Soul- Friends

Danny Cullen is a fearless boy, with a broken heart. Alba DeTamble is a bright girl, with a dizzy past. They have crossed paths. Both have a secret only each other can understand

Chapter 1: obligated

Danny: it had been a while since I last had heard from Nicole. She had stayed behind in Washington as I remained stuck in New Hampshire with my family.

"Snap out of it!" Nessie had said "it's not the end of the world!"

"Of course not Dan, plus your birthday's coming up, you should be happy!" uncle Emmett had added

But they didn't understand how I felt. Nobody did, I mean everyone had someone and I was the only one without my other half, she was miles away and I couldn't bring myself to think how she was right now.

(June 22th, 2016, Alba is 14, Ray is 13, Clare is 45, and the twins are 10)

Alba: Another summer. Another of Ray's birthdays was here and as always everyone who ever cared about us was here: Uncle Gomez, Aunt Charisse, Grandpa Richard and Grandpa Philip, Celia, mom's artist friends, doctor Kendrick, Ray's friends from school, but he wasn't here. Daddy

Danny: mom and the girls had completely lost their minds. They had made the most extravagant party you could think they would. Invited everyone. And because it was dad's birthday too, I couldn't even be upset during the party

Mom had placed a brochure in front of me. She had told me I was going to go to some silly camp during summer, which I wasn't eager to go to, she had used motherly psychology with me, had used my friends as an excuse for me to go

"Cloe and Dylan are also going!" aunt Alice said with a grin, I rolled my eyes. That night I got the most unusual phone call ever, Nicole had called me to wish me a happy birthday, when I asked her what had caused her to call so late she said she was nervous about calling me, we had spoken during our time apart, but there was always some kind of regret in her voice and today there wasn't. We talked for hours, just about what we could think of. The next day, I used my charming ways with Esme and Alice to help Nicole to go to the camp as well; if I wasn't getting out of it then I was going to drag her with me.

Alba: I wasn't sure of what to do; I had agreed to go to a summer camp just to get my mind off of the problems at home. Mama's depression was more intense in the summer. Although Daddy's accident had happened closest to my birthday than Ray's, the sadness never really went away

The day to go to the camp finally arrived. I had my bags packed. I couldn't back down now, there was also a good side to this whole thing, Ruby was going with me, so at least I would have someone to talk to

Danny: I can't believe I'm already at the back of the Volvo driving towards the buses, Dylan is next to me, chewing some gum, annoyingly, Nessie is driving us, and the girls are also there. It's going to be a very long camp