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Challenge by Dracohalo117: we have all seen and read, maybe even written fics where after Naruto finds out about his heritage he immediately understands his father's position. But what would happen if when he found out about the Yondaime and his heritage he hated him...

Summary: Naruto, Hinata, and Kurenai find out about the Yondaime, the sealing, and why Naruto didn't have a family growing up in the most unfortunate way, and the results are something that the third or fourth expected when they made this plan. Speaking of the third what does he have to do with this, and where was Kushina while all this was happening? Harem paring Naru/Hina/Tenny/Ayame/Hana/Kurenai/Anko more to come. Just so you know this story starts just before he steals the forbidden scroll and goes from there.

Yondaime's sacrifice, Uzumaki's hate, Kushina's revenge

Hinata stood looking at Naruto as Mizuki told him about the make up exam. In her hand was his gift for becoming a genin, but since he didn't pass she couldn't give him his present, right? But the look on his face from not passing broke her heart even more and she wanted to cry for him, or even better go hug him. As she looked at him debating what to do Naruto saw her, "Hinata what are you doing here, whats that in your hand, shouldn't you be celebrating becoming a genin" he asked.

Hinata looked in his eyes and blushed while swaying, 'Naruto-kun is talking to me' she thought to herself, 'come on girl this is the change we have been waiting for don't blow it for us say something be for he leaves' another voice yelled in her head. Hinata blinked, 'who are you' she asked, 'I'm your conscious but enough about me, OUR Naruto-kun is talking to us answer him, and you better not faint again' the voice yelled at the end. Hinata gulped and looked back at Naruto in the eyes who now was looking at Hinata as if she was losing it, "hi Na-Naruto-kun" she said, 'good start, just try not to faint' her conscious said.

"Well Hinata are you going to answer my questions, why are you here and whats that in your hand" he asked again.

"I...um....we-well" Hinata started to panic, 'what do I do, oh no I'm going to blow my chance with Naruto-kun' she yelled in her head. The voice spoke up again, 'calm down and push the gift out into his hands' it said. Hinata quickly shoved the gift into his hands, "he-here" she said.

Naruto looked at her then the gift confused. He slowly opened the gift, inside the package was a pair of black shinobi pants and a black jacket with a note, 'congratulations from H.H'. Naruto looked at the gift and the now girl who was turning a new shade of red, "Hinata what is this for" he asked.

"We-Well it was for gr-gr-graduating, but I th-thought it wo-would make you h-h-happy for n-not gr-graduating" she said.

Naruto looked at her and smiled, "thanks Hinata your the best" he said looking at the new clothes, "hey wait, your H.H, you gave me these clothes I'm wearing on my 5th birthday" he asked.

"Y-Y-Yes" she said.

Kurenai who had been watching the entire things because she was with Hinata since she wasn't at home yet came from behind the building she was hiding behind, "Hinata" she spoke out.

"Who are you" Naruto asked.

"I'm Kurenai, a new jounin and have been watching Hinata since she entered the academy, whats your name" she said.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki the future Hokage" was all Naruto said.

"Well Naruto I have to get Hinata home, I'm sure her father will be ready to find out if she is a genin or not, by the way did you pass the test" Kurenai asked.

Naruto looked down, "no I didn't" he then perked up, "but that's OK because I get to make 'extra credit' and I have these awesome new clothes by me new best friend Hinata" he said with a big smile.

"B-B-B-Best fr-fr-friend" Hinata asked.

"Yea, wait you don't like me do you" Naruto asked.

"No th-that's not it, I w-w-w-will be your fr-fr-fr-friend" Hinata said.

"Good luck on your 'extra credit' Naruto when you pass tell me and us three can celebrate together on me and maybe get to know each other better" Kurenai said with a smile.

"Great, well I have to go do this 'extra credit' for Mizuki-sensei" Naruto said and ran off.

Kurenai shook her head, "that boy, sometimes I think he is bipolar, well lets go Hinata tomorrow we can celebrate with Naruto if he pass his 'extra credit'" she said leading Hinata towards the Hyuuga compound. As they walked Kurenai kept looking back towards the direction Naruto ran in getting a bad feeling about this extra credit he spoke of, "Hinata do anything about this 'extra credit' Naruto spoke of" she asked.

"No, but I heard something about a scroll and meeting in the forest, why" Hinata asked.

"Well I'm curious because once a student fail they don't get a make up exam or 'extra credit' I think this might be a set up" Kurenai said. She looked down at Hinata and sighed, "OK lets go follow him and make sure nothing bad happens" she said. Kurenai and Hinata found Naruto just before he ran into the forest carrying a giant scroll, 'what the hell is going on that looks like one of the forbidden scrolls' Kurenai thought and picked up Hinata, much to the surprise of the genin and sped up catching Naruto by surprise just as he entered the forest, "Naruto I think you better explain this 'extra credit to me and do it now" she said.

Naruto gulped seeing the serious face Kurenai had, "w-well Mizuki-sensei said if I can find a forbidden scroll in the Hokage's tower take it, bring it here and learn at least one jutsu before he gets here at midnight, then I will have enough 'extra credit' to pass the test and become a genin, then we can celebrate like you promised" he explained.

The look Kurenai was giving the boy made even Hinata scared, "Ku-Kurenai is so-something wr-wrong" Hinata asked.

"How to explain this" Kurenai thought, "basically Naruto, Mizuki tricked you to steal that scroll for him" she said.

"What why would he do that" Naruto asked.

"I'm not sure but don't worry you and Hinata will find that out" Kurenai then stopped, "are you wearing the new clothes she bought you" she asked.

Naruto blushed, "yes, I like them and they are comfortable" he said.

"You look nice in them, anyway this is the plan, I am going to help you two learn a few jutsu's from the scroll then you two will wait until Mizuki get there and try and get him to confess his reason for having you steal the scroll, once you get that out of him I will come and arrest, and you will be excused of stealing because you was mislead by a teacher" Kurenai explained.

"Is that a good idea, I mean stealing this scroll is bad enough, but if you teach us something out of it you could get in trouble" Naruto asked.

"Don't worry, I assure you everything will be OK" Kurenai said. Kurenai led them further into the forest and turned to Naruto, "well lets get started" she said.

Naruto opened the scroll and to his surprise another smaller, MUCH smaller, scroll fell out addressed to him, "whats this and why is it addressed to me" he asked Kurenai.

"I don't know open it and read it" she said.

Naruto nodded and read the scroll. He looked at Kurenai with an unreadable expression and read it again just to make sure he read it right. Not trusting is lackluster reading skills he passed it to Kurenai, "I know I'm not that good at reading, the academy wouldn't teach me how and the old man taught me when he was available, so can you read it to make sure I read it right" he asked.

"Sure" Kurenai took the letter and read it quickly to herself and blinked not believing it herself, "um, Hinata promise me you wont tell anyone about this" she said quietly.

Naruto had a look of fear as he expected the worse, Hinata just looked confused, "I pr-promise" she said. Kurenai nodded and looked at the letter:

To whoever finds this letter, I have committed a great crime, a crime so great that no father would be willing to face himself in the morning and not be able to face his son. To Naruto Uzumaki my son, I am sorry, I can't express how sorry I am for how I ruined your life. I'm sure your wondering what I'm talking about and who I am, well I am Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage and your father Naruto. The crime I committed is the sealing of Kyuubi no Kitsune into him at his birth. Now Naruto I know what your thinking, 'why you and what of your mother' well I chose you because as Hokage I can't ask anyone to do something I can't do myself, it pains me so much to write this knowing that my wish for you to be treated as a hero will not be followed, I just hope you find one or two good friends who see you for who you are and not the Kyuubi. As for your mother, I faked your death, even creating a fake body, and told her you didn't make the birth, she tried to convince me that it wasn't true, but I couldn't let her live with the pain of seeing you everyday with how much you look like me, it would have killed her from the inside out, please believe me I did what I thought was best to save you, your twin sister Kari, and Kushina's life. Kari is your twin sister, she is a few minutes older and look very much as much like Kushina as you look like me. Please be strong and when you find your mother and sister tell them how sorry I am and I love them both.

Love Minato Namikaze.

Kurenai looked at Naruto who had a bunch of different emotions going through his eyes, and rightfully so, she would be the same way finding out this information that ruined his life. Hell he has a mother and sister a live somewhere and because of the damn Yondaime he was raised in a village where most of the people hated him, and those who didn't hate him never had time for him with their own lives and families. Kurenai was trying to think of ways to bring him and his family together, but had noway of finding Kushina. She look at Hinata and wasn't at all surprised when she had tears pouring out of her eyes. Hinata herself looked just as mad at the Yondaime that she herself felt for the man.

"Kurenai, can you help me find my mother" Naruto asked in a hollow voice.

"Of course, I'm already thinking of away to find her, but more importantly what do you think about what you learned" Kurenai said/asked.

"Nothing, I want to find my mother, I'm sure if she was here now none of these bastards in this village would dare treat me like they do now, my entire goal is finding my mother and sister and until I find them I don't care about this village or the people in it except for a few people" Naruto said in his hollow voice.

"And your father" Kurenai asked.

"I hope he rots in hell, everything that happened to me is his fault, no mother, not knowing my sister, no friends, the loneliness, the glares, not being able to buy food, being kicked out the orphanage, being beat, everything its all his fault, and he is not my father all I have and ever will have is a mother and sister" Naruto said releasing all the hate he held over the years out, now that he knew why he was in so much pain he knew who to direct it at.

"Oh Na-Na-Naruto-kun I can't i-i-i-imagine h-h-h-how h-hard this is f-f-f-for you" Hinata cried wrapping her hands around him in a hug, surprising both Naruto and Kurenai.

"Hinata" Naruto said.

"I s-s-s-sorry f-for n-n-not befriending y-you sooner" she said.

Naruto gulped, "don't cry Hinata really, your my best friend and I'm glad to have you as a friend" he said.

"Naruto and Hinata" Kurenai said in a serious voice. The two looked at her, one still with tears in her eyes, "we have important things to do right now, like busting Mizuki who I can now tell you both is probably doing thins to give the counsel a reason to kill Naruto since he holds Kyuubi but without him saying this I can't do anything, now lets get to learning some jutsu's" she said. The two looked at each other and nodded, "good the first jutsu is kage bushin, it is better suited for Naruto since he has more chakra than you Hinata with Kyuubi sealed in him so for now only Naruto will learn it but later I'll teach it to you Hinata" Kurenai said. She showed Naruto the seals and how to concentrate his chakra, "now Hinata the jutsu your going to learn is shuriken no bushin, its like kage bushin but used on shuriken's or different thrown weapons, it takes precise control but not as much chakra which will suit you very well" she told the Hyuuga.

"Kurenai, I'm done" Hinata said after 30 minutes of practice and demonstrated the jutsu for her.

"Good job Hinata" Kurenai said looking up from copying down the jutsu's from the scroll, "now since we don't have much time help Naruto master his jutsu, but don't try and learn it because it could kill you since you don't have enough chakra to use it yet" Kurenai said.

An hour later Naruto leaped in the air happily, "I'm finished Kurenai-sensei I learned it and Hinata helped me master it" he said.

"Good, now Mizuki should be here soon so get ready, remember I'm going to be close so don't be afraid, now how you two get the information is up to you but make sure he admits everything" Kurenai said and vanished after tossing the forbidden scroll back to Naruto.

"Well Hinata how do we do this" Naruto asked.

"I th-think y-you sh-should try and get h-him to a-admit, w-without me" she said.

Naruto nodded, "that makes sense, he wont be expecting you to be here so if I'm by myself I can get him to talk and you can look at him with your Byakugan and tell if he is telling the truth or not" he said.

Hinata, and a hidden Kurenai, looked impressed at him, "O-OK" Hinata said and jumped up in the trees to hide.

10 minutes later

Iruka jumped down in the clearing, "NARUTO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING STEALING THE FORBIDDEN SCROLL" he yelled.

Naruto looked at him and smiled, "well Mizuki-sensei said if I can get it, bring it here, and learn one jutsu from it I will get enough 'extra credit' to become a genin" he said.

"What...why...there is no 'extra credit' you failed and will have to wait to take the genin test till next year" Iruka said.

"What but I learned this super cool jutsu" Naruto said.

Iruka looked at him, 'he does look like he was training hard' "well lets see this jutsu" he said.

"Yes lets see this jutsu" Mizuki said jumping into the opening.

Naruto smirked did the hand signs, oiroke no jutsu he said, and turned into a naked blonde version of himself. Both Iruka and Mizuki fell back with nosebleeds, Hinata blushed deeply barely keeping herself from fainting, Kurenai had tick mark on her head at the perverted jutsu while wondering where he got the idea from so she could visit the pervert a visit. Naruto fell laughing at the two unfortunate males. Iruka and Mizuki got up, "NARUTO STOP WITH THE POINTLESS JUTSU'S" Iruka yelled.

"Its not pointless, it worked on perverts like you two, if you was an enemy I could have killed you easily after you passed out from blood loss, plus it is great for infiltration missions" Naruto said defending his first created jutsu from every angle Iruka could have came up with a reason for it being useless, Kurenai herself nodded at the points he made, 'I'll have to get him to complete it, and with clothes on' she thought to herself.

Mizuki cleared his throat, "anyway Naruto give me the scroll" he said.

"Wait Mizuki why do you need to have it why not give it to Iruka-sensei, its just going back to the Hokage to prove I got the 'extra credit' right" Naruto asked.

"I know now just give me the scroll or you wont get the 'extra credit' and you will fail again" Mizuki said.

"Wait there is no 'extra credit' he already failed and there is no make up test" Iruka said.

"Don't listen to him, Naruto think about it what has Iruka did to help you the entire time you was in the academy, all he has done was fail you and yell at you when you ask for help" Mizuki said.

"Well you did the same thing" Naruto pointed out.

"But I'm trying to help you become a genin, you can't become Hokage if your still in the academy right" Mizuki asked not knowing that Naruto hated this village now.

Naruto inwardly sneered, "I think I'll take it back to the Hokage myself and explain the situation to him, I'm sure he will know what to do" he said.

"Wait, no you can't even the old man is against you" Mizuki yelled.

"What are you talking about, the old man always listens to me and consider what I have to say" Naruto said.

"That's just a plow to get your trust, he is plotting to kill you, the entire village is plotting to kill you, give me the scroll and we can leave the village together" Mizuki said.

"What that's treason, Naruto don't listen to him, all Mizuki is doing is trying to confuse you into hating everyone and become a traitor with him" Iruka yelled.

"Naruto don't listen to him he hates you just like everyone else" Mizuki said.

"Naruto if I hated you would I be trying to convince you to give the scroll back to the Hokage" Iruka asked.

"That's because he can use you giving the scroll back as motivation to have you killed" Mizuki said.

Kurenai, Hinata, and Naruto was looking back and forth between the two, and it sounded like a little girls fight and all three had headaches forming, "OK enough, I don't care what either of your reasons are, why should I believe either of you" Naruto asked.

"I can take you to Orochimaru-sama and he can make you much stronger than you will ever get in this village with people like Iruka holding you back" Mizuki said.

Naruto scratched his head, "who is Orochimaru should I know him or something, I was kicked out of class that day" he asked.

Mizuki and Iruka sweat-dropped, Kurenai wanted to send glares at Iruka but didn't because her growing anger would ruin their plans, Hinata just looked sad for Naruto. "Well Naruto Orochimaru is a known traitor who experiments on people for his own gain" Iruka said.

"Well I don't want anything to do with him" Naruto said and started to walk to Iruka.

"What your going to Iruka who has been trying to sabotage you ever since you became an academy student because you killed his parents" Mizuki yelled.

"What are you talking about I didn't kill anyone" Naruto said.

"You didn't but..." Mizuki was cut off.

"Naruto don't listen to him, what happened is not your fault" Iruka said.

"Whats going on" Naruto asked.

"Well the village kept this from you, but on the day you was born the Kyuubi was sealed in you and everyone in this village except me blames you for what happened that day, you even killed your own mother" Mizuki said, inwardly he smirked to himself thinking Naruto was his for the taking.

Naruto blinked, "is that all, I already knew I had the Kyuubi inside me" he said shrugging.

"Naruto listen Iruka, the Hokage, and everyone else you can name blames you for everything, they are out to kill you" Mizuki yelled.

"Everyone" Naruto asked.

"Yes everyone" Mizuki said.

"What about Hinata and Kurenai, they seem nice what about them" Naruto asked.

"They are the main ones, they are able to get close to you because of them being so nice you wouldn't expect anything from them" Mizuki said. The two named kunoichi's wanted to kill Mizuki for even trying to put that lie into Naruto's head.

"And you and Iruka where do you two fit in this again" Naruto asked.

"I told you already, Iruka wants you dead for killing his parents, I want to save you take you away from this village" Mizuki said in frustration.

"Right to someone who will experiment on me as if I'm a test subject" Naruto stated.

"What no" Mizuki said.

"Naruto just do what you think is best" Iruka finally said.

"Fine I will, I'm going to someone I can trust" Naruto said and turned away away from both of them.

Mizuki growled in frustration and pulled out a giant shuriken and threw it at Naruto, "Na-Naruto-kun look out" Hinata yelled jumping out of her hiding spot and running to Naruto. To both their surprise Iruka jumped in front of them and was hit in the back with the shuriken.

"Iruka-sensei" Naruto said.

"Don't worry, don't believe nothing he said, yes there are people who hate you but there are also people who like you for you" Iruka said and painfully pulled the shuriken out f his back, "get back to the village, find the Hokage as fast as possible."

"That's not happening, my plans was known to to many people, I hate to do this but I have to kill you Iruka and Hinata" he then smirked, "if you would have stayed hidden you would have got to see me kill the Kyuubi brat slowly and painfully" he said.

"St-Stay away from Na-Naruto-kun" Hinata yelled getting into her Jyuuken stance.

Mizuki smiled, "how cute" he then took off towards the two.

Kage bushin no jutsu Naruto yelled from behind Hinata within a few seconds the entire clearing was filled with Naruto's and Hinata's, "another step and your dead" they all said.

Mizuki looked around, "wh-what how do you know this jutsu" he yelled.

"That's for me to know and you to die" Naruto said.

"Well even if you can make one jutsu work you will never be able to beat me" Mizuki yelled.

Shuriken bushin no jutsu Hinata yelled and Mizuki was assaulted by 25 shuriken's. Although caught by surprise he was able to dodge most of them and started to go through hand signs, "don't move, your little game is over Mizuki, for attacking my two friends I should kill you, but I think the Hokage will like to know what you said today" Kurenai said with a kunai to his neck.

In the counsels office

Kurenai explained everything that happened, minus Hinata knowing shuriken bushin no jutsu and about the letter that Naruto got from the Yondaime, she told Naruto it was his decision to tell others or not and she and Hinata will keep quiet about it. The Hokage listened to the story, "I see" the Hokage leaned back in his seat, "what to do" he asked himself. He then looked at Naruto and pulled out a hitai-ate, "well since you proved to be able to sneak into the tower and take the forbidden scroll and learn a jutsu from it your now a genin congratulations" he said.

"Wait we can't pass him for breaking into the tower" someone yelled.

"He didn't break in, the door was unlocked and its not his fault the chuunin's in here couldn't keep an academy student out" Kurenai defended him to the surprise of everyone else.

"Who are you now his spokes person, let him come up with his own excuses" Danzo said.

"No I'm just protecting him from jerks like you" Kurenai said.

"Do you know...." Danzo was cut off by Naruto.

"Minato" he said.

"What" the third asked.

"Minato Namikaze" Naruto repeated.

"Why are you mentioning our hero you don't deserve to speak his name" Homura said.

Naruto just ignored him and continued to look at the ground, "Minato Namikaze.....that bastard ruined my life" he said.

"How dare you..." Koharu was cut off.

"Minato fucking Namikaze is my father and he sealed the Kyuubi no Kitsune in me and ruined my life in the process" Naruto said with his voice slowly raising.

"Excuse us" the third asked.

"Don't play dumb, you know what I'm talking about" Naruto said looking at the third.

"Naruto I assure you...." the third was cut of.

"Where is my mother" he asked.

"What" the third asked in confusion.

"Kushina Uzumaki, my mother, where can I find her and my sister Kari" Naruto asked.

"Well, I um...you don't want to know" the third said.

"I don't want to know what that that bastard told my mother I was dead, that he made a fake body of me so she would think I was, or that he condemned me to this hell of a life without my mother and sister" Naruto asked in spite.

"Well you see Naruto" the third said.


"The third ran her out of the village, you can find her Wave" Tsume said.

"Thank you" Naruto said and walked out the counsel room.

"Tsume why did you do that" the third asked.

"Why not, you kept him from his family long enough, I think he should have been reunited with her a long time ago" Tsume said and left with the rest of the counsel.

At Naruto's apartment

Kurenai walked to Naruto's apartment after making sure that Hinata was safely home. She knocked a few times and the door opened shortly after with Naruto looking at her, "hi Kurenai-sensei" he said.

"Hello, so you planning on going to Wave" she asked.

"Yes" Naruto answered.

"How, do you know where Wave is, how will you survive by yourself, what will you do when you come face to face with someone ready to kill you before you reach Wave, and what will you do once you get there" Kurenai asked.

Naruto stopped packing and looked at her, "um, I don't know, I haven't thought that far yet" he said.

"Don't worry I have" there was a knock on the door, "in fact there she is now" Kurenai said opening the door, "thank you for coming Anko" she said.

"What was so important that you had to interrupt my free time" Anko asked while looking at Naruto, "who is this cutie" she asked.

"That's Naruto and I need you to find his mother" Kurenai said.

Anko looked shocked, "that's Naruto, he look harmless to me I find it hard to believe that he did all that stuff I heard" she said.

"He didn't most of what he did was harmless pranks" Kurenai said.

Anko nodded, "well who is his mother" she asked.

"Kushina Uzumaki" Kurenai said.

"I thought she was only had one kid, a daughter" Anko said.

"I know, that's what the third told everyone, close to Kushina that, but Tsume told us she is in Wave" Kurenai told her.

"Um, Kurenai-sensei who is this" Naruto asked.

"This is Anko my best friend" Kurenai said.

"Oh, well hello" Naruto said.

"Hey, don't be afraid to speak when you see me, also just between us, those things about people say I do are false, I'm not that sadistic, unless you piss me off then you get to meet my snakes" Anko said.

"Now Naruto Anko is going to go to Wave and find Kushina and Kari and tell her about you, can she have the letter" Kurenai said. Naruto gave Anko the letter, "Anko you must give this letter to Kushina it should bring her back for him" Kurenai said.

"Right, see you two in a few days" Anko said and vanished.

"I have to learn to do that its so cool" Naruto said.

In Wave

Anko arrived on the small island after only a days travel at her speed. She looked around, 'this does not seem like somewhere Kushina would live' she thought while walking through the village. As she walked she noticed everyone ran into buildings or away from her, 'whats going on here' she thought. She pulled out a kunai and blocked a katana just before it hit her, "what the hell" she yelled.

"Why is a Konoha kunoichi here, speak now or die" a females voice said.

"I'm here for personal reasons" Anko said.

"Wrong answer" the lady then kicked at Anko but said kunoichi was nowhere to be seen.

Before she knew what happened the girl was hanging in the air with her katana taken from her and a snake ready to bite her, "why are you attacking me, I don't take well to surprise attacks speak now, your only alive because I don't like killing kids" Anko said.

A katana touched the back of Anko's, "drop my daughter and no one will get hurt" she heard.

"Fine, I'm to busy for this anyway, but you should advise her not to attack people for no reason" Anko said as her snakes released the girl and returned to her sleeves.

The katana was removed from her neck, "Anko why are you here" the kunoichi asked.

Anko spun around, "Kushina" she said.

"Yes, now what do you want" Kushina asked.

"Your the reason I'm here" Anko said.

Kushina tilted her head to the side, "oh why is that" she asked.

The girl walked up to her, "mom who is this" she asked.

"Anko she is an old friend" Kushina said.

"Well, down to business" Anko said.

"Yes down to business, I'm happy to see you Anko but don't think I'm going back to that place" Kushina said clutching her daughter.

"Right, but first can I ask your daughters name" Anko asked.

"Kari Uzumaki, daughter of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze" Kari said proudly.

The look in Anko's eyes darkened with hate and spite, "is there something you want to say Anko" Kushina asked seeing the change.

"Yes, how can you allow her to tell people that she is related to 'that man' after what he did" Anko asked.

Kushina glared at Anko, "I may not know what has happened in the last 12 years but I will not let you talk about my dead husband or....." Kushina was cut off.


Kushina was in short surprised, but even that was putting it nicely, "mom what is she talking about" Kari asked.

"I...I don't know" Kushina said quietly.

"Here read, it explains it all, in his way, including faking Naruto's death" Anko said.

Kushina read the letter and was highly pissed, "Kari get packed" she said.

"Mom" Kari said.

"Your brother" Kushina stopped, "he is alive, we was lied to by them both" she said.

"You mean dad lied to us" Kari asked.

"Yes, but not only that, well here read" Kushina said.

Kari read the letter and wanted to cry, "why did he do that, we could have been a family, I could have had my brother, he took him from me, I HATE HIM" she yelled as loud as she could.

"I know I hate him also now we have no time to waste I want to see my son" Kushina said.

At the gate a day later

Kushina, closely followed by Kari and Anko walked through the gate, "where is he" Kushina asked.

"About this time I don't know, but lately he has been training with Kurenai and Hinata so I guess one of them will know" Anko said.

They ran through the village, Kushina at some point put Kari on her back to move faster. It has been an hour and Kushina still haven't found him and she was getting worried and pissed, "where the hell is he" she asked in frustration.

"Mom look, something is happening over there" Kari pointed to the side.

Kushina, with Kari on her back, and Anko headed that way to see what was happening, "now demon there is no one to protect you" someone said.

"Lets just kill him and get our revenge" someone else said.

"Lets torture him first" someone else said.

Then they all attacked him, "no leave my brother alone" they yelled and say a girl with fire red hair throw herself over Naruto.

If that didn't shock them then what happened next certainly did as Kushina was standing behind the two kids looking at them with hate, "I'm going to kill you, but I'll make it fair you have 5 seconds to run" she said pulling her katana out its sheaf.

"Th-Th-Th-Th-The red death, RUN" they all yelled and turned tail running in all different ways. 5 seconds later a red streak was seen going through the village killing people.

"Na-Na-Naruto" Kari said getting off Naruto.

"Yes" Naruto said nervously.

"I'm Kari your sister" she said scared of how he would react.

Naruto froze as he looked at her. He just looked into her eyes then tears started to fall as he jumped onto her, "sister I finally have a sister" he cried over and over.

Anko watched with a smile as Kurenai came up, "so that's his sister" she asked.

"Yup" Anko said.

"Where is Kushina" Kurenai asked.

"Well some people was trying to kill Naruto....so...yeah" Anko said.

"I see, oh there she is coming this way" Kurenai said.

Kushina stopped and looked at her children as they hugged and cried n each others shoulder and smiled, "Naruto" she said.

Naruto released himself from Kari and looked at Kushina, "mom" he asked through his sobs.

Kushina got down on her knees and held her arms out, "my baby" she said as he ran into her hug. Not soon after did Kari join the hug and they all hugged while crying, the entire scene was emotional as a few people who watched had tears in their eyes.

Kurenai looked at Anko, "are you crying" she asked.

Anko looked at Kurenai, "he finally has a family, I wish I had one when I was his age, I know how it is growing up hated by everyone, if this don't bring tears to someones eyes they they are heartless" she said. Kurenai just nodded.

After they stopped crying and was calm enough to talk an ANBU appeared and grabbed Naruto, "release my son or die" Kushina said immediately.

"He has been summoned to the counsel office this has nothing to do with you" the ANBU said.

"It has everything to do with me, now I wont repeat myself, unhand my son or I will kill you before you have the chance to leave this area" Kushina said. Behind the mask the ANBU smirked and tried to shunshin away but was stopped by Kushina's katana going through his back, "I told you to unhand my son" she said. She stood up, "well lets go you two" she said.

"Wait mom, its OK if I call you that right" Naruto asked.

"Of course it is" Kushina said.

"OK, mom I have to introduce you to one of my best friends Hinata" Naruto said.

"Of course where is she" Kushina asked.

Naruto thought, "um, I don't know" he finally said.

Kari giggled, "you don't know where your girlfriend live at brother" she teased poking him in the side.

"She is not my girlfriend" Naruto said.

"Sure, whatever you say little brother" she teased in a sing song way.

"Mom" Naruto whined.

Kushina just laughed, "lets find this Hinata girl" she said.

"I know Kurenai-sensei should know where she is, she is with her all the time" Naruto said.

"At this time Hinata should be at the Hyuuga compound" Kurenai piped in.

"A Hyuuga" Kushina asked.

"Yea they have weird eyes" Naruto said.

"Naruto don't talk about people" Kushina chided.

So Kurenai led them to the Hyuuga compound while Naruto talked loudly to Kushina and Kari, "then teme kissed me can you believe that" he said while Kushina and Kari laughed.

"Naruto didn't he get pushed from behind and fall forward, and wasn't you leaning over his desk taunting him, trying to prove to Sakura you can beat Sasuke in a fight" Kurenai asked.

"Kurenai-sensei whose side are you on" Naruto asked.

Kari laughed again, "so my little brother has a crush" she asked.

"Its not a crush" Naruto said.

"Oh then what do you like about her" Kushina asked.

"Well she is smart, and pretty" Naruto said.

"What else" Kushina asked.

"What do you mean" Naruto asked.

"What else do you like about her" Kushina clarified.

"Well that's it" Naruto said.

Kurenai smirked, "what do you like about Hinata" she asked.

"Well" he took a breath while Kari and Kushina leaned in slightly, "she is beautiful, kind, smart, has a pretty voice, helpful, funny, doesn't hit me, and got me a present even though I didn't become a genin at first, but its fine because I am a genin now" he said.

Kari smiled, "sounds like you like Hinata more than this Sakura girl" she said.

"What, Hinata is just my second friend that's why I know so much about her" Naruto said.

"You only started talking to her a 3 days ago" Kurenai pointed out.

"Traitor, your a traitor Kurenai-sensei" Naruto said in a fake hurt voice the three laughed at him.

They arrived at the Hyuuga compound, "Neji can you get Hinata" Kurenai asked the boy as he passed them. Neji looked at them and glared at mainly Naruto before turning and walking away.

"What crawled up his pants" Kari asked.

"He is always like that, plus I pranked most Hyuuga's by turning their clothes pink" Naruto said.

"I bet that was so awesome, we should do somethings together" Kari said.

"Yea, I tried to talk Hinata into helping me but she wouldn't" Naruto said.

"Great just what I need, 2 pranksters to look after" Kushina mumbled to Kurenai who laughed.

Hinata came out by herself, "hey Hinata look its my mom and sister" Naruto yelled once he saw her.

"Naruto stop yelling" Kushina chided lightly.

"OK mom" Naruto said and grabbed Kari's arm and pulled her while running up to Hinata.

"Hey Naruto I know how to walk, and stop pulling my arm that hurts" Kari said.

"Hey Hinata look its my sister, her name is Kari, we are twins but I'm the best twin of course" Naruto said.

Kari rolled her eyes, "don't pay him any attention, I'm Kari Uzumaki the older and smarter of the two, I'm also the heir to the Uzumaki clan" she said.

"Hi I'm Hi-Hinata Hy-Hyuuga h-heir to the Hy-Hyuuga clan" she said.

Kari smiled, "this is our mom Kushina, current head of the clan until she passes the title on to me" she said.

Kushina rolled her eyes, "you still have YEARS before your ready for that title Kari, and we have to catch Naruto up on clan training" she said.

"I know that mom" Kari said. Kari then looked back at Hinata, "want to be my first friend my age" she asked.

"Hey what about me" Naruto asked.

Kari smacked him lightly in the head, "your my brother, you don't count" she said. Naruto stuck his tongue out at her. Kari replied by sticking hers out at him.

Kushina shook her head, "I always wondered what you two would be like if you was together, now I know you act like me and Anko did when we was kids" she said.

Kurenai laughed, "I was always the peacemaker, looks like Hinata have that roll now" she said.

"Well we will see you later Hinata, I have to kill some counsel members" Kushina said and grabbed her kids and vanished via shunshin.

"Is she really going to kill them" Hinata asked.

"Probably not, unless they anger her" Kurenai said.

In the counsel's office

Kushina and her two kids appeared in the room, "where the hell have you been damn demon brat you know how long we have been waiting" one of the counsel members yelled.

Naruto, Kari, and Kushina all turned their cold blue eyes on him, "I don't answer to anyone in this village but my mother and Kurenai-sensei" Naruto spat out at the counsel.

"Call my brother a demon again and I'll make sure you never use your tiny shinobi again" Kari said.

"I'm already pissed off so you all better watch what you say about my son while I'm around unless you want to die" Kushina said.

The counsel just looked wide eyed and mouths on the floor, "Kushina" the third asked.

"Shut up, I should kill you now, but luckily for you Naruto has told me that you was nice, sometimes, to him, but you are on a thin line" Kushina told him.

"I can't believe you was found so fast, I told Anko you was in Wave because that's the last place I knew you was at, but, well I'm just glad she found you" Tsume said.

"Me to, now what do you all want, I have things to teach me son" Kushina said.

"Well since he is Minato's son he is going through the clan restoration act" Homura said.

"I told you I'm not that mans son, I only have a mother and sister, I have no relation to him" Naruto spat out.

Kushina smirked, "use that mans name in my presence again and I'll cut your tongue out, he is and never will be part of my family" she said.

"And my brother is not doing anything like that unless I allow him" Kari said.

"And who are you to allow him to do something" Danzo asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Heir to the Uzumaki clan and older sister to Naruto, so no one will date my LITTLE BROTHER without my permission" Kari stated.

"Heir, then that means that you...." Koharu was cut off.

"My sister is not a damn baby making factory and if you even suggest her going through that then I'll kill your entire family" Naruto said darkly Kushina and Kari smiled at that.

"Well, um....since your mother is here, here is everything you inherit from Minato" the third said.

"I don't want it" Naruto said.

The counsel looked at him as if he was crazy, "do you know what you inherit" Inoichi asked.

"I don't care I don't want anything to do with that bastard who ruined my life" Naruto repeated.

Kushina thought, "give it to me, everything he left my son I want it all" she said. Kari and Naruto looked at her in shock that she would want anything that has to do with him, she just gave them a look that told them not to question her.

"Good I knew you would see that Minato didn't cause any harm in what he did" the third said giving her a giant scroll and a set of keys.

"What I do is none of your damn business, lets go you two" Kushina said and walked out the room leaving a shocked counsel and Hokage.

At the Namikaze estate

Kushina walked up to it with her kids, "if you find anything in here you want take it" she told them and walked into the building. They walked out of the estate each only carrying a few things, most of the things was pictures of Kurenai when she was younger, and some stuffed animals that she bought for them, "OK you two have everything you want" they nodded, "good" she went through some hand signs, Katon: great fireball no jutsu she said and lit the estate on fire and watched it, she took the keys and scroll she got from the Hokage and tossed it into the fire, "you bastard you ruined my sons life I hope you rot in whatever level of hell you are in, me and my family wipe our hands and blood of you forever" she said as she cut her hand with a kunai and dripped some blood on the fire. She gave the kunai to Naruto and Kari to do the same. Once they was done she turned to walk away from the estate. She was surprised at how many people was there including the clan heads and heirs, plus the Hokage and a few ANBU's, "what" she asked.

"What did you do" the third asked.

"We just wiped ourselves clean of that bastard who ruined our lives" Kushina answered with no emotion, both Kari's and Naruto's eyes was just as emotionless as Kushina's.

"Why" the third asked.

"You know why you was in on the entire thing, your lucky I don't kill you" Kushina said.

"You know this is a crime I can put you in jail for this" he motioned to the burning estate.

"Hell if I care if its a crime or not, as far as your concerned I'm not even a kunoichi of this village, and I'm taking my son away from this place" Kushina said.

"You wouldn't dare, your husband died to protect this village" the third said.

Kushina shook her head at him, "you don't get it do you, he died for what a village, the same village that tried to kill my son, yet what did he do for us nothing but tear us apart and leave my sons life in your hands, someone who has failed as a sensei and a father on so many levels, like I said we wiped our hands and blood of him and he is nothing to us, he means as much to me and my kids as a rogue ninja that drowned trying to run from Kiri but ran out of chakra" she said.

"But he is..." the third was cut off.

"Nothing, dead and gone, he means absolutely nothing to me" Kushina said and walked away with her kids following.

"Sensei's house" a jounin said.

"Kakashi your as dead to us as he is so stay away from my family" Kushina said.

"What did I do" Kakashi asked.

"You let my son get treated like shit, you knew he was alive, you was there when that man lied and didn't say anything, you should follow in your father footsteps and kill yourself" Kushina said.

"He said it was for the best" Kakashi tried.

"The best for who" Kushina challenged.

"For you so you wouldn't have to look at Naruto and remember his face...." Kakashi was cut off.

"Bullshit and you know it, what about my son and daughter, they are fucking twins, what made his decision so right, all I saw was a coward and that's now dead like I said I'm threw with him" Kushina said.

"But..." Kakashi was cut off.

"We are done there is nothing to discuss Kakashi, he is nothing to us, not even a memory, and don't keep trying to defend him or you will join him in hell" Naruto said while Kari held her katana to his neck.

"I for one agree with you Kushina" Tsume said.

Kushina smiled, "loyalty is important to me" she said.

"If you want to talk about you know what I can always be found in the compound" Tsume said and walked away.

"Lets go, I have to fit Naru for a katana and make a training schedule for him" Kushina said and led them away leaving a lot of shocked people behind the three. Kushina pulled out some money and gave it to Kari, "go buy some clothes while I get him fit for his katana" she said.

"OK mom, can I buy some new clothes also" Kari asked.

"Yes, meet us at the park" Kushina said. Kari ran off and Kushina turned to Naruto, "where did you live" she asked.

Naruto led her to the apartment, "the old man said that it was the best he could get" he said.

Kushina looked at the apartment in disbelief, "your joking right" she asked.

"No see come look" Naruto led her into the apartment. He opened the door and Kushina looked around, "I don't have anything besides a bed and a few chairs I found around in the village" Naruto told her.

Kushina walked around the apartment barely holding her anger. She picked up a picture frame inside was a picture of Naruto, a drawing of a bigger Naruto, and a picture of a lady with blue eyes and blond hair, there was a smaller girl who looked like the taller girl except she was Naruto's size, "so this is what you thought your family would look like" she asked.

Naruto looked at the picture, "I need to make a few corrections to it now that I know what my family looks like" he said.

Kushina smiled, "lets leave this place, I can't believe he had you live in this place it could fall on you at any moment" she said and walked out the apartment with the picture. The two walked to the park and Kushina sat on the bench and pulled out a scroll, "Naru stand in front of me and don't move" she told her son. Naruto did as told and Kushina took out a strap and wrapped it around his waist and adjusted it, "perfect, now for your katana you wont get it until you learn the first dance, but I will give you this practice katana so you can get use to holding and carrying a katana" she said.

"OK mom, I will learn it as fast as possible" Naruto said.

Kushina kissed his forehead, "I don't doubt you will" she said.

A few minutes later Kari walked up, "hey I'm done, oh look Naru-chan got his practice katana" she said.

"So Kari did you get the new clothes" Kushina asked.

"Yup, I think we should put them on now" Kari said.

"OK, lets find a restaurant that you two can change into your new clothes" Kushina said.

"I know the perfect restaurant" Naruto said and led them to Ichiraku Ramen, "this is the best restaurant in the entire village" Naruto said.

"Naruto is that you" Ayame called from behind the counter.

"Yup and look I found my mother and sister" Naruto said.

Ayame looked up to see Kushina and Kari, "hey you look familiar" she said to Kushina.

"My name is Kushina, I use to play with you when you was still a baby" Kushina said.

"I remember that, you was my favorite babysitter" Ayame said hugging Kushina.

"Well Ayame this is my oldest Kari, she is Naruto's twin" Kushina said.

"Hello" Ayame said.

"Nice to meet you Ayame, any friend of Naru-chan's is a friend of mine" Kari said.

"Kari stop calling me that" Naruto complained. Kari just stuck her tongue out at him.

"Wait, if your his mother who is his father" Ayame asked.

"They don't have a father" Kushina said.

"What why not is he dead" Ayame asked confused.

"Here read" Kushina gave her the letter from Minato.

Ayame read the letter and looked horrified, "dad get out here" she yelled.

Teuchi came out the back, "whats wrong Ayame" he asked.

Ayame shoved the scroll into his hands, "read" she said.

Teuchi read the scroll, "is this true" he asked.

"Very true Teuchi" Kushina said.

"Kushina, why I thought, what made him do that" Teuchi asked.

"Don't know and I don't care, but we are no longer related to him" Kushina said as she glared at the picture of the Yondaime that hung in the restaurant.

Teuchi saw that and grabbed the picture and threw it out the restaurant, "Ayame get all the pictures that have him in them and burn them" he said.

"Naru and Kari go change into your new clothes" Kushina said.

5 minutes later Naruto and Kari came out of the bathrooms, they both was wearing all white, but where Naruto had on pants Kari was wearing a skirt that reached her knees. Naruto was wearing a long sleeve shirt with white fingerless gloves. Kari was wearing a shirt that stopped just above her belly with a jacket over it that stopped at her waist and full gloves. Both had their katana on their left hip hanging loosely. Kari stood there with her hands on her hips while Naruto stood with his hands crossed over his chest and both had serious looks on their faces. Ayame looked at them, "wow if it wasn't for the small changes to your outfits you would look like the same person" she said.

"Yea, good thing their hair isn't the same color or it would get confusing when they dress the same" Teuchi said.

"Well lets go Naru has a lot of training to catch up on, Kari put the rest of your clothes in a scroll" Kushina said.

"What Naruto is leaving" Ayame asked.

"Well yea" Kushina said.

Ayame walked up to Naruto and hugged him gently, "I'm going to miss you" she said.

"I'll visit you" Naruto said.

"I know but I'm still going to miss you" Ayame said then kissed him on the cheek, "for good luck" she said.

Kari giggled, "Naru-chan is the ladies man, first Hinata now Ayame" she said.

"Kari stop calling me that and I'm not a ladies man" Naruto whined.

Ayame laughed, "that's not a bad thing Naruto" she then kissed his cheek again. She then hugged Kari, much to her surprise, "take care of him for me" she said.

"Of course I will" Kari said.

"Well lets go" Kushina said and walked out the restaurant followed by her kids. They walked through the village getting looks from everyone, a lot saw Naruto and sent glares at him, but didn't say anything with his mother around. As they walked they passed Kurenai, Anko, and Hinata who followed them in confusion. As they reached the gate they was stopped by ANBU's who appeared in front of them, "get out of my way" Kushina said.

"We have our orders and they don't come from you" the ANBU captain said.

"You have a chose move or die" Kushina said.

"You are free to leave but Naruto isn't" the third said from behind them.

"And who are you to tell me what I can and can't do with my son" Kushina asked not even turning to look at him.

Everyone in the gathering crowed, except a few, was shocked at her disrespect for the Hokage. But the Hokage wasn't even bothered by it, "your not a kunoichi of the village, but he is now a shinobi of the village, so he will not leave without my permission" he said.

"Like I said you are not going to stop me from taking my son where I please" Kushina said still not looking at him.

The third puffed on his pipe, "if it involves shinobi of this village then I will do just that" he said.

Kushina hand went towards her katana and Kari quickly grabbed Naruto and moved him out of the way, "don't try and stop mom if she uses that katana, its a katana from her summon and only those who have mastered the sage training get one, its a dragon blade, and when its out of its sheaf then some blood has to be drawn as a sacrifice, mom never uses it unless she is either extremely pissed or serious" she told him.

The katana's blue blade came through the air in a glorious arch and split the tip of the thirds Hokage hat and his entire pipe but the part in his mouth in half, "try and stop me, if you think you can because next time my dragon wont miss her mark" Kushina said with her eyes blazing with her doujutsu.

Naruto's eyes widen, "we have a bloodline" he asked Kari.

"Yup, its called the elements eye, it grants us the ability to use every element at our will and those who have mastered it like mom can even use elements that are only known to those to certain clans, like ice, lava, wood, crystal, and others like that" Kari said.

"Awesome I can't wait to unlock it" Naruto said.

"I can't wait until you unlock it either, I'm only on the 3rd element so far, it takes a lot of training to unlock the 5 comma's" Kari said.

The third gulped, he wasn't stupid he knew how dangerous Kushina was when she was protecting someone and add in that she had her dragon katana out and her doujutsu active, yes the third knew she was about business, "Kushina lets talk about this" he asked.

"There is nothing to talk about, I said it so many times already the only reason I will allow my kids back in this village is because of the few friends they have made here" Kushina said then ripped the hitai-ate off Naruto's head and threw it at the third, "my son is not a shinobi of this village" she said.

"If you walk out of here I will have to mark him as a missing nin" the third said.

"And anyone who comes after my son will be greeted with my full wrath and you will get their insides nicely packed every time" Kushina said. She then turned and walked out the gate, "Kari Naruto" she said without stopping. The two ran to catch up with her.

Tsume looked over at Kurenai in confusion, "what happened to make her this mad" she asked.

"You don't want to know, trust me if you know what Minato said in his letter to Naruto you would be just as mad" Kurenai said.

"I knew he sealed Kyuubi in Naruto and the Hokage ran Kushina out the village before she could get to Naruto, but I think I need to know exactly what was said by Minato" Tsume said.

"OK" Kurenai then told Tsume exactly what was written to Naruto by Minato.

Tsume was shocked, "that's worse that treason, and the third still defends his actions" she said.


AN: I hope you like the first chapter of my new story. Don't worry I will update my other stories soon ^_^. In this story, Naruto, Kushina, and Kari all hate everything about Konoha with a passion and will never stay in the village for more than a hour. The Uzumaki's have a bloodline, it allows them to use elemental jutsu's at will as they master each comma, there are a total of 5 to master and only Kushina will be able to use all four sub elements I mentioned in the story, Naruto and Kari will be able to use 3 of them but not crystal element. I will look and if there are more elements I will add them as secondary elements. As I said this is a harem, of course it would be he has a doujutsu to pass on, so far the only people in it are Hinata, Tenten, Ayame, Hana, Kurenai, and Anko I will add more later. Should I make Haku a girl and put her in the harem or a guy and put him with Kari? One more thing should I make the dragon summon a family summon or just for Kushina and give Naruto and Kari a different summon, but remember neither will sign the toad summon for obvious reasons. Anything else you think would be nice to add in the story tell me, also don't forget to review.