" I-I'm sorry I could never,", Naruto chocked out through a river of tears, " could never see it, see you, see this."

He placed her hand against his chest over his heart and held tightly. Hinata had began to blink a few tears from her eyes and soon was crying as much as Naruto. She didn't know why she was crying so much, maybe it was only because of seeing Naruto so upset.

Naruto closed his eyes and murmured something along the lines of "I should've always known this and I should have always felt this way. I'm such an idiot." Hinata also closed her eyes. For some reason, it was almost as if she could feel his chakra flowing through her whole body and as if her chakra was flowing throughout his whole body as well. Wanting know for sure what was going, Hinata decided to use her byakugan to see Naruto's chakra points. Sure enough, copious amounts of chakra poured out from his rapidly beating heart, up through her arm and through her body.

Suddenly the surge of his chakra increased, nearly tearing apart her own fragile heart. Suddenly everything around them seemed to stop. Even the waterfall seemed to cease flowing. The flow of chakra between the two body had also stopped. Hinata had opened her eyes to see what had happened, when Naruto suddenly blink both eyes open with clear resolve.

Hinata felt his grip around her waist tighten and she fell helpless against him tighter still. He looked as if he might say something. But no words came out and his face moved dangerously close. He finally knew how he was going to tell, or rather show her how he felt.

He softly brushed a few strands of hair from her forehead and tucked them behind her ear. Then his lips pursed softly and he leant in and kissed her roughly against her lips. He closed his eyes tight and tears began to stream down his face as he pressed his lips tighter against hers waiting for a response.

Hinata's eyes opened wide and her face became a pale white as she realized what he was trying to say.

She slowly closed her eyes, again trying to absorb the entire moment into her being, as so to never forget it.

She pressed her mouth lightly, and just as awkwardly, against his lips. They kissed passionately for a moment or two more and then broke apart gasping for air out of the shock the both felt over the other returning their feelings.

Hinata's mouth began to form the question of " Do you love me?", but for her words could leave her mouth, Naruto lightly pressed his lips to her ear and whispered simply, " Believe it..."

Hinata began to sob hysterical tears of joy. Never in her life had she felt this happy. She looked at Naruto and flawlessly repeated the lines of the rabbit, " 'I do not care what the others say, I have loved you from the start and have always wanted to be like you so please don't cry for I will never leave you. You will never be alone again.'

His eyes softened and closed half way and he smiled sweetly.

" ' I will show you the world, my world, and all I ask of you in return is that you please don't hurt me'" he said reciting the fox's line perfectly, even though Hinata had not told him exactly what the fox had said .

Hinata smiled brightly and rested her head on his shoulder. He leant his head against hers and softly rubbed her back and stroked a hand through her thick long lavender hair.

Hinata felt his heart slow down, but still felt the curious sensation of his chakra flowing into her body and of hers flowing out into his. She knew that there must be something very special about their love or at least something special about their chakra.

She sighed deeply and whispered into Naruto's ear, " I love you Naruto-kun."

" But I love you more Hinata-chan," he said returning the whisper in her ear.

Both erupted into laughter and an " No-I-Love-You-More" fight ensued.

The laughter echoed around the clearing, accompanied by a strange group of laughter. This laughter reached the ears of the seven onlookers sitting in a tree in the distance. All of them recognized two of the voices, excluding Kankuro, Gaara, and Temari.

" You must be very proud of Hinata,", said Sakura smiling into the sky, " Both of you must be so proud of both of them."

" Yeah," Ino said, " Lord Hokage must have been waiting as long for this as Hinata's mother."

" All's well that ends well,", sighed Shikamaru looking into the bright blue midday sky.

" What the heck was up with that chakra flow around those two though?!" Kiba finally shouted after a long silence.

"Don't be an idiot Kiba!", shout Ino, " They are in love! 100% true love, and when that happens your chakra becomes one!"

" Wait so were they just doing it while were all watching?", Kankuro asked with a snicker.

Gaara and Temari each grabbed him an ear and through him out of the tree.

" What?!", he hollered back up, " It was a valid question. That's the only kind of thing I know of where you can but your chakra inside a girl.", he said winking suggestively at Ino and Sakura.

Both girls grabbed Gaara's sand jar and chucked it down at him. It him square in the face and knocked him over. It made his nose bleed too.

" PERVERT!", Ino and Sakura both yelled in unison.

Gaara shimmied down the tree and retrieved the jar and looked at Kankuro in disgust and kicked sand in his face.

" That's for making them throw my gourd down here." he said as he cooly climbed back up the tree.

Meanwhile back down in the clearing, Naruto and Hinata sat in peace and quiet leaning against one another. There was nothing left to be said was there? Well maybe one question.

" Hinata-chan," Naruto said whispering into her ear, " I have a question for you."

" What is it, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked in a dreamlike state.

" How could you ever love someone like me? Especially knowing what kind of monster I am?"

" Because you are not a monster. The kyuubi and you have separate souls and even separate sets of chakra. You are Naruto and not the kyuubi and you mean the world to me.", she replied without missing a beat.

" Oh. Hey! You're not stuttering anymore! How come?!", Naruto screamed in shock.

Hinata giggled and kissed his cheek.

" Well I'm not scared to talk in front of you anymore since we are boyfriend and girlfriend. That is what we are isn't it?", Hinata replied lower her head and batting her eyelashes in an adorable manner. She looked suddenly uncertain of herself again.

Naruto cupped her chin in his hand and tilted her face upward. She just look so cute he couldn't control himself. He pulled her in for another tight more passionate kiss which turned into a french kiss that left the two out of breath and slightly embarrassed.

" If you still have any doubt about us being together I'll be happy to kiss you again.", Naruto said with a mischievous smirk and a slight blush on his face. " But now that you mentioned it I never really asked you. So, let me ask you. Princess Hinata-sama would you be my girlfriend, princess, and busty angel?", he said smirking and turning bright red at the last title for he had not noticed he had his hand clasped over her chest and inadvertently her breast as well.

Hinata smacked the smirk off his face and his hand off of her chest and said, " Yes!"

" Wait kick butt Hinata!", howled Kiba back in the tree, " You show him who's boss! And if he does that again me, Neji, Shino, and Hiashi would be glad to take care of him for you!"

" Yeah Hinata!", all the girls cheered in unison.

" Way to go Naruto already made to second and third base! I guess he did listen to my advice!", snickered Kankuro still at the bottom of the tree.

His laughter was cut short by his sisters shoe flying off and whacking him in the face, yet again making his nose bleed.

" Such a troublesome pervert.", Shikamaru sighed with his eyes closed, " If they start heading for home base I'm breaking it up and telling them to get a room."

Ino smirked at Shikamaru who opened his eyes slightly to peer at her.

" Awww poor Shika!" she mocked, " Your just worried that you'll be pinned as big a pervert as Kankuro if you watch."

" Shut up Ino this is a K+ story and therefore I'm not a perv." Shikamaru yelled at Ino, who quickly covered her mouth and nodded as if to say sorry.

" Temari I wonder how their dinner this evening is going to go.", Gaara said in his usually calm voice.

"Me too, bro, me too." Temari replied still staring at the happy couple laughing, locked in a tight embrace.

End Chapter 5