An instant later the Heroes appeared in the middle of a ruined courtyard. Sonic looked around and saw no immediate signs of life. As Sonic continued to look around he noticed a lot of similar architecture to Mobotropolis but decayed from years of being neglected.

"Let's stay together," Flame stated "last thing we need is to be picked off one at time."

"And let me be the one to take on Shadow," Sonic said, "I've known him the longest, if anyone could reach the real Shadow it's me."

"And IF you reach the real Shadow, I'll use my light powers to try and prevent the Villain of Shadows from escaping again," Strobe replied.

Sonic simply nodded and they turned and headed into the ruined city with their swords out in front of them. Soon they heard sounds from further ahead, as they approach cautiously they could see Shadow muttering to himself in the middle of a relatively undamaged central area.

"Looks like you're in luck Sonic, Shadow's still fighting off the influences of the Villain of Shadows," Flame said.

"Well this is where I make my grand entrance," Sonic stated as he entered into area. Immediately Shadow turned and looked over as Sonic slowly approached.

"You must be this generation's Hero of Wind," Shadow said in a slightly different tone of voice then his normal, "You're too late if you think you can save this pathetic loser's body. It's mine now."

"Then you don't know Shadow as well as I have," Sonic returned, "I have a feeling Shadows been fighting back this entire time."

"Shut it boy, how about I prove to you who's fighting who," Shadow said lunging forward with the sword pointed at Sonic. Sonic dodged and tried to spin dash Shadow, who sidestepped it. Sonic uncurled, twisted and came to a stop behind Shadow, who turned slightly to look at him. Chaos energy gathered around Shadow's left hand as he shouted, "Chaos Spear." Sonic quickly gathered wind from the area and sent a powerful gust of wind directly in front of him throwing off the path of Shadow's Chaos spear enough to miss him.

"What's wrong?" Sonic asked smirking, "Don't have perfect control over his body yet, because Shadow wouldn't have let a little wind knock his shot off like that."

Shadow responded with another sword slash only from behind which Sonic blocked with his own sword. Sonic and Shadow traded sword blows neither of which giving any ground till finally Shadow backed off and unleashed a slash from his sword which sent a crescent wave of shadow energy at Sonic which he dodged.

"Come on is this the best you've got," Sonic quipped, "Your even weaker than all the other times I've faced you Shadow."

Shadow began shaking but not in anger, he dropped the sword and clutched his head, when he started talking it was in his normal voice.

"I…am not…weaker…you faker," Shadow said through his teeth. Shadow spoke again but in the other voice, "If you would stop fighting me, then I could give you all the power you need to beat this weakling."

"And let you control me. I'd rather die than let something like you control me." Shadow said back to his normal voice.

Sonic heard something behind him and turned to see Strobe with the others behind him. "Good work Sonic let me take it from here." Strobe said as he created a ball of light and sent it flying above Shadow, the light suddenly bathed the area where Shadow was at erasing any shadows for him to use.

"There that'll keep the Villain at bay, long enough for Shadow to regain complete control and expel him from his body," Strobe said. Shadow reached down and picked up the sword, and then in his normal voice said, "Chaos Control."

Suddenly, something like a cloud of dark smoke was expelled from Shadow's body. A few seconds later it assumed the form of a hedgehog that started aging.

"The Villain of Shadows in his true form," Flame stated. Everyone turned and looked over at Shadow, who was standing motionless. Slowly, he opened his eyes and everyone could see they were normal again.

"You ok Shadow," Sonic asked cautiously. Shadow slowly approached Sonic and punched him in the stomach. "That's for calling me a weakling," Shadow said before approaching the aged Villain of Shadows.

"Yep that's Shadow," Sonic said rubbing his stomach a little. Shadow looked down at the Villain of Shadows. "Well looks like I lost," he said, "Go ahead and end it for me. I don't belong in this time period. Plus there can't be two masters of the same element.

"I already stripped your powers away when I forced you out of my body." Shadow said. "Then what are you waiting for boy, kill me," Villain of Shadows stated.

"As much as I hate you for controlling me," Shadow said, "If I killed you it would make me no better than you."

"Your too soft boy," he said, "Oh well even if you kill me or not I'm going to die, I can already feel my body tart to dissolve into Chaos energy."

The Heroes simply watched as he dissolved away and was replaced by a black Chaos Emerald. Flame picked it up the emerald and put it away in his backpack. Then, he pulled out his communication stone. "Masters the threat is taken care of and Shadow was emerged as the new Hero of Shadows," Flame said then waited for a reply.

A second later, on the Masters replied, "We knew this day would happen when that man appeared and started asking around. Shadow, if you want to know how you truly are and what you were really made for then come see us."

Flame put the stone away and asked Shadow, "Will you be coming with us?" Shadow replied with a simple yes. "Sorry guys but I'm not heading to the Sanctuary quite just yet," Sonic said, "I've got a friend in the city that I need to go see and explain things too."

"I'll come with you," Flame said, "You'll need help to get back to the city." "Thanks," Sonic replied.

The Heroes said they're temporary goodbyes and good lucks. Then they Chaos Controlled to they're separate locations.

Back in Tails' workshop, Sonic and Flame appeared outside and knocked on the door. A second later, Tails opened the door and let Sonic in. "Sonic I wasn't really expecting you."

"Sorry about that, I didn't really have a good way to tell you I was dropping away," Sonic said, "I told you I would explain things when I got the chance and I have a chance now to explain."

After a few minutes of explaining everything out to Tails with the help of Flame, Tails was finally caught up to speed. "Wow, I'd love to visit this city you talk about," Tails said in awe. "Well it sounds like I'm going to be living there soon, so you're welcome to come join me there," Sonic said.

Before Tails could answer there was yet another knock at the door, Tails went and opened it to see a slightly worse for wear Knuckles. Sonic rushed over to help his friend inside and to sit down. "Aren't you the protector of the Master Emerald," Flame asked.

"Yes I am," Knuckles stated and then asked a question of his own, "And who are you?" "This is Flame; he's a friend," Sonic said, "Knuckles, what happened to you?"

"Eggman happened," Knuckles replied, "He sent an emerald powered copy of me to steal the Master Emerald. I tried to fight it off but it was too strong. It took the Master Emerald and I need your help to get it back."

A moment later, at the Elemental Sanctuary, the Head Master approached Shadow and said, "About 50 or so years, a human man came here looking for more information on Mobians. We ended up discussing with him the history of the Elemental Heroes and the belief that one day a new Hero of Shadows would rise up and take his rightful place with the others."

Shadow only said one word, "Who?" The Head Master replied, "Gerald Robotnik, your creator."

In the next chapter of The Elemental Heroes: Find out the reason for Shadow's existence. And what does Doctor Eggman have planned for the Master Emerald.

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