Boy I wish you could see the notebook I wrote this in. I gave each of the brothers different handwriting and I loved the layout and then I remembered it was useless.
This is probably gonna be Nick/Macy because it'd be kinda stupid to not have a love interest for him and people don't usually respond well to OCs.
I'd like to dedicate this to KoLiRox, xoVickyxo and UntoldFairyTale.
Even though you're all Kevin/Macy shippers like myself.
Expect a few Kevin/Macy one shots this week. I'm in the mood for writing about Kevin. :)

PS. You pronounce Jorge, 'Hore-Hay'. ;)

Diary Of A Lucas.

Friday, 9th October, 2009.


First off, I would just like to point out (to Joe) that this is not a diary by any means. It's merely me documenting this tour so as I'll have something to read back on when I'm old and senile. So (Joe) as you can see this isn't a diary. Because diaries document all aspects of life and I'm only documenting the tour. There is absolutely no way I'm turning this into a place I can vent.


I'm going to brutally murder Estella Malone. I'm gonna grab that stupid pink scarf and strangle her with it.

And then I'm going after Joe.


Because Stella got the wonderful idea to invite Macy on the tour.


And, of course, Joe would never disagree with his precious Stella. (Kevin just shrugged, said 'whatever' and went off to find Narnia or something.) So that meant it was two against one. I didn't stick around to find out Macy's reaction and I'm currently hiding and taking refuge in the depths of the library, behind a bookshelf with all sorts of…


Sorry about that. I was intrigued by this old copy of 'Hamlet.' To be or not to be? That is the question. No Hamlet. The question is WHAT THE HELL WAS STELLA THINKING?! I have no idea where Macy is and I'm too afraid to leave the library.


I should probably just grow some and go eat something... Actually, I'm not really in the mood to eat. But I'd kill for a Diet Coke.

Here goes.

Catch ya later.

(If I live)


Home Sweet Home. You know, I don't think I've ever been this excited to see this old Firehouse /forward slash/ Macy-less place in all my life.

I know that's harsh but she seriously freaked out about the tour thing. And now I have another scar to add to my Macy collection. This time, on my cheek. She tired to hug me and her JONAS ring very nicely scraped and entire layer of skin off my face. I don't know whether it was the shock or the blood that made her faint.

Jorge (the makeup artist for the tour) is gonna kill me.

If I don't kill myself first. Spending the next four months in close proximity with a walking death trap will lead to either:

-Macy killing me,

-Jorge killing me,

-Me killing Macy and Stella killing me,

-Me killing Macy and Stella and Joe killing me,

-Me killing myself.

Already, I'm leaning towards option number five.

Ugh. I'll be right back. Dad's calling me.

(He's probably going to kill me for "inviting" Macy on tour. Especially since he ain't gonna be there.

Well, if he can trust Stella alone on a bus with Joe, why can't he trust Macy?)

Muhaha! I have stolen Nick's diary. All hail Joe. King of … EVERYTHING!

Wow. Nick's totally obsessed with writing about Macy.

Haha! He loves her.






Hold on…Kevin wants a go…

Dear Mr, Nick's Diary, Sir.

I consent to Nick being in love with Macy.

Kev, do you even know what consent is?

Do you?


So ------------------ HEY!

Okay. Note to self:

Hide the dia- (It's not a diary) -journal from the two idiots Mom and Dad keep trying to convince me I'm related to.

And just to clear the air;


Nor, will I ever.

I'm really excited about touring. We're going to France and England and Ireland (among the usual tour places) and last time we were in those countries we didn't get the time to do any sight seeing, so fingers crossed this time we will.


I'm gonna go make sure I have everything packed.

Nick Lucas never forgets anything.

Pfft. I'm far too random for my own good. Review? Please? :)