Demyx gave a deep sigh of boredom, which was ignored by his companion. He was spinning around on his chair, which was also ignored. If the musician were to spontaneously combust into a pile of ashes and litter the pearl-cast floor of the room, he would probably still be ignored. After all, when Zexion was researching, such as he was doing now, the world was put on mute, which left the typical chatterbox in a state of utter dullness. "Zexy…" Demyx pouted and scooted his chair closer to the Goth, "Can I help?"

Zexion looked up momentarily from his book and turned an electric blue eye to the Melodious Nocturne. He sighed and closed the book, allowing his gloved fingers to trace the outlines of the lettering as he spoke "Demyx, I am currently trying to investigate the origin of a Nobody's powers, and through that I hope to understand why we all attain certain elements when some of us had no powers previously which could be transitioned into our Nobody state." He raised an eyebrow, "Do you have any information on this?" He knew the answer before Demyx shook his head in defeat and adopted a downcast look. Zexion kept his face cool and emotionless, his hand still caressing the leather cover of his book, "If you could go to Vexen for me…" Zexion intentionally left the sentence open, allowing his companion a moment of complete joy.

"What do ya need?" Demyx stood up immediately, both eager to leave the stillness of the room and help Zexion with his personal research project. Zexion laid the book down without looking away from his self-appointed assistant, taking curious notes on how sincere Demyx's reactions seemed, despite his lack of a heart.

Zexion placed a hand on Demyx's arm, knowing from experience that Demyx tended to remember his instructions better if they were in contact while said directions were given. "Vexen has some documents on power sources, and I believe from them I can derive some essential information." Zexion spoke slowly, though not insultingly so, "If you could go to him and ask for his papers on energy origins, which would be helpful." Zexion removed his hand, his instructions over, "If he seems reluctant, tell him they're for me." Demyx nodded and ran off, leaving Zexion to his book in silence.

His book which, Zexion just realized, he had forgotten to mark before closing.

Demyx allowed his grin to completely conquer his face the moment he was gone from Zexion's sight. His teal eyes glimmered in triumph as he strode down to the laboratory Vexen called his own. Although Demyx knew this was nothing but a way for Zexion to buy himself some quietude, he was still proud of the fact that he would be helping out the intelligent Nobody with his research. His smile deflated slightly when a nagging thought reminded him that the most he could ever be for Zexion was an errand boy, but Demyx's optimistic nature pushed the thought aside quickly, although the bounce in his step had vanished.

It wasn't like Demyx was oblivious to his own desires for the shorter Nobody, and Zexion was equally aware of the desire. One would think that with both of them knowing about the other's complete knowledge on the fact, the two would either engage in uncontrollable sex acts or keep an awkward air about them. Instead, Demyx pushed nothing except an eagerness to please at Zexion, who in return let Demyx feel useful sometimes. Their relationship was… comfortable.

Wincing slightly at the word, Demyx reached a hand to the handle of the lab, pausing when he heard the murmur of voices. Not wanting to interrupt, Demyx pulled his arm back and decided to wait until the conversation ceased. However, in doing such, Demyx was instead eavesdropping. Demyx thought for a second, before deciding that being there and happening to hear things was preferable to walking in on… whatever was happening. Vexen was essentially their doctor; someone could be in there half-naked for all Demyx knew.

Demyx stiffened when he heard, much more audible than he expected, the deep and velvety voice of Saix, "Will there be complications with the incubation period?" Demyx furrowed his brows, wondering what in Ansem's name they were talking about.

"Since this is merely a theory at the moment, I can promise little." Demyx found himself craning to catch every word now, his curiosity overriding his better judgment. "However, I can promise that all I can do to make the process easier will be done." There was the sound of feet moving, farther from the door than Demyx would have liked. Still, Demyx was able to clearly hear Vexen's next sentence, "I will give you some hormones. These pills have quite a bit of estrogen, but I have also added some chemical balances which should prevent some of the effects estrogen in a male can cause." There was a noise like beans in a can shaking and Vexen spoke again, "Make sure you do not miss a single pill: that could complicate the pregnancy."

Demyx froze at the last word, allowing it to echo back and forth in his skull, before traveling to his mouth in a single whisper, "Pregnancy?"


Roxas curled up on the couch, staring at the heart-shaped moon with the same intensity that Saix had given it earlier, but instead of an obsession with emotions, Roxas only had confusion. Although he had been told he was a Nobody, and as such must have had a heart at some point, but he really didn't feel like he was missing anything. Axel had told him that if he remembered, then he would know what he was missing out on, but there was no harm in evading the pain of lack of emotion and simply having the joy of having a heart again.

Roxas perked up immediately when he heard the sound of a portal, and he jumped off the couch eagerly as Axel and Larxene stepped out of the pure blackness, Axel chuckling. Larxene did not look irritated, or more so than usual, so Roxas assumed their mission was successful. "How did it go?" He asked, more to be polite to Larxene since he and Axel usually recounted their missions later anyways.

Axel laughed, slapping his lanky arm around Larxene's shoulders, "You should have seen it Roxas. Larxene here frightened a skunk into believing all females would murder you in your sleep! Not to mention she completely murdered a butterfly and swore at some baby rabbits, who then ran off to ask their parents what the words meant." He laughed again, pulling Larxene close in what could have been a gesture of affection, "We've got a one-of-a-kind woman here!"

"Thank God," Roxas muttered under his breath, knowing he'd get a pointed look and a castration if he said the words too loud; one from his best friend and one from the female. Aloud, he said, "Are you going to report to Saix?"

"Nah," Axel waved the question away like a fly and shook his head; "He and Xemnas are probably too busy banging to listen anyways."

"Banging?" Roxas raised an eyebrow, his azure eyes widening in curiosity, "Are they building something?" At the awkward silence, he repeated his question, "What does banging mean?"

Larxene rolled her eyes, "There's no way I'm giving the birds and the bees talk today… or ever for that matter." She pulled herself out of Axel's half-embrace and strode away before anyone could say anything otherwise.

"Axel?" Roxas didn't notice the fact that his best friend now had a face blending in perfectly with his hair into one large mass of red, "What do birds and bees have to do with anything? Does it involve the mission?" He frowned, "And why is there building going on here?"

Axel sighed and brought a hand up and ruffling it in Roxas's already messy hair, "Sorry bud, I'm not going to mentally scar you today." Then, Axel said the six words every person loathes with every fiber of their being, "I'll tell you when you're older."

Axel dashed out quickly before Roxas could possible find a way to convince the pyro to have "the talk" with someone who wasn't even his kid. Unfortunately, he hadn't realized that in doing so, he was actually leaving Roxas vulnerable to the worst attack ever. "Don't worry tiger!" Roxas looked up at the scarred face of Xigbar, feeling stirring of distrust at the too-cheerful look in his… eye. "I'll tell you everything."


"ZEXY!" Zexion sighed, resisting the urge to throw a book at Demyx as he crashed into the room. Instead, he slowly turned to face the nocturne, noticing his disheveled look. Slightly curious, Zexion nodded to let Demyx know his attention was devoted wholly to the musician, "Saix is having a baby!"

Zexion waited for the punch line, but it never came. Groaning, Zexion turned back to his work, "Demyx, what have I told you about smelling the chemicals in Vexen's lab?" He shook his head in distaste, ignoring the bewildered gasp from Demyx, which hinted at outrage.

"I didn't sniff his chemicals!" Demyx replied, noticing his own whiney tone with disgust. "I didn't even go into the lab!" Demyx winced as Zexion turned with a slight glare, knowing that his failure would not be soon forgotten. "I didn't want to intrude."

"So you listened in on a private conversation instead," Zexion replied dryly. "Then ran up here to declare your assumptions at the top of your lungs and waste both of our time." He sighed and stood up, "I'll get the papers myself." He strode with purpose past the dejected Demyx and out the door to get the job done right.

Although there had been nothing directly cruel from Zexion's words, Demyx felt as though he had been called a dim little child and then slapped for his own stupidity. The worst part was that Demyx knew Zexion was right, he had assumed that the pregnancy Saix was referring to involved the diviner, but in all actuality it could have been anything involving reproduction, with any species. Demyx not only felt like an idiot, he felt like an ass. There may have been some hope for his self-esteem if he wasn't so sure that Zexion now held the exact same opinion of him.


Vexen nodded at Saix, "Since you do not want to go though any physical adjustments of your reproductive system, the child can not be brought into the world naturally." Saix nodded without a hint of regret, he wasn't the sort to think that how the labor processed would affect the child. It wasn't like the child would hate him for not finding a way to force him or her through a small hole. Really. "I would suggest a caesarean section, as it would not be too complicated and can be much less stress on your body than the whole reconstructive surgery required." Saix did not say anything, knowing he agreed with the doctor's reasoning. Vexen rarely got his time to feel like he was appreciated, so if all Saix needed to do was hold his tongue to give thanks for both the process and the secrecy for the time being, it was not a cost at all. "Still, I will need to do some surgery so that you can carry the child, but we can easily pass such a thing off as a simple removal of tonsils or some other non-inspiring surgery."

A knock at the door silenced both of the men, before the familiar voice of the Cloaked Schemer called out, "Vexen, may I ask a favor of you?" Vexen looked to Saix and nodded his head at the bottle of pills. Taking the hint, Saix tucked the pills away into his sleeve, out of sight of Zexion as they passed each other in the doorway.