It was just another ordinary Tuesday for Naruto. He'd gotten up late, thrown some "clean" clothes on, and ate some ramen like always. He had already checked for new missions, which there were none, and had even tried to hang out with his teammates and sensei. Sakura slammed the door in his face, Sasuke spit fireballs at him, setting him on fire, and Kakashi, well he was too busy reading a "book". Now, reeking of charred clothes and rejection, Naruto was lost as to what he should do now. He was too tired to train, didn't have enough money to buy ramen, and had no one to hang out with. He pondered the thought of just going home and going to bed early when something caught his eye.

" Hey!" he shouted. " Hey Hinata-chan!" He ran over to her, with a big grin on his face. Hinata turned her classic pink changing to tomato red color. She twiddled her finger tips and managed to stammer, " H-hello N-naruto."

" Hey are you busy right now?" he asked getting the feeling he was wasting her time. " If you're busy just say so and I'll leave." " N-n-no, I'm not, r-really b-busy." She went even more red as she asked, " Why, d-do y-you ask?"

" I thought maybe we'd go for a walk or something. You know hang out." He put his hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and smiled widely. " So, what do you say how 'bout it?", he asked. Almost immediately she answered yes. No sooner had she answered, Naruto had grabbed her hand and was already running in the other direction.

" Where should I take her?", he thought as they sprinted through the forest 10 minutes later. " She must be tired of running by now." And sure enough as he came to a halt up from behind came Hinata panting and sweating.

" OH MY GOD! Hinata-chan are you okay!?" Naruto screamed a she collapsed against a near by tree. He began fanning her face frantically as she passed out under the tree from exhaustion, or was it from the excitement of being around Naruto?

" I can't believe Naruto-kun held my hand and is walking with me through the woods!", Hinata thought in her unconscious state. " It's too good to be true. Yeah it's probably just a dream and I'll just turn over and open my eyes and....."

As soon as she opened her eyes she saw two of the most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen. They were eyes she new very well. The eyes of one very special fair haired ninja.

" Hinata-chan, you're awake. Are you ok? It's all my fault your sick I shouldn't have dragged you through the forest in the first place, I should have just went home and went to bed. I'm so sorry Hina.." Hinata cut him off and said, " No Naruto-kun it wasn't your fault really I'm ok." " No you're not I'm such an idiot! I could have killed you. I don't what I would've done if you hadn't had woken up when you did." He confessed to her. " I don't know what I would've done if something really bad had happened to you." He blushed slightly at his last statement as he thought about what he had thought 3 minutes early.


" Oh no, what am I going to do! Hiashi, Kiba, Shino, and Neji are going to kill me! I never wanted her to get sick, but it is all my fault! Why did I drag her along with me, I should have just left her alone." A warm smile began to cross his face as he thought about seeing her, standing there on the street. " She just looked so beautiful I guess. Even more pretty than Sakura-chan. I just couldn't help myself I guess." He stopped thinking and his eyes opened wide. He looked down at the unconscious lavender haired girl lying in his arms. His heart began to thunder. " I never noticed it before, but now, I think I really like, Hinata."


As the thoughts of his epiphany began to fade, his heart began to race again. His face had, inadvertently, become very close to hers. He felt his arms tighten around her and he thought he heard her lightly squeak. His gaze softened as he put his forehead against hers. He he drew in a breath and at the last minute, loosened his grasp and pulled away.

Trying to cover up his intent to kiss her he said, " Your head doesn't feel warm so I guess you can't be too sick." He scratched behind his head with one hand, smiled, and laughed nervously."

Hinata was playing with her fingertips, on the verge of passing out again, with her face becoming evermore red. " I still feel really bad about making you sick. I should probably take you home now, it is getting late." He took her hand and they began their walk back in silence, this time actually "walking".

When they were just a few blocks outside the Hyuuga compound, Naruto broke the silence. " How can I ever make it up to you, I mean, for wasting your time and making you sick today?" The silence returned. " This my only chance," he thought. " I should take her out on a date tomorrow to make up for being such an idiot. Yeah, and then I could try to get her to like me by being all romantic and stuff!" He smiled to himself. " Okay I'll ask her now and then I'll go find Sakura, Ino, and Tenten to help me plan what I should do."

He stopped walking a block away from the compound and turned to face her. " I know how to make it up to!", he said with a bright smile. " Hinata-chan, how would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow?" He hooked his thumb and pointed it at himself and smiled. " A d-date, w-with y-y-you?" Hinata stammered in utter disbelief. " You don't have to go if you don't want to.", he said reassuringly. " I completely understand if the whole date thing sounds awkward. It's not like that though, I just want to take you out for a day to have some fun, as a friend." He smiled a little less brightly and a bit more awkwardly. " O-o-okay, N-n-naruto-kun.", she stammered, barely breathing.

"Really!? Alright! I'll pick you up early to tomorrow!" he shrieked excitedly as the reached the gates of the compound. " See you tomorrow!", he trailed as he ran off laughing.

When reality finally sunk in, Hinata passed out in front of the gate. Luckily, Neji had been standing near by. Unfortunately, he had heard everything. He slid out of the shadows and gently lifted his cousin off the ground and carried her to her room.

" Naruto! That insolent little whelp! Who does he think his! Asking Hinata-sama out on a date. I will not allow this to happen. That street scum is going to pay for what he's done!" Neji thought to himself.

Skipping down the street, Naruto made his way into the flower shop. " Hey, Ino!", he called out. " Where do you keep the, you know, romantic-ish flowers." Leaning on the table with her elbows, her chin resting on her hands, she smirked at him. " Buying flowers for Sakura again, I see?", she said mockingly with a sigh, " Will you ever learn?"

" There not for Sakura," he retorted, glaring at her out of the corner of his eye. " Well, then who are the for then? Wait don't tell me someone actually took pity on you and now you have a date." She started to laugh spitefully at him. " Actually, Ino-san, I do have a date.", he turned to face her with a confident smirk. Ino stopped laughing, her mouth opened wide, her hands fell out from beneath her face, and her head hit the counter with a smack. " W-what? W-w-what?!", she stammered. " With who?!" He gave her a mischievous smile and said, " Hinata." Ino nearly had a heart attack. " YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! YOU'RE LYING! There's now way she'd waste her time with an idiot like you!" A little insulted by what she said Naruto shouted, " Well believe it! Tomorrow, I Naruto Uzumaki, am taking Hinata Hyuuga on a romantic date! There's just one problem though." " And that would be?" Ino asked impatiently. " I don't know how to be romantic!" he declared. Ino sighed loudly and slapped her forehead. " Of course, I should have known. Listen you wait here, look at the roses or something but don't touch anything." She sighed and started to walk toward the back room. " I'll go call the girls."

End Chapter 1