a/n: So this chapter is going to be a little different. Basically there'll be some plot movement on House's part (but not much). I wanted to take a smut break for Valentine's Day but wasn't far enough into their reconciliation yet to make it warranted so I'm pulling a David Shore (no hallucinations). I won't try to explain more, I'll just let you read it. Also, for anyone not following the story, you could probably read this as a pointless smut one shot. I really hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: House/Wilson

Chapter rating: NC-17 (M), overall fic-pg-13 Rating change for this chapter

Warnings: slash, bottom!House

Sequel to: "Tell Me You Will Understand"

Disclaimer: David Shore owns them not me!

Chapter 10 ½-Smut Break-Happy Valentine's Day!

Everyone in House's path knew to stay the hell out his way. For some reason the grumpy doctor had been exceptionally foul since leaving Wilson's office that afternoon. The case was at a standstill but she was stable none the less, so House had sent the ducklings home just to get them out of his hair. House, on the other hand decided to stay at the hospital in case the patient took a turn, but more so because his mind was reeling over what happened earlier in the day: he needed the damn distraction!

House found himself sitting in his darkened office, only the shining of the evening moon to light the room.

What the hell was he thinking? Kissing me like that. He's got some damn nerve, assuming that I would just roll with it. I told the idiot it was over; can't he get it through his thick moronic skull? Though the way he looked: his eyes dark with lust, his breath sweet and spicy from the delicious lunch he made…for both of us. The way his body felt against mine when he pushed me against the door…Fuck! What the hell Wilson? It's over, I told you it's over! God, he had that look in his eyes like he did the first time I told him to fuck me. That look is so hot…so damn sexy. Damn it Wilson, it's not supposed to be this hard…pun intended, I make myself laugh sometimes. See that's the problem; I'm just tired, just silly and tired. Did I really just call myself silly? That's it, I need sleep! I suppose my chair is a good of place as any. Damn, he looked so hot the first time he fucked me and again when he kissed me in his office today…damn you Wils…..

"Mphh, Wils'n….easy there, you're gonna break something." They had only made into the door of House's apartment when Wilson; who had an exceptionally trying day, attacked House before he could even shed his jacket. "Don't be a baby House, you love it and you know it."

Wilson pushed House up against the desk with more force than was probably necessary but damn it, he had a bad day and he was horny as hell. House groaned his approval when Wilson cupped his groin roughly through dampened Jeans. A mischievous smile spread across Wilson's face…"Feels like someone likes this." House would never admit it out loud but he loved the younger man in this state of arousal; all cocky and confident…and smug as hell. "Yeah, well get on with it, my cock isn't going to take care of itself." Wilson's reply to that was to crash their lips together with as much hunger and passion as he could muster up. House wrapped his arms around Wilson's back and pulled his lover flush against his body. There was something different about Wilson tonight; something primal. House decided that this would be the night. They'd been seeing each other for a few weeks and have explored many different outlets of sexual desire. Wilson, though uncomfortable with his own sexuality, took to bottoming quite well and really seemed to enjoy House claiming him as his own. To House's surprise however, the younger man was very reluctant to top, which House found very puzzling in deed.

Wilson forced his tongue into House's mouth while grinding his erection against his lover's. House felt the blood in his body run south and a wave of dizziness over took him. He broke away from the kiss, breathless and overcome by pure desire. One look into Wilson's eyes was all it took; two deep, silky pools of flowing brown…almost black with lust; lips swollen from the force of his ministrations…that look made House want to be taken by the man before him more than anything else.

"Fuck me." Wilson stopped all of his actions and looked at House with big, panicked eyes. "W-what…?"

"I said Fuck me! I want you to fuck me tonight." The younger man actually took a few steps back and shook his head. "I, I've never done that before. I don't know that I'm ready."

House pulled on Wilson's hand and led him to the bedroom, once there, he pulled off his coat and t-shirt before making way on Wilson's own garments. "Chill out Jimmy, you've had sex with women, it's not a whole lot different. What are you so afraid of anyway?"

"You'll just mock me if I give you the reason." The look on Wilson's face was one of a timid little boy afraid of disappointing a parent. House couldn't help but allow his heart to soften just a bit at that, but no way in hell was he going to admit it. "I'll always mock you, it's what I do. Come on, just tell me, it can't seriously be that bad." Wilson looked down for a moment and when he spoke it barely reached House's ears. "I'm afraid I'll hurt you." House knew he shouldn't laugh but he just couldn't help himself. "Are you serious? Wilson, you know I've done this before, right?"

"Sure just laugh it up. And yes I know that you've been with other men...well I mean I know you've been with Crandall." House turned serious at the look that crossed Wilson's face. "It's not the fear of you hurting me is it? What could be more embarrassing to you that you'd say something idiotic like that instead." Wilson stumbled on his words. "S-sure it is, what else w-would it be?" House stepped in to Wilson's personal space and pulled his friend toward him. House couldn't help to be a snarky ass but he also knew when to be serious. He kissed a line down Wilson's neck starting from the sensitive spot behind the younger man's ear; that sent shivers down Wilson's spine and a sultry moan escaped his lips against his will.

"You're afraid you'll embarrass yourself; that I won't enjoy you fucking me. That's it, isn't it?" Wilson started at what was said to him but didn't pull away from the glorious things those rough, beautiful lips were doing to him. Wilson thought about denying the accusation but with his brain currently not functioning fully, he just went with the truth. "You're not some naive girl I picked up that I can seduce...you're House, my best friend. I don't want to make a fool of myself with you."

House cupped Wilson's face with both hands and spoke so closely to Wilson that the younger man could feel their lips brush with each word. "You are sexy as hell and have been a fantastic sexual partner so far, I can't imagine anything that you could do to me that would embarrass you. Now Jimmy, .. Fuck me!" Wilson was mesmerized by the startling blue eyes that stared deep into his soul. He couldn't resist the older man anymore even if he tried. "O-okay."

House took a few steps back and sat on the bed, pulling Wilson in between his legs in the process. He finished undressing Wilson slowly, seductively while teasing the soft, baby smooth chest that was right in front of his face. "God you're beautiful." Wilson recovered from his mini breakdown relatively fast and pushed House back on to the bed to strip the older man of his clothes. He grabbed House's aching erection and gave a few languid strokes; just enough to drive his friend insane. "Ugh...Wilson...fuck. Don't be a dick tease." Wilson didn't show him any mercy, he kept up the slow, agonizing pace until House was writhing like a fish out of water under his touch. "You are so hot like this, you know that?"

"Damn it Wilson, Fuck me now!" Wilson chuckled but repositioned House on the bed before grabbing the lube from the bedside drawer. "Patience my dear Greg."

"Oh my God Wilson, shut up and get on with it!" Wilson swallowed the last of his lingering misplaced fear and placed his slicked fingers in between House's legs. "As you wish my sire." Wilson positioned himself along side his lover and began a series of slow, delicate, chaste kisses as he pushed his first finger into House. "Hmph..." House moved his lips faster and harder against Wilson's until they were all but fighting one another with their tongues; needing the extra contact but never seeming to get enough. Wilson slipped a second finger in as he moved his mouth to forcefully suck and nip at any skin he could reach. Both men were already panting and sweating heavily and they hadn't even gotten to the good stuff yet. Finally Wilson's third finger went in effortlessly and only took a moment to finish preparing House for his entry.

"You ready?" House rolled his eyes but lifted his head after to kiss the weary man's mouth passionately. "I was ready two weeks ago."

Without another word, Wilson settled himself between House's legs and positioned his leaking erection just outside of his lover's body. "Do it Jimmy, I want you." That was all the encouragement Wilson needed and he pushed forward, breaching the outer ring. "Ah God, you feel so fucking good."

"I-I told you, you'd like it." Wilson eased his way in until he was flush against House's ass. Both men panted with the sheer exertion of trying not to come too soon. After a moment, House bucked up under Wilson to make it clear to get a move on, Wilson started slowly as to catalogue the sounds that came out of his lover's mouth with each stroke. Once the younger man felt comfortable with what he was doing, he picked up his pace and struck House's sweet spot every few strokes. Within minutes, Wilson found himself pistoning at a furious rate into House's willing body; feeling himself on the verge of coming hard. A glorious ache started at the base of Wilson's spine and travelled the full length of his body until he exploded; white hot sparks exploding behind his eyes, pushing him farther than he'd ever felt; his orgasm stronger than any he could remember. "Argh...House...fuck." Even after his erection began to fade, he still kept his hips moving, probably without really thinking about it. He realized he placed his hand between himself and House and began to stroke his lover. It didn't take long for Wilson to feel House's release bathing him. Both men were panting and coming down from their post orgasmic highs... "Well, did I embarrass myself." House thought of going snarky just to get a rise out of Wilson but thought better of it he ever planned on getting fucked again. "I'd say, you were amazing." Wilson bent his head down to capture House's lips in lazy soft kisses. "I really do love you House....House, did you fall asleep? House...?"


House startled awake at the sound of a very annoying high pitched voice. "House...for God's sake, wake up." House looked up to see himself still lying in his eames chair with Cuddy standing over him. "What the hell do you want woman, I was in the middle of a fantastic dream." Cuddy gave him a knowing smirk as she glanced between his crotch and his face. House hadn't realized that he woke up with an erection, but thanks to Cuddy, he knew now. "You know if you'd stop being a big fat jerk you could go and home and have the real thing with Wilson." If House actually were one to blush, he would be blushing now. "Tell me again why Wilson felt the need to tell you, of all people about us?" Cuddy turned to leave but said over her shoulder, "Stop being an ass and go screw Wilson."

House fell asleep angry at Wilson for his little display earlier but woke up longing to be touched by him...to be loved by him. Was leaving Wilson the right thing to do after all?

"Shit, what the hell do I do now? Well other than go jerk off in the bathroom."


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