A/N: Hi everyone, here's the first chapter of the sequel to "Tell Me You Will Understand". This picks up four months after the ending of the last story and as I mentioned at the end of the last one, the timeline for Lydia is a bit different than that of the show. For this story, House met Lydia and spent time with her during his first month at Mayfield and then she left town with her family. House was not released for another month after that. I wanted to thank Shadow Cat65 who gave me some general tips on my writing and I tried to implement her suggestions in this chapter (but all mistakes are mine). I know it's a learning process and everything isn't going to be perfect but hopefully you all will enjoy the story even through some of my glaring mistakes. I'm excited about this sequel and the subjects that will be covered. I hope you'll feel the same way. Thanks so much for following and please let me know what you think so far. Thanks so much!

Warnings: Slash-House/Wilson established relationship-don't read if not your thing. Spoilers for premier of season six

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The morning sun filled the bedroom to announce the arrival of a new day. Wilson felt the welcomed sensation of stubble rake across the sensitive skin on the back of his neck followed immediately by small tender kisses.

"Hmmm…you're up early. Special occasion?" Wilson can never get enough of the physical attention that House showers him with on a regular basis. Of course he'll never admit to that. Then again, House would never admit to being so attentive either. Some things between them are better shown than said.

"I need to go to my apartment after work to pick up a few things. Do you want to drive yourself in or still ride with me?"

House skimmed his fingers over the bare skin of Wilson's chest, sending a shiver of pleasure down the younger man's spine.

"Why don't you just move in to my apartment? You're here almost every night anyway and you've already taken over half my closet for your stupid suits since we started this…thing. It's been almost four months, just do it already."

Wilson sat up with his back to House. So this is how the day was going to start… again, Wilson thought. The tension evident through the younger man's body did not go unnoticed by House as Wilson spoke.

"We've been through this Greg…If I move in I have to notify the hospital of my address change and people already suspect there's something going on between us."

House let his head fall back against the pillow and let out a loud sigh.

"There is something going on…something great. When are you going to get your head out of your ass and accept that?"

Wilson stood up and headed out of the bedroom with a dismissive wave. "Not a good time House, I have an early meeting …I'm taking a shower."

After House heard the bathroom door close he whispered, "It's never a good time..I'm not doing this forever Jimmy."

The rest of their morning routine was accomplished with very few words exchanged between the two men. The tension had been building at regular intervals for the past month with Wilson insisting that he wasn't ready to come out and House insisting that he'd had enough time to deal. It was clearly evident that they loved each other very much and didn't want to end their relationship but it was only a matter of time before this one issue tore them apart.

"I'll ride the bike today…I could use the fresh air and the stress relief."

Wilson knew the last bit of that comment was directed toward him.

"House it's January, you can't ride the bike…don't be an idiot."

"It may be January but it's sunny, dry, and relatively warm considering the time of year. Besides don't forget, we all have things we can be idiots about."

Wilson gave a mirthless laugh and spun around with his hands on his hips.

"Oh I see, so to pay me back for you not getting your way about coming out to the world you're going to do a stupid and dangerous thing. Yeah, that makes so much sense. Why do I ever expect anything different from you?"

House glared at Wilson, "It's not any more dangerous than riding on a cold spring day. Forget it, I'm not going to defend my actions to you just so you can continue to deflect your aggravation over your insecurities on me!"

Wilson let one hand drop to his side while the other rubbed at the back of his neck. "You're right, I'm trying to start an argument with you over something stupid before you can start one with me over something that's important…." Wilson walked over to where House stood and cupped the back of the older man's neck with both hands. "I'm sorry."

House looked at Wilson; not wanting to let the topic go but seeing the pleading look in his lover's eyes softened his stance for the moment. Wilson leaned in to drop a gentle kiss to House's lips. "Can we talk about this later…maybe after work?"

House put his arms around Wilson's waist and pulled the younger man close to him. "We can't keep putting this conversation off. When I gave in on my conditions at the beginning, you knew it was only temporary. It's been four months."

Wilson spoke soft and neutral as to try and ward off the prospect of another fight. "What difference does it make if people know or not? As long as where together, it doesn't change anything."

"Jimmy, you know it matters to me. You continually push me to make healthier decisions since the breakdown but only if those decisions don't include our relationship. I don't want to keep going like this, and besides how will all of those swooning nurses know you're taken if we don't tell anyone?"

Wilson knew House was insecure and he also knew House had every right to be. After all, Wilson's track record sucked when it came to being faithful and being open about important things in his life. He leaned in again to kiss House before he spoke. "I know it matters to you and that it's important for us to come out. Please…just give me some more time."

House knew Wilson was using the closeness and the kissing as a weapon to get him to cave, and damn if it didn't work every time. "I won't wait much longer, but…I'll give you more time…for now."

Wilson squeezed House's shoulder and pecked him on the cheek. "Thanks Greg."

"Yeah yeah, now it's Greg again when you get your way…I'm still taking the bike today."

Wilson smirked, "Kinda figured…Greg."


House really did want to take the bike, he wasn't just using it as a means to piss Wilson off. The freedom the bike afforded him over his mind and body was something he couldn't duplicate with any other activity. Even if it did mean having to ride on a cold January day.

He decided to take the freeway to work instead of the side streets he and Wilson normally used. This allowed him to open up the throttle in order to lose himself in the high of the speed. It was one high he was still allowed to have. It was rides like this that afforded him the opportunity to clear his head and gain a better perspective on things that troubled him in his life….like Wilson.

House found it difficult at times to shake his old habit of being a bastard and just telling Wilson to go fuck himself. If he chose that route however, he'd end up alone again and he had spent too many years that way already. He loved Wilson; he wanted the younger man in his life, but it was becoming more and more difficult to understand him. House started to feel as if it was more than just not wanting to come out because of his professional reputation. Thought that maybe Wilson didn't want people to know because he still wanted to keep his options open with all the women that showered him with attention on a daily basis. Of course, why wouldn't Wilson want those women instead of a middle aged, crippled man; it made sense.

House's frustration over his thoughts just made him drive faster and he found himself doing ninety on the turnpike, luckily no cops were around and he made it to work without any grief or bodily injury.


As House made his way into the hospital he watched from the corner of his eye as Cuddy approached. Trying his best to ignore her, he headed for the elevators with as much quickness as a man with a cane could muster. Of course, it wasn't enough. With false cheer in his voice he greeted her.

"Well good morning and what can I do for you this fine day?"

Cuddy took note of his choice of outerwear.

"Did you ride the bike today?"

"God, don't you start too."

Cuddy sensed his bad mood so she took a stab at the problem.

"I saw Wilson this morning…he seemed just as distant as you are pissy. Lover's quarrel?"

"Ya know, for a guy that doesn't want anyone to know he's screwing another guy, he sure found it easy enough to tell you about it. Why is that I wonder?"

"Good thing he did talk to me about it or you wouldn't be with him now."

House just shook his head with amusement.

"Yeah, a lot of good it's doing me….is there something you need or is it just your mission again today to stick your nose where it doesn't belong?"

Cuddy just rolled her eyes. "I have a case for you..it seems interesting."

"You wouldn't know interesting if it bit you in that rotundas ass of yours. Just give me the damn file, I'll be the judge of the interesting factor."

Cuddy handed the file over, with a smirk she stated. "He must really be pissing you off, you're exceptionally grumpy today." She turned on her heels and headed back to her office. House just glared at her while at the same time admiring the view. Just because he's sleeping with a guy doesn't mean he can't enjoy the assets of a beautiful woman.

House entered the conference room where the ducklings were waiting for him.

"Good morning kiddies, daddy came bearing gifts today." He threw the new patient file on the table and removed his leather jacket to hang it on the rack.

Taub spoke as he began to read the file. "You got a phone call this morning…someone named Lydia?"

House froze in his spot for a brief moment but collected himself quickly; not quick enough for it to go unnoticed though. Thirteen spoke this time. "You know her?" House looked at her with his mask back in place.

"Nope, never heard of her."

"Well she left her number, she said she's in town and would like to speak with you…I left the message on your desk. " House rolled his eyes to try and keep up the facade. "Thank you so much for your follow through short man, what would I ever do without you. " He turned toward his office as Foreman spoke. "What about the new patient?"

"It's a boring case; I figured it out in the elevator on the way up here. What will be interesting is to see how long it takes the three of you to figure it out. Now go forth and be productive, I'll be in my office if you need me to bail your asses out." The three employees just gave each other puzzled looks and went about reading the file as House secluded himself.

House sat down at his desk and stared at the yellow sticky note that contained memories of his not so distant past. Why would she be calling me now? Why is she here? He thought. His mind drifted back to six months ago when he first met Lydia. She was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise unbearable place. He remembered the way she looked at him when they talked; how she seemed so peaceful when she played the piano. He couldn't stop his mind from remembering how wonderful she smelled and how soft her body felt when they had sex in that empty office. His thoughts took him to a month into is stay at Mayfield. To how hurt and deserted he felt when she left after he had asked her not to; how nothing that happened between them seemed to mean anything to her.

House snapped himself back to the present; he was not going to call her. He's with Wilson now and it's exactly where he wants to be even if his friend is being an idiot. He decided Wilson was just the distraction he needed at the moment and headed toward the oncologist's office, but not before he tossed the message into the garbage.

House barged into Wilson's office without any regard for the younger man's privacy.

"You up for some breakfast?" Wilson started at the sudden intrusion but secretly was happy to see his friend.

"You didn't eat before you left home?"

"Nope, you wanna go to the cafeteria or not?" Wilson eyed House with suspicion. He seemed a bit short and well just…off.

"Is something wrong?"

"You mean besides my significant other's inability to commit to me out of fear of destroying his persona? Nope…nothing's wrong." House knew it was just a deflection, but he was not ready to share his secret of Lydia with his friend and after all, he was the master of deflection. Of course Wilson was an expert at seeing through House's bullshit.

"Whatever you say House…yeah, I could eat; you're buying."

"That's just great, take advantage of the emotionally scarred cripple."

"You know it." Wilson knew something else was bothering his friend other than himself but he also knew better at this point in their relationship to push it.

"You coming back to my place after you go home tonight?"

"If you want me too. I wasn't so sure, ya know…after this morning."

"Don't be a moron Wilson, just make sure you come baring food."

"I wouldn't dream of stepping foot onto your sacred ground without some sort of edible offering."

"Good, I taught you well." Both men fell into their usual stride as they made their way to the main floor. All seemed well, at least for the moment.


Wilson showed up as planned around seven o'clock with pizza and beer in hand. They spent the evening sitting in their usual places on the couch eating, drinking, and watching the L-Word on Tivo; basically just enjoying each other's company. Nothing more was said of their conversation from that morning and both seemed content to let the subject drop for the moment.

Wilson moved closer to House after they were done eating and placed a hand on the older man's leg. House looked at him suspiciously but didn't say anything. The younger man took the hint that House wasn't too pissed off to accept some physical attention from him.

Wilson moved over and laid a trail of kisses down the side of House's neck just below his ear and was rewarded with an appreciative moan from the older man. "You horny or something?"

"You just look so damn good right now, I couldn't resist."

"Wow, that was a really cheesy line, does that work on the ladies?" Wilson worked his way up House's neck to hover within an inch of his lover's lips.

"Shut up Greg." Wilson attacked House's mouth swiping his tongue over his bottom lip demanding entrance. House allowed it and kissed back with just as much raw passion as he was being presented with.

"Mmmm, God I love kissing you."

"You're not so bad yourself." Just as House laid back on the couch to get more comfortable for a heavy make out session, there was a knock at the door. Both men stopped their actions and looked at each other. Wilson was the first to speak.

"Are you expecting someone?" House shook his head.

"Whoever it is, just get rid of them."

"It's your apartment, you should answer."

House gave him an incredulous look. "Hello, cripple here."

As Wilson stood up to answer the door, he said, "it's funny how you only pull the cripple card when it's to your advantage." House just smiled at him. "You got it."

Wilson watched as House stood and made his way to the kitchen…oh, of course he could make it that far, he thought. The younger man shook his head fondly at House as he opened the door. He turned to see who it was that dared to interrupt their prelude to hot sex and was surprised to see a woman he didn't recognize standing there.

"Can I help you?" The woman seemed confused by Wilson's presence.

"Um…yes, I'm sorry, is Greg House here?" Wilson was taken aback by the woman standing before him. She seemed to know House just by the way she asked for him and she certainly didn't look like a hooker. Wilson shook himself from his thoughts.

"Yeah, ah… I'll get him for you." Just as Wilson was about to head to the kitchen to retrieve House, the man himself hobbled out into the living room.

"Did you get rid of who….." Just then House noticed the door still open and saw the woman standing next to Wilson. The shocked look on House's face did not go unnoticed by Wilson. If the younger man didn't know any better, he would've thought House looked like he'd just seen a ghost. Finally House was able to speak; what he said confirmed that House in fact did know the stranger at his door.



A/N: Lydia's story line going forward may be a bit soapy and if David Shore put it in the show I would have to string him up by his toes. But because this is fanfiction and because I really want to write about it, I'm going to; don't worry, House and Wilson won't be soapy. Thanks so much for reading and PLEASE let me know what you think so far.