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And finally…the foreshadowing part! What if Roxas had won in the fight with Riku at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days? This is what should've been the truly epic Kingdom Hearts finale…

Kingdom Hearts: For True Story

Chapter One: The Dark City

Rain was falling down on the desolate and empty streets of the Dark City. Looking in the sky, one could see a giant white castle that seemed to be floating. Above and beyond the castle was a giant, heart-shaped moon that set a pale light upon the city itself. Panning the camera back, one could see two beings standing in front of a dark skyscraper. One being had a black cloak on, and the hood was up, covering his face. This cloaked being had two swords in hand: one sword was as black as night, with the other one being as white as pure light, with a snowflake pattern on the end. The second being was lying on the ground, knocked out. The second being had a dark band tied around his eyes, and he was wearing a similar dark cloak as the first being. The second being also had grey hair, and he seemed to be a teenager. The first being looked at him, until some echoing dialogue was heard, presumably from the first being having a flashback.

"Why!? Why do you have the Keyblade!?" a voice yelled. Going into the first person's mind, one could see the grey-haired teen from before sitting on the ground, presumably from being knocked down. The other being was staring down at him, about to attack.

"Shut up!" the being yelled. Bringing down what the grey-haired teen called the 'Keyblade' towards the teen, the teen tried to dodge this blow with the sword he had, which was the black sword he had stolen from the first being. The being about to strike predicted this block, and stopped his descent short of the blade. With no impact on the sword, the grey-haired teen let his guard down, confused. The first being then continued his attack, striking down the teen in a single blow. The teen fell over, not dead but knocked out. The winner summoned both his Keyblades, and then looked on at the heart-shaped moon. Going back to present time, this hooded being walked towards the direction of the moon, going up a steep incline in the Dark City while doing so. He seemed to be crying, as water droplets were coming down irregularly from the inside of his hood. But perhaps it was only the dripping water from the rain above…

Behind the being who left, a dark hole opened up literally out of nowhere. Out of the hole emerged a man clad in red armor, with red bandages covering his face, sans his mouth and left eye. The man in red turned to look at the knocked out teenager lying on the ground.

"Riku…" the man asked in a deep and booming voice. "…where has Roxas gone?"

The teen, Riku, laid there, not responding. From out of the same dark hole, a girl walked out. The girl had on a white one piece dress that went down to her knees. The girl had long, blonde hair, and she seemed to be worried.

"DiZ, please! We have to get Riku medical attention! And…and Roxas…" the girl mentioned, starting to sob. The man just grunted in annoyance.

"Namine, don't try to sway me with your false emotions. Just like Roxas, you are a Nobody; devoid of emotions. I know what needs to be done here," the man, DiZ, replied. Namine seemed shocked and hurt by this comment, but she backed down, still giving off a sad emotion. DiZ walked over to the defeated Riku and picked him up in both arms. DiZ then walked back into the dark hole, with Namine following.

"Organization XIII will be destroyed. But first we need Roxas to come to us…" DiZ thought. The dark hole disappeared when he and Namine successfully walked through, leaving no trace of them ever being there.

Panning back to the being from before, he was now standing in front of a path made out of light. The path of light lead directly into the floating white castle, with no twists, turns, or splitting paths. The being stood there, staring at the castle. The being then walked up the pathway of light, heading into the castle. While doing so, another voice is heard; a girl's voice, and from the sound of it, she was in pain. This voice was also from the being's flashback.

"Roxas…I need you…to do me a favor…" the girl's voice asked in a hoarse whisper. The being then went into his flashback, and the scenery changed from the drab and dark city to a brighter town. The town was vibrant in color, with the fall-color oriented bricks matching nicely with the sky's sunset's mixture of orange, red, and yellow. This was not the case, however; the camera focused on two beings in dark cloaks in front of a tower that read "Station Plaza." Both cloaked beings had their hoods down; one cloaked being was a boy with spiky, blonde hair and blue eyes. The other being was a girl with blue eyes and short, black hair. The girl seemed to be fading away, as traces of her own body were leaving her in a literal format, disappearing into the air like how water evaporates. Her legs were frozen solid, and the ice was inching up her legs, onto her cloak, and was getting closer to the rest of her body. The boy had her one hand in his, and he was holding her up with his other hand. The girl's eyes shut in pain for a moment, then they opened again, staring directly into the boy's eyes.

"All those hearts I've captured…" the girl began, her voice becoming more hoarse every passing moment. "…Kingdom Hearts…set them free…"

The boy, Roxas, looked down at her in confusion. "Kingdom Hearts…free them?" he asked, seeming to understand what the girl was asking. The ice then advanced up the girl's body, covering her legs up to her stomach. She winced in pain, and the wisps of light coming out of her began to increase.

"It is too late…for me to undo my mistakes…" the girl started, now close to tears. "…but you can't…let Xemnas have Kingdom Hearts…you can't…"

Roxas just stared down at the girl he was holding; the girl he was such close friends with for nearly a year. A year that went by too fast…

"…good-bye…Roxas…" the girl sadly stated. This got Roxas's attention, and he felt nearly close to tears. "I'm glad…to have met you…oh…and Axel, too…you're both my best friends…"

The ice was now at her chest area, and was advancing closer and closer to her neck. She reached up one arm that was not covered in ice yet, and lightly touched Roxas's cheek with it, holding his face in one hand. "…never forget…that's the truth…"

These were the girl's final words, as the ice got up to her neck and began to drift down her arms. Her hand that was on Roxas's face began to fall, and Roxas grabbed it with his spare hand.

"NO!" Roxas began, trying to deny the fact that his closest friend was disappearing. "Xion…who else will I have ice cream with?"

The girl, Xion, closed her eyes after one last look at her best friend, before the ice covered her own face. Her body began glowing radiantly, and the rest of her body evaporated into small light shards that disappeared quickly. Roxas looked up as he saw the fragments of his friend disappear into the sunset sky. Looking back down, Roxas saw one thing left of his friend: a seashell. Picking it up, Roxas remembered it was the same seashell he had given Xion when she had awoken from what he assumed was a deep coma. Roxas then shed a tear for his fallen friend.

"…Xion…" Roxas sobbed, trying to control his sadness. Going back to reality, the black-cloaked being kept walking up the light pathway, and one could definitely see a teardrop fall from his hood.

"Xion…I will free Kingdom Hearts…we can go on having ice cream again…that's…that's what you wanted…right…?" the being asked, crying as he did so. The being began to shake profusely, so much that he stopped right in the middle of the pathway to light. The being then took off his hood, and his face was revealed to be Roxas. Roxas cried for a good half-minute, then he took his Keyblades and stared at the entrance of the castle.

"ORGANIZATION XIII!" he screamed. Roxas then charged into the base, eyes burning with tears, as said tears streamed alongside him as he ran. Those tears fell onto the pathway of light, which were mixed with the raindrops falling from the heavy rainstorm falling above. The teardrops themselves were swept away by the rain, and Roxas got himself ready for what he believed was his final battle.

Inside the castle, there was a room with 13 chairs that looked like pillars. Sitting in the highest chair was a man with grey hair and tiger-like eyes. A dark portal appeared on one of the chairs, and a man with an "X" scar on his face appeared. This man also had light blue hair.

"Lord Xemnas, we have noticed Roxas is attempting to return into our castle. What should we do?" the man asked. Xemnas, the grey-haired man, looked at his accomplice.

"Sai"X…" Xemnas began. Sai"X, the blue-haired man, listened intently.

"Let Roxas make his decision. Don't give him a straight-up question; I want you to ask him this simple question, and his answer will determine his fate," Xemnas explained.

"What would be this question?" Sai"X asked.

"'Have you returned for sorrow, or for revenge?'" Xemnas stated. Sai"X nodded.

"Which answer is the one you are looking for?" Sai"X asked.

"If he answers 'sorrow,' he wishes to apologize for his misdeeds by leaving the Organization. Since he was forced to kill Xion anyway, he has already made the pathway set for our plans to unlock Kingdom Hearts's power," Xemnas explained. "In that case, he will be inducted back into our Organization, and he can live amongst us again."

"And if he answers 'revenge?'" Sai"X wondered. Xemnas sat there silently for a good amount of time. Sai"X got what Xemnas had meant by that silence, and Sai"X teleported away, using a dark hole he had conjoured up.

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