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Summary: Bella falls in love with Edward, her best friend's older brother but he doesn't see her that way. Or does he? All Human. AU. All Canon couples eventually.

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Chapter 30

Edward's POV

I couldn't believe it was finally done. James was no longer in our lives. I knew that I could count on Aro to keep him away.

Last night had been magnificent. We were able to let go, relax and love each other the way it was always meant to be. Despite my stupidity for so many years, despite James and his craziness, we had actually made it. We were together and no one was going to come between us, ever.

I still couldn't believe that Bella had done all that she had last night. I was surprised that she had been confused all week but I had so much on my mind that I actually hadn't thought how my actions would affect her. I was an idiot. Of course my introspective moments this week would have confused her. I'd just had so many thoughts and feelings running through me.

The helplessness I'd felt since all this with James had begun. The fear I'd felt when James had grabbed me. I wasn't used to feeling that way. I had always known what to do and if I didn't, I could go to my parents and we'd always come up with a way to handle it. I had been so terrified that I would never see Bella again when James had taken me from my parking garage. I hadn't actually been afraid for myself, all my feelings had been about Bella.

Because of my scattered thoughts since leaving the hospital that I'd phoned my Dad a couple of days after I got out of the hospital, who suggested I might need to talk with someone. He said that it might be a good idea for Bella to also talk with someone again after recent events. Bella had made it clear that I needed to make myself scarce during the day, my dad had gotten me in to see a friend of his for an hour yesterday afternoon. I sort of laughed to myself now about how she went about that but I'll come back to that later. It had really helped to talk about everything that had happened over the last few weeks. We talked about how Bella and I had initially gotten together; how scared I had been when I realized what I'd done that night and the guilt I'd felt while I'd tried to find the girl that turned out to be Bella. Going through the pregnancy scare, how my feelings had come out about her during that time; the events with James terrorizing her and finally how I felt during the time James had me. By the end of the hour, I realized that I had really needed to talk with someone outside of the events happening in my life. I'd made arrangements to see him again the following week after classes.

I honestly hadn't realized how much I'd distanced myself from her while my mind had been in such turmoil. My arm tightened around her to draw her closer to me and I could hear her murmuring in her sleep while she nuzzled into my neck. Smiling, I kissed her forehead and held her tighter. She was my life now. I knew that most people would think us too young to know that but I did. I had absolutely no doubt that I was meant to spend a lifetime with her.

With that though running through my mind, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with the scent of her wafting through my senses.

I was awoken to the sound of someone banging on the door. Turning I saw that the clock next to the bed read 11am. Damn! We'd slept through the morning. I'd wanted to make Bella a special breakfast after last night. The banging started again accompanied by loud yelling. Emmett, of course. I felt Bella stir beside me, drawing the extra pillow on the bed over her head to drown out the noise of my best friend. I laughed at her and drew the pillow off of her, kissing her soft lips gently.

"Come on luv. Time to get up. The gang has arrived and the leader is causing a ruckus in the hallway."

She moaned and my body instantly reacted to the sound. Cursing that there wasn't time to pursue the thoughts my body was giving me, I climbed out of bed and grabbed some jeans and a shirt out of the dresser. Making my way out to the door I let in our friends, giving Emmett a smack on his way by me.

"Could you have made any more noise? I do have to live here you know! Alice, why didn't you just use your key?"

She looked at me confused for a moment, "Oh, I left it in the kitchen the night that you went missing. I forgot to grab it again."

"Oh, alright." I hadn't seen the key when I'd been in the kitchen but thought maybe Bella had it. That I didn't mind at all. I'd planned on making her a key soon.

"Bella's in the bedroom if you girls want to see if you can rouse her. She didn't really want to wake up." I laughed at the memory of her snuggled in bed, hiding under the pillow.

The girls raced off to get Bella up and have some girl talk while us guys headed into the kitchen. Since it was close to lunch time, we made a bunch of sandwiches for everyone and were laying everything out on the coffee table in the living room just as the girls came out to join us. After the stressful week we all had, we decided to spend that afternoon watching movies and hanging out until they had to head back to Forks, taking Bella with them. I was not looking forward to that time and tried to avoid thinking of it while I snuggled with her on the couch.

The afternoon passed much too quickly and it was time to say goodbye to her. My heart hurt at the thought of the entire week without her. I'd be heading home Friday night for the weekend but wasn't sure how I was going to last 5 days with only hearing her voice on the phone and talking with her online but I knew we would be able to handle it. She would probably handle it much better than I. She was the stronger of the two of us.

I did make it through that week and every week while we were separated by the necessity of our education. Bella felt that it made our relationship that much stronger that we were able to keep it together throughout the separations we endured. My parents and her father were more than surprised that our relationship was so strong, considering our ages.

We traded off weekends, either I would go home, or she would come and stay with me. Her father had even bought her a reliable car so she could come to Seattle in safety. After his initial reaction to our dating, I was surprised he had become so supportive of our relationship after the threat of James was over. Pleasantly surprised though. I guess finding out that James had been behind the drugs at that party all along helped to change his mind about me.

Thanksgiving was spent at my parents house with Charlie joining us. Christmas turned out to be split between Charlie's house and my parents'. Our family was huge and everyone that hadn't met Bella through the years welcomed her with open arms.

Aro had even sent a joint gift to us care of my parents' house and we were shocked to find out that he had purchased a house in Seattle and put it in our names. He was going overboard in his efforts to make up for James' actions against both Bella and I. We decided to spend New Year's Eve in Seattle and we almost fell over when we went to check out Aro's gift. It wasn't the small house we were thinking it could be, it was a huge house with enough room to house our whole gang while we went to college, including Ben and Angela if they decided to join us. Bella wasn't really comfortable accepting the house but I knew we didn't really have a choice. You just didn't turn down a gift from Aro.

Ben accepted my invitation to move into the house and we sublet our apartment. I hadn't really felt 100% comfortable there after being abducted by James so it was more than a relief to give it up and move. My therapy sessions had continued for a couple of months and Bella had even joined me a few times when she was in town with me. Although neither of us would ever forget what had happened, we were both strong enough to get past it with a little help.

The gang would come to Seattle on some of the weekends that Bella came as well and we continued our exploration of Seattle's tourist spots. The plan was eventually developed that come the end of the school year in Forks, everyone would move into the house. That was the day I was living for, to have Bella in our home permanently. Never having to see the sadness and tears in her eyes, as we had to say good bye on Sundays. Never having this ache in my chest every week until I could see her again. This was what I was dreaming of and my dreams would soon come true.

Our little story has come to an end for now. I have a sequel running around my head along with a couple of other story ideas that are clamouring to be told. Please let me know if you'd like to see the story continue at some point. It would start as everyone finally moves to Seattle and would have more of Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose in it than this part of the story has had :-)

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