on her face, alighting such a beauty that was so exotic, so enigmatic, and so dramatic. A girl likened to a masterpiece by some famous artist she was, alright. Her gaze suddenly fixed on the surroundings around her. This is definitely England at its glory.

In this place she dwelled in happiness and serenity. A perfect getaway from all anxieties and from painful occurrences. She vaguely recalled the day she stepped into its welcoming grounds. Yes, it was 3 years ago. 3 years after….

'No use of recalling memories! I'm on with my life,' she shook her head as if brushing away the sudden thought that tempted to pass her mind. She resolved from the day she entered England, there would be no looking back. Besides, she wasn't known to be Daidouji Tomoyo if she wasn't strong and firm.

But was she?

"In deep thoughts again? I wouldn't be surprised. I see you mostly in that state almost every morning."

The sudden intruding of a voice behind her startled her.

"But what surprises me is that you barely even noticed you are 4 ft away from the school gate."

Tomoyo, learning of her stupidity, faced into the direction of the voice.

"Oh I didn't notice the gate at all! Silly me! Good morning anyway, Eriol." She smiled the first smile she wore that morning. Mondays were a bore to her but not at this point.

"Good morning to you to my sweet Tomoyo," he returned a smile as well, slowly taking strides towards her.

"Mmm… let's see… I beat you again today. It's 4-0. Really Eriol, being very clever and powerful, you were beaten by a mere girl? Now that's a shame!"

Eriol chuckled. "Having two pesky guardians at home creating a havoc in the house before I go off to school, of course it's hard on my part to leave the house unsecured especially that I fear it may be burnt down later, Tomoyo," he reasoned out rather smartly. "And wait… didn't I officially ended that I-am-the-first-to-reach-school contest just yesterday? I hate seeing you walk alone without a handsome guy like me beside you in a cold, lonely morning."

She gave Eriol one of her outsmarted-once-more-by-the-most-powerful-magician-yeah-right look. And suddenly answered back.

"I don't need a handsome guy stride along with me to school. I'm not a child anyway."

"But what's the use of being best friends if we don't even go to school together?"

Best friends. Oh yeah! Very close indeed. Ever since Tomoyo decided to settle for England and way back when they were still 5th graders in Tomoeda, they were inseparable. He was the one whom she cried on to the first weeks she was t\in England. She was his only friend and who sang lullabies for him. He was there every night to whisper by the window goodnight and check if she was alright. She studies with him together though he knew everything and needed not to study. He sometimes is beside her as she sleeps if there was something bothering her, no malice to that. She cares a lot for him. He cares a lot for her as well.

Yet their extreme closeness brought about suspicions on their so-called friendship. On the eyes of others, there were more than friends. To simplify it, they mistaken them as a couple. How couldn't they? The two are always sighted to be together wherever they may be. They are neighbors too. It was a coincidence however that the house Sonomi Daidouji gave to her daughter for her to stay as she retreated to England was just beside her daughter's best friend. May it also be fate that their bedroom windows were facing each other, making it so easy to talk rather than calling each other up in the phone, which they also do sometimes. It was more convenient to face the one you're talking to however, than staring at something as you talk. To add to that too, Tomoyo's terrace had a small ropelike ladder made especially for Eriol so whenever they hated just talking by the window, he'd climb up to her room and talk, study or sing with her there as he played the piano that adorned her room.

Anyway, they didn't seem to be bothered by the talks and impressions people were giving them. They aren't doing anything wrong. After all, they perfectly know that they are JUST best friends.

He took her hands into his. Eyes were fixed on the school as they walked in hand-by-hand, aware of the attention they were getting.

"Seems that I see eyes fixed on my beautiful best friend again. Too bad I'm one lucky guy to hold her hand right now."

He said chuckling a bit.

Tomoyo withdrew her hand from his gentle grasp, slightly and jokingly slapped him on the arm.

"Now you're not holding on to me right now. Besides, what are those squeals I hear on the corner?" Her eyes turned towards the right having a mocking smile on her face then turned back to Eriol who also turned to the right.

"Let's just say that we love being the center of attraction." He winked holding her hand once again sending disappointed looks and sighs to those who were staring in awe at the two.

Who would not notice Tomoyo Daidouji? She has the most innocent yet beautiful face adorned by amethyst eyes that kept sparkling in beauty. Not to mention she had the curves of a supermodel and the hair of a goddess. And she aint a dumbelle, she was on the top of her class. To describe her in one word, she was breathtaking.

Who would not notice Eriol Hiiragizawa? He had the features of an all-knowing, handsome god making him a heartthrob. He was a famous pianist and not to mention he was also on the top. With hair in a dark shade of blue and a pale face, which adorned his over-all features, it's no doubt he'd not be chased around by flirty girls. But he had no eye on any other girl but Tomoyo… as a friend of course.

"Mmm… let's see how many guys have you dated," he snapped counting his fingers.

"Shut up Eriol! You perfectly know that those things don't interest me a bit."

He chuckled. "And how about those afternoon walks with guys and ice cream parlor treats leaving me behind, eh? Don't you consider those as dates?"

"Whatever! Those are just simple acts of acquaintances. Besides I don't want to have a boyfriend at the moment. It'll make you die in envy" she joked sarcastically.

"Oh yeah…in envy alright. No man. I mean no man must make you cry or they'll taste my wrath!"

She smiled inwardly to herself. Eriol was always sweet. I ever wonder how lucky I am to be his girl. No wait. HIS girl? Did I just say that? I mean as HIS girl best friend of course…. Yeah…. That's the correct term, Tomoyo, his girl best friend.

"Are you okay Tomoyo?"

She snapped back from her thoughts.

"Yeah, well I must be going or I'll be late."

"At this point? We still have 5 minutes. C'mon, I hate being stucked with those monsters in class".

"They aren't monsters Eriol." She giggled. "You were even delighted by the attention you're getting from those girls that I even have to pull you out of cloud 9, remember?"

He gave her one of his puppy eyes look sending his two blue eyes in a pleading sentiment.

"C'mon Tomoyo, you hate to see your prince charming being devoured by those beauty-beasts right?" he took her two hands to his squeezing it as a part of his pleading.

"I'd love to Eriol, in fact, I have to deal with my own batch as well", she pushed him gently away.

"Now, if you'd excuse me Mr. Hiiragizawa, I'll have class in 3 minutes and so do you." She turned to open the door.

"It's Eriol sweety!" he shouted while rushing towards his classroom making Tomoyo giggle inside herself while she settled for her chair. Unaware of the everyday stares she was getting and the things that may depress her day in a little while, she allowed herself to dream away.

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