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to: frankie

from: stella

subject: new girl.

Attachments: the new girl, weirdness, and love...

Hey Frankie.

You know how I get a new friend like every second week here? (In your opinion anyway..) Well, after a break of almost a year, theres a new girl in town.

Her names Alice Garvey, and she's.. interesting.

She's got this really long red hair, and the kinda figure every girl wants. TJ's ogling over her.

Disgusting, I know.

Its hard to say what happened quickly, so I've attached an attachment, explaining everything. This summer was so weird Frankie, in every way.

I better go before peaches falls asleep on the keyboard- I don't want lumps of ginger fur everywhere again. I rather like having an 'F'' key...

miss you,



"Seriously Stell, it does look like a unicorn!" Amber laughed, as we lay on our backs, staring at the sky.

Amber was on her lunch break from the Hot Pepper Jelly, and she joined us all on the beach to stare at clouds, and generally be silly. It was a week into the summer holidays, and they were already turning out great.

I could practically see endless lazy days on the beach, in the lido, or in the Hot Pepper Jelly with Stella Etc.

just in case you think I'm a sad needy little person who gives her group of friends a weird name, I'm not. My auntie V can never remember any of my friends names, so she just says Stella Etc.

Its easier than learning TJ, Rachel, Amber, Tilda, and sometimes Megan.

"D'you know if Megan's coming back this summer?" TJ asked, his sunglasses slipping down his nose as he flopped back onto the sand.

"I dunno. Are you missing her?" Rachel teased.

TJ gave her a look. "Yeah Rachel. Of course." he muttered sarcastically.

Although we've been friends for a while now, rachel and TJ still acted like this sometimes. I guess it was hard to let go of the past- Rachel and her old crew did bully him for a long while.

"That looks like a sheep." I said, pointing towards a mound of candyfloss like fluff.

"Stella," Tilda sighed. "All clouds look like sheep."

"No they don't! Some look like dogs, or candyfloss, or..." I trailed off.

"Unicorns!" Amber suggested.

"Exactly! They don't all look like sheep!" I said triumphantly.

This had to be the weirdest conversation ever. Unicorns and sheep? I'd get more sense out of Peaches...

"They all kinda do look like sheep..." TJ said, shoving his sunnies back up his nose.

"I give up..." I groaned, sitting up, piles of sand falling off me.

"I wondered when you'd notice." TJ smirked.

TJ was like that. Piling sand on me was one of his summer pastimes.

"You never notice Stell," TJ continued. "And I bet you wouldn't even notice this."

Out of the blue, TJ squirted his water bottle at me.

"Oi! TJ, you got me wet- this better not mess up my- STELLA!" Rachel screamed as I jumped over her.

"Oh, you're gonna get it TJ!" I yelled, trying not to laugh as my feet sunk into the golden sand.

"C'mon you old lady- you're getting slow." TJ smirked, his height allowing him to duck under my out-stretched arm, and grab a water bottle.

His shortness could come in handy sometimes. Sometimes for me, mostly for him.

rachel, Tilda and Amber watched as I chased TJ around the beach, throwing water, and sand at him until we collapsed back at the railings in a laughing heap.

"You too are so weird..." Amber smiled. "I better get back to work. Phil's stressed today, so he'll probably have a cow or something if I'm late again."

"Don't let us keep you from the hoards of hungry OAP's." Tilda waved.

Amber laughed, and continued walking down the promenade to the cafe.

I lay down on the sand again, trying to get my breath back. I was way to unfit- remind me to join a sport, or actually get some exercise...

I guess I could walk Peaches, but he's so independent he'd probably walk me.

"Who's that?" TJ suddenly asked, his bottle falling onto the sand.

Rachel sat up straight away.

"I have no idea..." she shrugged. That was strange. Rachel knew everyone around here, from Phil, to Mrs Robinson who lived by the train station. All part of being the daughter of the woman who owned the art gallery.

Or maybe it was the fact she was such a gossip-monger.

"Who's who?" I asked, sitting up, and leaning against TJ.

"Her." TJ pointed towards a girl wandering up the beach, a halo of red hair falling in waves around her face. Now, they were curls. Unlike mine, which just bounced everywhere.

"She must be a holiday-maker or something." Tilda said, picking a loose thread on her pink tutu.

"We could show her around?" TJ said, almost dreamily.

"Why?" Rachel snapped.

"Cause shes-" TJ bit his lip.

"Cause you like her!" Tilda laughed.

"Do not!"

"Do to!"

"You do. You have very typical sign." Rachel interjected. "Dreamy eyes, spaced out look on your face..."

Tilda nodded in agreement.

"You like her."

"Do not." TJ repeated weakly.

"Um, sorry to bother you," a voice interrupted Tilda and TJ's rapidly fading argument. "But could you tell me where the art gallery is?"

We all turned to face the red-headed girl, and the way TJ started at her, transfixed made me want to puke, or scream.

It must be something in the air, or the sun. Or the ice-cream.

But I'm not jealous.