Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! I clutch Hiyori tightly, my body quivers as I hold the upper part of her…oh god. Her chocolate brown eyes stare up at me pleadingly. Those eyes plead to me to save her. I can't say it to her…Inoue isn't here to help her and Hachi lost his arm. I want to lie to her and tell Hiyori everything will be all right.

Now my gaze turns up to Aizen and Ichimaru. Ichimaru just floats there with that damn ridiculous smirk on his face. That look makes me sick and the way he's looking down at us makes me want to slash to shit out of him for this. Then Aizen…

He stares down at me with that blank, yet pleasure filled face. He's enjoying this. Hiyori wheezes weakly in my arms muttering my name quietly, she clutches my shirt with her bloodied hands. I can see her eyes clouding over now, her body is starting to grow heavy in my arms. The blood in my veins starts to freeze over at the sight of this.

"Hiyori, no, please, stay here." I beg her touching her hair gently as she stares up at me.

"I'm…sorry…Shin…ji." She managed to say to me, her eyelids starting to close.

"No! Hiyori-chan! No! Don't go!" I beg my voice almost to a shout. My hand strokes her face.

"Shin…ji…I…" Her hand fell limp, her blood smearing all over my face. Her blood.

My world vanished. On impulse, my hand rushed over my face and my mask appeared over my entire face. As far as anyone could tell, the air around him or her began to thicken, almost like they could stop breathing with my spiritual pressure soaring through the air. I appeared in front of Ichimaru, who stopped smirking revealing his red eyes and tightened the grip on his sword ready to send it towards me. But it was already was too late for him. His blood red eyes expanded in shock as I shunpoed right past him with my sword raised above my leg.

Blood exploded from his chest and he gasped out hurling up blood also and his body began to fall to the ground. Aizen and Tosen just stood there. Before Aizen could blink, I appeared in front of him my mouth close to his ear and my blade at his neck. He didn't flinch at all to this action.

"Ya haven't changed at all, ya bastard." I said narrowing my eyes upon him.

"How long have you wanted me dead, Hirako-taicho?" Aizen asked in that tone he used with me so long ago. He smirked.

"Since you were in your mother's womb." I took up blade and struck down Sosuke Aizen.

This was made because of what happened in the newest chapter, 377. I was shocked when Ichimaru cut Hiyori in half! I wanted to write a little something for what would happen afterwards with Shinji if Hiyori died. I might make a video for this couple. I'll use the song, "Sorrow" by Flyleaf.

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