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Previously on Unleashed Heir…

Once Tom was completely gone Harry finally let himself do what he had wanted to do since forty minutes ago…Faint


Harry lay on the Floor a small smirk of victory was placed on his bloody lips as he slept.

Ginny who was out cold threw all of this seemed to start waking up at that very moment.

As she settled herself onto her elbows and looked around the Half destroyed Chamber only one word/sound could come out of her small child like lips.


Unleashed Heir: Chapter Four

A pair of odd matched eyes snapped open, the figure who's eyes belonged to them quickly sat up straight and surveyed it's surroundings with the grace of a Cat.

Before comically clutching its head and falling back down on the warm Mattress which belonged to the Schools infirmary. Harry continued nursing his aching head with delicate care, as he tried to remember where he was or since when he was here.

'The school infirmary huh? Ouch… Thinking doesn't help much.' Harry mentally groaned as he made himself more comfortable in his 'bed'.

He just laid there for a few moments thinking about what had happened before he ended up in the Infirmary. He rolled his head to the right and noticed a bunch of gifts and cards on the night stand.

He outstretched his arm attempting to get the nearest gift, but the sound of footsteps made him think otherwise. Quickly retracting his hand and arm back and pretending to be sleeping he started eavesdropping on the conversion he could hear.

"-es, it would be a good idea." The so called 'wise' and certainly old voice Albus Dumbledore rang threw the Infirmary halls as his slow and steady steps approached Harry's bed.

"But Albus, are you sure this is wise? I must admit those strange and powerful abilities Mr. Potter seemed to have inherited are certainly wonderful, and yet dangerous…But to do what you are suggesting…." Professor McGonagall's voice rang out sounding quite distressed and panicked.

"My word is and shall always be final, it is officially declared…By the time wakes up…He shall have his 'Abilities' sealed…" The old coot's words echoed of the infirmary walls, nearly shattering Harrys ears as his fist clenched.

"But Albus! This is...is…Are you really sure you want to seal these abilities?! They could help him in the long run! This is only his second year at Hogwarts and he has faced of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Two times already! Barely able to survive!" McGonagall raged looking straight at the old headmaster.

Harry tried to strain his hearing as much as possible, but alas all he could hear was quite muttering.


Harrys half closed eyes snapped open from the sudden noise. He Harry Potter may not have known what that sound was, but an experienced fighter such as Sasuke Uchiha did…

Quickly springing up to his feet, Harry jumped onto the edge of bed allowing his feet to glide onto the bed railing post. And he stood there as still as a statue, hunched over like some sort of Gargoyle…

His eyes widened as he saw the still and stiff form of McGonagall on the floor, he body glowing lightly from the recent spell that had knocked her off her feet.

"Ah! Harry my dea-" Whatever it was that the unmasked Headmaster was going to sprout out was cut off as Harry decided to beat him to it.

"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Yourself Headmaster, but it seems that I have unmasked the True Albus Dumbledore…I'll shall be seeing you…For know." Harry stated his eyes cold and hard as he gave an exaggerated bow to the Headmaster. Before simply vanishing in thin air…

Albus stood there for a few moments trying to process what had just happened.

"Oh dear…"

((~~~~With Harry~~~~))

Harry took his time to walk passed the 'Oh-So-Great-And-Magical-Headmaster' under his Genjutsu, it was a very simple Genjutsu which didn't cost much Chakra, if any Shinobi would have been around they would have noticed it straight away. But seeing as though there was only a Magical old fart then there was nothing to worry about.

'He can't sense Chakra, only magical proprieties…' Harry thought to himself with a small grin, as he opened up the Huge Double Oaken Doors of The Great Hall.

'Hmm seems to be around Dinner time, oh well this makes things much easier for me…Best stay hidden I don't want them to see me in Infirmary garb.' Harry thought to himself as he walked up to the Staff table which was filled with chattering teachers and pupils who were in his way as he walked.

Coming to a halt in front of The Headmaster's seat, he said in a quite yet load voice;


Needless to say all the students stopped talking and teachers pulled out there wands looking for the form of who the voice could have belonged too.

"I just thought that I should warn you all…Staff included…That your Precious Headmaster isn't who he seems to be, Ja ne!" Harry warned as he put a little chakra to his feet and started to casually walk up the walls of the Great Hall, completely ignoring the students who were starting to scream and shout like headless chickens.


All students and staff alike looked up to the right of the Great Hall to see one of the Finely decorated Windows to be completely destroyed, but if you tilted your head a little you would probably be able to make out the form of a small boy…

((~~~With Harry~~~))

'I guess it's finally time to get some Training done…Konoha…Here I come.' Harry commented to himself as he allowed the wind to steak past him as he fell out of the school grounds and towards the lake at the bottom.

Harry decided against using Shinobi ways of traveling faster towards Konoha, he just recently got out of the Infirmary and had little Chakra that he might need for later use.

So he allowed himself to splash into the lake and started swimming towards his destination…

'Two years should be enough…'