The Elemental Heroes

Sonic was heading back into the city to visit his friend Tails. He dodged cars coming at him from left and right, heading toward Tail's shop in the center of the city. Sonic stopped in front of the door to Tail's shop; he knocked and heard Tails say to come in. Sonic opened the door and looked around, he saw Tails working on the X-Tornado.

"Hey, Tails," Sonic said. "Sonic, I didn't realize you would back today," Tails said. "I decide to come visit my best bud," Sonic said, "What are you working on now?" "Mostly I'm working on increasing the X-Tornado's thrust," Tails stated. "You look like you use a break," Sonic said, "How about why go get some chili dogs before I'm too busy?" "Sounds good to me," Tails said, "I'll go get cleaned up, I'll meet you outside."

A few minutes later Tails emerged from his shop and locked the front door. "Ready, Sonic," Tails said. "I'm always ready to get a chili dog," "Sounds like you haven't changed since you've been gone," Tails said. "No, not really," Sonic said, "But I'm sure things around the city have been calmer since Dr. Eggmans last defeat," Sonic said. "They sure have," Tails said, "I assume the reason your back sooner than expected is because you couldn't find Eggman." "Nope, couldn't find him anywhere," Sonic said, "I even checked all his old bases." "That can't be good," Tails said, "He must be planning something big to hide it so well." "Well, let's hope it takes him a while to finish," Sonic said.

They reached the hot dog stand near Tail's workshop and ordered a bunch of chili dogs. They sat down and started to eat their chili dogs. They were about half down when they heard an explosion some where behind them. They turned looked behind them and saw a strange looking robot destroying cars. A few feet off the ground hovered a familiar craft, The Hover Egg, with Dr. Eggman sitting inside. Sonic and Tails ran over and stopped a few feet from the strange robot, which they could now tell was another robotic copy of Sonic.

"I knew that if I attacked the city that you would show up, Sonic the Hedgehog," Dr. Eggman said. "I thought you had given up on creating copies of me," Sonic yelled at Eggman. "Oh, but this model is special Sonic and soon you will find out why," Eggman said, "Metal Sonic, destroy Sonic the Hedgehog." Metal Sonic surged forward directly at Sonic. Sonic pushed Tails out of the way and dodged Metal Sonic's attack at the same time. "Tails get back out of the way, while I take care of this cheap imitation," Sonic yelled. "I won't try and argue with you," Tails said who ran over to the sidewalk and stood there out of the way.

Sonic dodged another attack from Metal Sonic. He quickly went into a spin dash and launched himself at Metal. However, Metal Sonic did not even dodge; he just stood there and let Sonic come at him, but at the last second Sonic ran into some kind of barrier surrounding Metal. He tried again but to no avail. "What theā€¦,"Sonic said. "I see you are having difficulty breaking through Metal Sonic's shield," Dr. Eggman said, "You see Sonic, the original model couldn't produce enough power to create a shield. Therefore, I did some modifications and added a Chaos Emerald as his power source, now he has adequate power to destroy you. He is virtually indestructible. Now, Metal Sonic continue." The fight continued neither gaining an advantage over the other, they were equally matched.

Meanwhile, Tails watched the fight and could not help but wonder, if Metal Sonic was powered by a Chaos Emerald, then should not have Metal Sonic have easily overpowered Sonic already. Suddenly, there was a flash of light near Tails and Shadow appeared out of thin air.

"Shadow," Tails said surprised, "What are you doing here." "I detected a Chaos Emerald being used and was curious to see who or what was using it," Shadow said, "But now I can tell that it's coming from the abomination of Eggman's. But yet I sense that that robot is only at 50% power." " That explains why Sonic is so equally matched," Tails said. Tails suddenly got an idea and asked Shadow, "Hey Shadow can you Chaos Control me to my lab, I have an idea of how to help Sonic." "Sure," Shadow said, "Chaos Control."

They reappeared at Tail's lab a second later; Tails ran over to his stuff and began to search through it before finding what he was looking for. He pulled out a power ring and he ran back over to Shadow was standing. "Okay, let's go," Tails said. "Chaos Control," Shadow shouted.

They reappeared at the scene of the fight. Sonic was still evenly matched with Metal Sonic. "Sonic, take this," Tails shouted to Sonic and tossed the power ring at Sonic. Sonic caught the power ring and immediately felt more powerful. Sonic charged up for a spin dash, launched himself at Metal Sonic, and kept spinning in an attempt to break the shield.

Dr. Eggman looked at his sensors and saw that Metal Sonic was starting to overload. So he pressed a few buttons and gave Metal Sonic full 100% power. Sonic was immediately launched back from Metal Sonic.

"Looks like things have got more interesting for you Sonic," Shadow said with a smirk. "What do you mean," Tails asked. "That robot is now at 100% power," Shadow said, "There's no way Sonic can beat it now, even with the power ring. He would need a Chaos Emerald and the power ring." " Looks like a need to go back to my shop," Tails said.

Sonic saw Tails and Shadow disappear again. While he was distracted Metal Sonic Chaos Controlled behind Sonic and knocked Sonic into a building. Sonic got up and ran at Metal Sonic, only for him to disappear again. Sonic looked around quickly but didn't see him. All the sudden, Sonic was knocked into another building. Sonic fell to the ground stunned. Then Tails and Shadow appeared in front of him. Tails looked around and saw Sonic lying on the ground. "Sonic, are you ok," Tails asked. "Yes, just a little wore out," Sonic said. "Here, use this Chaos Emerald, you should be able to draw on its energy," Tails said. "Thanks," Sonic said before getting up slowly and walking toward Metal Sonic.

Sonic concentrated on the emerald's power, instantly, Sonic felt reenergized. Sonic charged his spin dash and launched at Metal Sonic but Metal Sonic dodged. "Must be smarter now too," Sonic thought. He charged up again and Metal Sonic mirrored him. They launched at each other. Dr. Eggman checked his readings and saw that Metal Sonic shield was overloading once again. Metal Sonic stopped his spin dash and jumped back but Sonic did not and rammed him again.

"Tails, we better get out of here," Shadow said. "Why?" Tails asked. "That robot is about to overload and explode," Shadow said, "Chaos Control." They teleported a safe distance away but were still able to see the fight.

Sonic speed up his speed using the emerald's power. Dr. Eggman looked at his sensors again and saw that Metal Sonic was on the verge of overloading. Sonic broke through Metal Sonic's barrier, ramming him. He drilled through Metal Sonic grabbing the Chaos Emerald on the way through but as soon as he touched it, he disappeared in a flash of light. A few seconds later, Metal Sonic exploded and destroyed the surrounding area, damaging a few buildings and injuring several civilians. Dr. Eggman was caught in the blast and was launched out of the city.

Shadow teleported with Tails to the source of the explosion. "Where did Sonic go to?" Tails asked. "I can't tell, it wasn't a natural Chaos Control," Shadow stated, "But I can tell you he is still alive, where ever he is." Tails dug around in the pile of rubble that was Metal Sonic, he pulled the Chaos Emerald he gave to Sonic. "Look Shadow," Tails said. "That should have been Chaos Controlled along with Sonic," Shadow said, "That proves that it wasn't a natural Chaos Control." "Where are you Sonic?" Tails thought.

Sonic reappeared in a flash of light; he drilled through a tree before coming to a stop. He looked around and said, "There aren't any forests near the city." Sonic ran up to the top of a nearby tree and looked around, "Yep, not near the city," he said. He went back down the tree, and then he noticed that he was missing the emerald Tails had given him. He looked around but did not see it. "I guess it didn't come with me," Sonic said. He looked at the emerald that had been it Metal Sonic; it was the green Chaos Emerald. Sonic started walking toward what he thought was north. Sonic stopped in his tracks, having heard a sound in the bushes besides him.

"Who's there, Sonic said, "Show yourself." A minute later, a bright yellow-orange hedgehog emerged from the bushes. He had red eyes and his shoes had a pulse on the side. Above the pulse was red and below was blue. He had an old leather backpack on his back. On his right arm was a blood red tattoo of a flame going up his arm. "Don't be alarmed," the hedgehog said, "My name is Flame." "Hello Flame," Sonic said holding out his hand for Flame to shake, "My name is Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. That's a cool tattoo!" "Thank you! I've heard about you, Sonic, you're the hero for the humans," Flame said. "I'm glad to hear that other hedgehogs have heard about me," Sonic said, "You look like are going somewhere." "Ya, I'm an adventurer of sorts," Flame replied, "I'm going to a small temple in the mountains."

"Really, I've never heard of any temple in the mountains," Sonic said, "But, then again I never leave the major human cities that often." "Then perhaps this is the perfect time to learn about some of the hedgehog world," Flame said, "Would you like to travel with me? I'll even race you to the temple." "You do know that I'm that fast thing on two legs," Sonic asked. "Yes, I know that, but I have own special ability," Flame said. "What is that," Sonic asked him. "I have the ability to control fire," Flame said. "So that's why you're called Flame," Sonic asked. "Yes and no, but I will explain why later," Flame said, "Are you up to the challenge, Sonic the Hedgehog?

"If you want to get beat so badly," Sonic said, "But first you need to show me where this temple is located." Flame reached into his pack and pulled out a map. He opened it up and motion for Sonic. He pointed at a place on the map. "That's where the temple should be located," Flame said, "In the mountains in the north. We should go to the edge of the forest and start from there." "Lets take the fast way," Sonic said. He grabbed Flame and took off toward the edge of the forest.

A few moments later, they were standing at the edge of the forest. In front of them was a small drop to the ground. "Ready, Sonic," Flame asked. "Anytime," Sonic replied. They stood next to each other at the edge of the drop. "Ready, set, go," Flame shouted. Sonic took off down the drop to the grass. He heard the whoosh of flames igniting and looked behind him to see Flame launch himself into the air, using his flames to propel himself. Sonic looked ahead again and increased his pace. He saw a large lake up ahead. He zipped across the surface at super speed, creating a huge wave in the water.

At the other side of the lake, he entered another forest. He swiftly dodged the trees and emerged from the forest a few seconds later. Ahead he could see the mountains where the temple was located. Sonic looked up and saw Flame; he paid attention to the way Flame was flying. He was creating a flame at his feet to push him and had flames at his hands to control altitude and direction. Sonic decided that he should go super sonic. He increased his speed until he heard the familiar sound of a sonic boom. He rushed ahead of Flame once again. Sonic could see the mountains as they were about a half mile away and getting closer by the second.

Soon he was at the bottom of the mountain and was running along the side. Flame flew up to Sonic and shouted, "The temple will be higher up Sonic." Sonic replied, "Alright." Flame climbed elevation once more. Sonic started to increase his elevation and could feel the change in air pressure. Sonic was going around a mountain when he saw a large mountain. It had a section of rock cut out about half way up. There was a passage leading inside the mountain. He heard Flame yell that it was the entrance to temple. Sonic headed toward at high speed. He arrived in the entrance and screeched to a halt, seconds before Flame landed next to him.

"I win," Sonic said. "You gave me one good race Sonic," Flame said. Sonic replied, "Thank you." "Would you like to accompany me into the temple," Flame asked. "Why not," Sonic said. They walked down the passage in until they came to an opening in which the wind was rushing past. Flame tried to enter the wind but was pushed back before could enter it. "Sonic," Flame said, "you're faster than me you should be able to enter. At the center of the chamber is the temple inside is a sword. Bring me the sword and watch out for the booby trap when you leave." "Alright," Sonic said. Sonic rushed forward and entered the wind stream.

At first Sonic was surprised at the speed of the wind but quickly regained his pace. He was in a bowl-shaped arena that was inside the mountain, in the center was the temple carved out of rock. He ran around to the other side and saw the entrance. On the way around, he neared the entrance and slipped inside when he got the chance. He walked forward and saw that the sword was lying on a rock slab. He picked it up and looked at the sword. It was made of metal but it looked like the green Chaos Emerald he carried with him. The sword was designed so that what looked like wind was blowing down it. Sonic decided to leave the temple, as soon as he walked out of the temple, the arena started to crack and fall down into a huge cavern below.

In addition, the ceiling started to collapse as well. Sonic dodged holes and chucks of the ceiling and other debris. He spiraled upward toward where he entered the chamber and he ducked out of the chamber before a piece of ceiling blocked the exit. Outside the passage was collapsing too. Both Sonic and Flame ran out to the entrance to the passage before part of the mountain collapsed inward.

"That was some booby trap," Sonic said, "Who ever put it there didn't want the person to keep it very long, or else, that person is very fast." Sonic presented the sword to Flame who rejected it. "No Sonic, I do not want the sword," Flame said, "It is for you to have. Only you can you could obtain it and only you can wield its power." "What do you mean only I can use its power," Sonic asked. "Sonic, I need to explain some things to you," Flame said, "The reason I can control fire is because I'm an Elemental Hero. I'm one of seven and you, Sonic, are the Elemental Hero of Wind."

In the next chapter of The Elemental Heroes: Sonic and Flame have a chat about the Elemental Heroes. And Dr. Eggman reappears after his defeat.

Author note: Sorry I got a new idea for something that will be explained in the next chapter. Plus, I noticed some small mistakes. I also decided to give a small preview of the next chapter.