Saix watched silently as his beloved Superior watched the pale moon shining above their world, his back to the blue-haired berserker. The silverette gave a sigh deep enough to convince those less knowing that he was in possession of a heart, "Saix, this is my legacy."

"Sir?" Saix took a tentative step to Xemnas, placing a gloved hand on the broad shoulder. "What occupies your thoughts so?" His voice was without emotion, despite his words of concern. His golden eyes sought some information from the amber ones of his Lord.

Wordlessly, Xemnas took the hand on his shoulder and pressed it to his lips lightly. He allowed a small smirk to grace his sharp features before releasing the hand, "You occupy my thoughts, Saix." The second-in-command made no comment, knowing all too well that his Superior shared his lust, for they shared much more together when night came. Xemnas sighed, "I do not regret making you my lover… forgive the word choice." He turned back to the heart-shaped moon which promised those hearts of their own, and the power to control them. "… but to know that all I can leave behind when my body eventually fades is this power… reminds me too much of loneliness."

Saix narrowed his eyes in thought for a moment, "Loneliness?" He refused to look to Kingdom Hearts, knowing that when he did the moon occupied all of his attentions, which he wanted to devote to Xemnas. "Do I not satisfy you?"

Xemnas let out a chuckle, "Quite the opposite." He turned to his lover and caressed his cheek fondly, noting the small purring from Saix's chest, "but we are both men. As such…" He paused, "Never the mind." He laid a small kiss on Saix's lips, "Have Roxas collect more hearts; Kingdom Hearts needs to be completed soon." Saix nodded, before warping, not to the Grey Room, but to his own bedroom.

"… Lonely?" Saix turned away from his window, not wanting the temptation of Kingdom Hearts staring at him so seductively, "… Because we are men?" Saix shook his head; he knew from the former apprentices of Ansem that Xemnas had never had any qualms about preferring his own gender, so why would being in a gay relationship trouble their leader so? "Is it the relationship?" Saix wasn't aware that Xemnas was unsatisfied with their nightly visits before, so why would this change now? "His legacy…" Saix closed his eyes, struggling to remember his Other's memories of men, but there was no man in his life other than Lea, who never returned his affections, and he sincerely doubted Axel would have any advice as a straight Nobody. Still…

Saix turned to his door and strode down the halls, unsurprised to see Axel loafing around. "Axel." The red-head turned, acknowledging his presences with a grin and a nod. "What sort of legacy would a man desire?"

Axel laughed, "Isn't this pretty random?" He leaned back against the railing of the stairs, his green eyes glittering with amusement, "If you want an answer, you gotta tell me why first," he smirked at Saix, who did not betray any of his thoughts with facial expressions. It was odd, how when he had a heart a smirk from Axel's Other would make it flip in his chest, but now it did naught but annoy him.

He gave a sigh and walked past Axel slightly, refusing to meet his eyes, before pausing, "A lack of legacy troubles our Lord Xemnas, and I wish to ease his mind." Axel scoffed, not for a single second convinced his ex-best-friend-who-was-openly-gay had only innocent concerns in mind. "If you could refer me to whatever legacies he could be referring, it would be most helpful."

Axel rolled his eyes, "It depends on the person," he commented, more to himself than anyone. "Some men think they need to have a lot of money for a legacy." Saix shook his head; money would never concern Xemnas, who believed in power of self, as loose as the term "self" may be. "Power's pretty important to a lot of guys?" Axel offered, already knowing that this couldn't be the problem: Xemnas would have unlimited power when Kingdom Hearts was completed.

"You are useless," Saix turned on his heel and walked towards the Grey Room, his annoyance increasing. He would watch Kingdom Hearts when everyone left for their missions… it might calm him.

"A family." Saix paused, turning a single golden orb to the pyro, who kept his face away from the berserker, "a wife and a child mean more to a man than anything else… though he could be reluctant to realize it." Axel pushed himself away from the stairs and turned his enticing emerald eyes to Saix, "Xemnas could never hope to have either." He walked past Saix into the Grey Room, while the Nobody allowed the idea to reside in his mind.

Saix shook his head lightly before striding into the Grey Room, where only Axel and Larxene already sat. "The two of you will be together in a new world, the Innocent Forest. Do recon, and don't skimp out to murder innocent children again," the last comment was directed towards Larxene, who made a small booing noise before laughing. He brought out his arm to conjure a Corridor of Darkness, and Larxene and Axel both walked through it. With the room empty, Saix turned to Kingdom Hearts, feeling odd stirrings in his chest reminiscent of sadness. To Saix, this was the proof that he could have a heart again, for only gazing on the moon made him feel like there was a heart in his chest. "A family…" There was a slight stab of pain in his chest as the thought that he was useless to Xemnas ran through his head and he closed his eyes, forcing himself to ignore Kingdom Hearts until the pain numbed. He opened his eyes again and pondered, was Axel right? Did Xemnas really want to have a child of his own?

His eyes lidded as he tried to remember children, but the memories were vague… he never had much emotion for kids. He recalled screaming, fighting, crying, whining… there was enough of this with the Organization. Why would the Superior want to add another to the ranks of annoying creatures of no use? "Saix?" The berserker turned quickly, but allowed his rage to subside when he saw it was the youth of their ranks. "Don't you have a mission for me?" Roxas questioned, and Saix realized he must have been too absorbed in his own thoughts to notice the child… the child…

Saix nodded curtly, "Go to Beast's Castle and collect hearts." He knew it was useless to question Roxas on the workings of children; the only reason he was so docile as compared to others was due to only remembering what the Organization taught him. But… Saix raised a Corridor of Darkness for Roxas, who walked through it without a moment of distrust. Saix turned again to the moon, allowing his thoughts to flow freely. If Xemnas had a child, then the Organization would raise it. It wouldn't be as unruly as real children, for it would learn quickly that such behavior would not be tolerated. A child wouldn't be completely unbearable, but creating it would be a problem.

Saix turned quickly and walked out of the door, full of purpose. He descended the stairs with the grace of a priest, knowing all too well that Vexen would be completely occupied in his lab. As correct as always, Saix let his eyes drift to the academic, who had his blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of any experiments. "IV," Vexen turned to the berserker, and frowned, circling his hand as a motion for the man to carry on, "can Nobodies procreate?"

Vexen raised an eyebrow and peeled his white gloves off of his hand, "For what possible purpose could you want to know that?" His green eyes narrowed suspiciously, like a snake measuring the strength of a possible prey.

Saix stiffened, not entirely fond of the blonde in the first place, "You have no need to know that," he replied curtly. He crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes viciously, as if daring the older Nobody to attempt to attack him.

A frown grew on Vexen's face, but he was an intelligent man who knew better than to test the tempers of a berserker, "Then you have no need to know." He turned swiftly back to his experiment, and Saix couldn't help but notice a small, reddish mark on the man's neck. A little nauseous at the thought of someone giving such a gift to the doctor, Saix shook his head. "If you have no questions, you may leave."

Saix bristled, but knew deep down that if he was going to have any sort of cooperation from Vexen, then he needed to keep good terms with him. This, in layman's terms, meant he couldn't destroy the lab in a rage. "Xemnas desires a child." Saix kept his face as stoic as usual, and felt a small sense of satisfaction of the obvious surprise in Vexen's face as he turned quickly to face the bluenette. He stared at Saix for a moment, as if debating on calling Saix a liar or not. "I do not deceive you," Saix told Vexen, slightly softer than usual.

Vexen sighed and nodded, "It is possible, why else would Axel have a stash of condoms when we cannot get diseases?" Vexen gave a shrug, before tucking a strand of hair behind his ear.

Saix grimaced slightly, "I wasn't aware that Axel had such a collection," he paused for a second, "Or that Golxmoe sold them." Saix sighed in irritation, partially for the idea of such a frivolous thing being available to Nobodies at all times, and partially for calling the moogle by its "name". Demyx had come to the decision that anyone who was awesome enough to have an official Organization XIII coat was also awesome enough to have their own Organization XIII name. Oddly, no one agreed with him, not even those with a similar sense of humor, like Xigbar. So, Demyx put it upon himself to bestow the name, and no matter how hard they tried not to, everyone thought of the moogle who occupied the Grey Room as Golxmoe.

"The rules of nature still apply to us," Vexen continued, "For example, Larxene must be menstruating in order to be impregnated, and since Xion has not reached puberty, she cannot have children until she grows to the proper age." Vexen sighed, "I must ask, does Xemnas plan to place his child on one of these…" Vexen paused to search for the proper word, "women?"

"Doubtful," Saix sniffed. Xion was notion but a doll, it was impossible to consider his Superior would touch her. As for Larxene… even if Xemnas liked women, being with Larxene was like keeping a poisonous spider with a deep hatred of people as a pet and petting it whenever possible. The only reason Axel did was because he was a daredevil who loved bragging to the other straight members about how he slept with the only woman in the Organization (Xion didn't count), when no one would even dare hit on her. "I was wondering…" If Saix was another man, he would have blushed a deep red at this point, but even so a touch of pink touched his cheeks, "is there any way… I could have his baby?"

Vexen did not seem chocked at all by this suggestion, though a look of thoughtfulness entered his face. He brought his hand up to his chin and tapped it as he started pacing, a habit of his when he seriously had to consider for an idea: "It could be possible…" he turned quickly, "Would you be willing to have a sex change?"

"No." Saix did not even consider the idea for a second. He was a gay man, his lover was a gay man, so in what possible scenario would someone want a woman in a mix.

Vexen nodded, not surprised by his response, "That eliminates the simplest solution," he grinned, his genius filling him with a sense of pride, "but there is one I believe can work very well."

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