Yondaime's sacrifice, Uzumaki's hate

Chapter 10

Kushina and Hanabi walked into the house and saw the Suna siblings waiting patiently with another girl, "Kushina." Temari said happily as she got up and hugged her.

"Hi Temari, hows training?" Kushina asked hugging her back.

"Great, the scrolls you gave me are wonderful, I already mastered most of them." Temari told her.

"Good, what about you Gaara and Kankurou?" Kushina asked.

The two smiled, "I'm having a little trouble." Gaara admitted.

"I learned the taijutsu you sent me, I'm just working on mastering it." Kankurou said.

"Good, and who are you?" Kushina asked the other girl in the room.

"Matsuri, I came with Gaara-sensei." she said.

Kushina looked at her like she was sizing her up, "I'm taking over your training for now on, you will be on the team with Hanabi and Tayuya." she told her.

"You mean she is already a genin?" Temari asked in surprise.

Kushina shrugged, "I have been training her personally what do you expect?" she asked.

"I want to be trained by Gaara-sensei." Matsuri said stubbornly.

"Fine you can continue to train with Gaara." Kushina said.

"Really?" Matsuri asked with excitement.

"Of course, provided you can beat someone of my choice in a spar." Kushina told her with a smile.

"Ok I'll beat anyone with Gaara-sensei training." Matsuri said with confidence.

"Follow me." Kushina said and they all walked out to the yard where everyone else was relaxing.

"Mom whats going on?" Kari asked seeing them.

"A spar, she doesn't want my training so I told her if she can beat anyone of my choice in a spar she can continue to get trained by Gaara." Kushina said gesturing to Matsuri.

"Oh who is she going to spar?" Kari asked.

Kushina looked over at Matsuri then everyone else, "that's the problem, I want to see how good she is not hurt her." she said while in deep thought about who the best match up for her will be.

Matsuri looked offended, "hey I can beat any of them!" she declared.

"Matsuri now isn't the time to make yourself a target." Temari warned.

"No I demand she respect me, I don't care how old she is or who she is, I will be respected by her!" Matsuri.

"Matsuri please, calm down, just wait until you know your opponent and take your frustration out on them." Gaara advised.

Kushina looked over at her, but she was distracted by, "are you really going to let that go unpunished?" Tayuya asked

"What are you talking about, what she says doesn't matter?" Kushina asked.

"I'm talking about Hanabi, its been a few days already and you have yet to demand retribution, you even kept us so busy that we wouldn't have time to go get revenge for her." Tayuya said.

Kushina closed her eyes tight, she has really been trying to forget about what happened to Hanabi, "fine lets go, everyone." she said and turned and walked towards the exit.

Everyone followed in confusion, "whats going on?" Temari asked.

"A few days ago this girl who has been bullying Hanabi pushed her down the steps at the academy, she is now blind in her right eye." Hinata said in anger.

After walking across the village they came to a large gate which Kushina kicked open. Everyone inside looked up in shock, "go get the Mizukage!" someone yelled.

"What are you doing here?" one of the men asked.

"Which one of you are Taka and Tollen, Taro's parents?" Kushina demanded.

"That would be us." the two said walking to the front and facing them, although the woman was clearly being cautious to the point where she was slightly behind her husband.

Kushina glared at them, "well I'm here to tell you that I, no we, demand retribution for what your spoiled brat did to Hanabi." she said.

The man scoffed at her, "not our fault she can't protect herself." he said arrogantly.

"Fine then, I'll just make you pay for what she did." Kushina said.

The man smirked, "your one hell of a kunoichi if you can beat all of us." he said gesturing to the entire back yard.

"Are you an idiot or blind and can't see that she brought back up?" Yugito asked as she started to leak some of her demon chakra along with Naruto, Fu, and Gaara, although he was lost as to what was going on, if his friends was fighting he would fight.

The Mizukage appeared between them, "Kushina this is trespassing, what is your reason for being here?" she asked.

"I'm through with doing things your way Mei, I tried to forget about what happened, I tried to keep it out of the minds of my family," she then glared at Mei, "I'm not doing it anymore, either you make them pay for what that brat of a child did or we will." she finished off with her gensogan activated.

"Kushina calm down, using violence to solve this will do nothing but bring more violence." Mei tried to tell her.

"Waiting for this to go away isn't working either, so they are going to pay, if I have to go through you first or not is your decision." Kushina said angrily.

"Mizukage-sama make them get off my property!" Taka yelled.

"Dammit Mei get out of my way!" Kushina said.

"Everyone just calm down for 2 seconds!" Mei yelled.

"Mei your my friend dammit, we found your niece you should be on our side, they are arrogant and use their money to get what they want, its not going to work this time." Kushina yelled, she couldn't understand how Mei could be protecting them like this.

"Kushina I'm the Mizukage, so even if we are friends I just can't side with you because you feel that I should, and I'm very grateful that Kari and Naruto found Mari and brought her to me, but you using that against me is just as bad as them using their money to get what they want." Mei said quietly.

"So what, I should just look the other way after what they did, I should agree with them that everything is Hanabi's fault? No I can't do that and someone is going to pay with their eye or life!" Kushina yelled.

"Why can't you understand that I love Hanabi, also but I can't let you demand anything just like I can't let them demand that you forget what happened and be happy Hanabi is still alive!" Mei said, it was times like this that she hated being Mizukage.

"So what do you think I should do since you obviously wont let me handle things the way I want to?" Kushina asked sarcastically.

Mei closed her eyes thinking about the situation, going over every possible solution, "a one on one match." she finally said.

"Fine, who am I fighting?" Kushina asked.

"Not you, you would just kill whoever your fighting without a second thought." Mei said.

"Damn right I will." Kushina said.

"Each family get to pick who will represent them, the winner of the match decides what will happen next, either the Uzumaki clan gets retribution or they have to walk away now and never bring this up to the Naki clan." Mei said.

Kushina glared at Mei, she didn't like this one bit simply because she couldn't be the one fighting, she had a lot of pent up anger she needed to release on someone, "fine." she said.

Mei looked at her with hopeless eyes, "I'm sorry Kushina, my hands are tied on this, if either one was a genin at the time then I could have made a ruling, but they are academy students." she whispered helplessly as Kushina turned away from her.

Kushina looked over her family, "I need someone who I know will win no matter who they face." she said. She listened as they all demanded to fight, "I wish I knew who they was sending out so I can make my decision accordingly." she said after a few minutes.

"If I had to guess I would say its her father." Zabuza said.

"This is really not a decision, the only logical person to send is Hinata since Hanabi is her sister." Tsunade said.

Kushina looked back at the man then at Hinata, "do you think you can do this?" she asked.

Hinata looked at Kushina with determination in her eyes, "I can." she said.

"Hinata I'm serious, that man is in Kiri's ANBU, I don't want you hurt trying to fight someone you have doubts about beating." Kushina said seriously.

Hinata looked over at him, "I can do it, I know I can beat him." she said slowly.

"Hinata just remember your training and you will win." Kushina said before kissing her forehead as Hinata and Urbellum at her side.

"Wait!" Hanabi yelled.

Everyone looked at her, "whats wrong Hanabi?" Kushina asked.

"I want to fight." she announced.

"Me fight her, don't make me laugh." Tollen asked laughing.

"Hanabi I know you want revenge, but you can't fight him." Kushina said not wanting to think of what he would try.

"No I want to fight Taro." Hanabi said spitting the name out.

"Didn't you already lose your eye sight in your right eye by my daughter, do you want to lose your left eye to?" Tollen asked with humor.

"So you shouldn't have a problem with her fighting her own battles then?" Kushina snapped.

"Fine Taro finish her off, don't hold back." Tollen said as his 9 year old daughter walked up with a smug looked at Hanabi.

Hanabi started to walked to towards her before a hand on her shoulder stopped her looking behind her she saw Hinata, "remember I will love you no matter what happens." she whispered in her ear then hugged her and kissed her forehead.

"Are you both ready?" Mei asked them.

"Just start the match so I can finish what I started." Taro said.

"I'm ready Mizukage-sama." Hanabi said respectfully.

"Hanabi kick that brats ass!" Tayuya said very loud.

"Begin." Mei said.

Hanabi stood there as Taro ran at her pulling her tiny fist back. Taro's fist extended fully prepare to hit her before Hanabi spoke, byakugan, was all she heard before Hanabi grabbed her arm and turning while throwing the girl over her shoulder. Taro screamed out in pain as she hit the ground. Letting her arm go Hanabi stood back so she could get up, "That's for pain I felt when I hit the first step." she said as she prepared to attack again.

Taro stood up and wobbled before righting herself. She barely had time to put up a defense before Hanabi was on her with a relentless attack hitting every part of her body. By the time Taro hit the ground she had no feeling in her body and Hanabi had a kunai out and made a deep cut across her face. The 9 year old girl looked up at Hanabi in horror, not just fear, but pure horror because before this moment no one her age could beat her and for this new girl to do it with such ease terrified her. Also the look Hanabi had in her one eye wasn't helping the fact that she knew there was nothing she could do against her.

Hanabi finger floated in the air right above her right eye, "all I wanted was a friend, all I asked was for you to leave me all, all you had to do was ignore me. Yet you went out of your way to make my academy experience a living hell, you made sure everything I did became a laughing matter, you feed on my fear of being at the academy away from my family and used it to torment me. Now your going to feel what its like to lose what is most important to you," Hanabi then slightly touched her right eye, "your eyesight, but first I must thank you, you see without you being such a brat I would still have the same weakness that every byakugan user has, now I have no blind spot in my doujustu." she finished before she forced her chakra into the girls eyes and crushed the chakra networks around her eye and in turn destroying her eyesight.

Taro screamed at the top of her lungs in pain, "TARO!" Taka yelled before she vanished and pushed Hanabi off her daughter.

Kushina wasted no time in reacting as she caught Hanabi and landed next to Taka, "I already don't like you and putting your hands on Hanabi was a bad move." she said before kicking at her head.

Mei appeared and caught her foot and let it fall harmlessly to the ground, "Kushina please let it go away now, Hanabi got her revenge." she asked in a desperate voice.

Kushina held Hanabi close to her, "fine we will leave, but keep them away from my family, I will not be responsible for what happens if they try something." she said and led everyone out.

Mei sighed in relief before she looked at Taka, "you know you brought this on yourselves." she told them.

"What?" Taka asked in anger.

"If you wasn't such an arrogant bitch this wouldn't have happened." Mei told her bluntly.

"Why you..." Taka was interrupted.

"Do you really want to try me after I saved your life twice already, I have half a mind to kick you out of the village for the problems your family is causing my country." Mei said and walked away.


Kushina laid Hanabi on the couch in the living room as everyone piled in, "how do you feel?" she asked.

Hanabi smiled brightly, "great!" she exclaimed.

Kushina laughed, "that brat never stood a chance."

"Of course not, if she did then that would mean her mother could beat you, and no one can beat you." Hanabi said.

"Of course I can be beaten, you seen me spar the Mizukage, she beat me." Kushina said.

Hanabi frowned, "I couldn't see you was moving to fast." she said.

"Mom we have a visitor." Naruto announced as he let the Mizukage in.

"Mei what do you want?" Kushina asked.

"I just want to say I'm sorry." she said surprising Kushina.

"Why?" she asked.

"I could have stopped this before that happen," she motioned towards Hanabi, "but I forced myself to believe that they changed." she finished.

"What do you mean?" Kushina asked.

"That family has a history here in Kiri, it goes back since I was a kid, they hate people with bloodlines, they where supplying the forces that tried to eliminate bloodline user with money and food during our civil war, they was the biggest supporters of the blood purge. I hoped when I became Mizukage and ended the purge it would be the end of everything, but I guess I just have to much trust in people and Hanabi paid for my foolishness." Mei told them.

Kushina looked at her, "don't you dare apologize for this, nothing is your fault, you didn't cause Hanabi any harm, you have nothing to apologize for, if anything I should say sorry to you for trying to make you chose sides." she told her.

"I hope we can still be friends." Mei said hesitantly.

Kushina smiled, "when did we stop being friends?" she asked.

The two embraced in a hug only to be interrupted a few seconds later, "oh come on mom whats with all the girly stuff? I thought you hated that crap?" Kari and Naruto complained.

Everyone laughed, "leave it to my twins to ruin my only girly moment in my life." Kushina said shaking her heads.

"Um so can I still be trained by Gaara-sensei?" Matsuri asked.

Mei and Kushina looked at her then each other with similar smiles, "no." they said at the same time.

"What why not?" Matsuri complained.

"Simple, Gaara is going to be teamed up with Naruto and Fu to be trained by Yugito to used their demons." Kushina said.

"Any Tayuya and Hanabi need another genin, and you need a team." Mei said.

"Oh I can't possibly be the only one without a team?" Matsuri asked.

"Lets see there is; Hinata, Ino, and Kari; Isaribi, Haku, and Tenten; Naruto, Gaara, and Fu; Hana, Kankurou, and Temari; and Tayuya and Hanabi, so yes you are the last without a team so you join Tayuya and Hanabi." Kushina said.

Mei looked at Kushina, "How did you pair these teams up?" she asked.

Kushina shrugged "I just now thought it up." she explained brightly happy with that her first shot at forming actual teams seemed to go well.

"You didn't think to put those who work better together, like say Naruto and Kari together or Hana and Tenten or Fu and Isaribi, seriously Kushina the only team who will work is Hinata, Ino, and Kari." Tsunade said.

"Fine why don't you put them together then, I was trying to put teams together without showing favoritism. Its not like I have any experience at this." Kushina said throwing her hands in the air.

"Its not favoritism if you match them up based on skills and it will make training easier." Tsunade said.

"Exactly how many teams have you put together?" Kushina asked.

Tsunade shrugged, "One the only team I ever had." she told her.

"Are you keeping the teams as is?" Mei asked.

"Sure." Tsunade said.

"Ok, personally I think each team should have a jinchuuriki, but its your decision. I'll have missions for you in a few days." Mei said and walked out.