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The Pervert King

"Kaoru?" Haruhi snapped her fingers in his face.

"Hm?" Kaoru refocused his eyes on his friend standing in front of him. "Sorry Haruhi, what did you say?"

"I was asking you what would be the proper thing to wear."

"Wear?" Kaoru blinked in confusion, he couldn't for the world figure out what she was talking about. Haruhi started to look frustrated, clenching her jaw a little before she answered.

"Yeah, I don't usually care about things like this, but since it was your mother who invited me..."

"Oh, you mean to the Runway Gala!"

"Yeah, we've been sort of talking about it for the last five minutes," Kaoru blinked again, had they? He must have spaced out completely, but why? Kaoru looked over Haruhi's shoulder again, following his previous gaze. At the other side of the room Hikaru flashed him a grin and rolled his eyes as he nodded into the cell phone in his hand with an exhausted grimace. Kaoru chuckled a little; he would bet anything that it was Mother on the phone...

"HEY!" Kaoru's eyes darted back to Haruhi. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she glared at him now, her brows knitted together in clear annoyance. "What's with you today?"

"What? Nothing..." Kaoru said with what he hoped was a relaxed smile. Haruhi didn't look convinced.

"It's not like you to be this ignorant Kaoru. You're behaving more like Hikaru right now..." Kaoru flinched a little at the mention of his brother, though he had no idea why exactly.

"Who are you looking at anyway?" Haruhi asked and began to turn to follow his gaze.

"WHA- WHAT?! NO-ONE!" Kaoru spat out.

"Hey Haruhi," Hikaru smiled as he came over to lean on her shoulder. "Has Kaoru told you about the 'all-purple dress code' Mother has decided on?"

"No, we didn't really get around to that..." She said with a flat tone. She shot Kaoru a small, slightly aggravated glare but there was something else in her eyes too; confusion perhaps? She looked puzzled, as if she was trying to figure something out. It was just a glimpse in her eyes, but whatever it was, it made Kaoru a bit nervous and he felt his mouth dry up, stiffening involuntarily. Hikaru looked at them, clearly noticing his brother wasn't acting all as he should be. He eyed Kaoru with some concern.

"Is something going on here?" Kaoru opened his mouth to form words, though he didn't have a clue what to answer. Luckily he was interrupted.

"All purple - that's so cute!" Hunny exclaimed in a high pitch voice and spun over to them. "Don't you think it's cute Takashi?"

"Mm." Mori replied simply, nodding his head slightly.

"Hika-chan, Kao-chan, I forgot to ask – can I bring Usa-chan? I can give him a pretty purple bow for the occasion!" Hunny was jumping up and down with excitement.

Haruhi's eyes travelled from one twin to the other. Kaoru still wasn't comfortable meeting her gaze so he quickly lowered his eyes to look at the small senior. "As long as he has the bow I'm sure it'll be fine Hunny-senpai,"

"Yeah, our mother has always had a soft spot for you Hunny-senpai." Hikaru continued.

"REALLY!?" Hunny squeaked. "This is going to be so much fun! Takashi you have to come help me pick the right bow, 'kay?" He bounced off in laughter, as Mori followed at a slower pace.

"That was nice of you," Haruhi smiled.

"Yeah, yeah... otherwise we wouldn't hear the end of it." Hikaru said nonchalantly, waving his hand in her face. Inside his head, Kaoru laughed at the way Hikaru managed to keep his posture and expressions so indifferent. Kaoru knew he was the only one to realize that the manner of Hikaru's words and mood were about to change in a second. As his brother caught his eye and they exchanged looks, the younger twin strode over to Haruhi's other shoulder and leaned against her too.

"By the way..." he said with a snicker, opening up for Hikaru to take the lead on this one.

"What are you going to wear?" Hikaru filled in. Kaoru thought he knew where his brother wanted to go with this, it was pretty obvious. Sure enough, Hikaru's eyes darted towards a certain blond who had stiffened a couple of tables away. Kaoru gave his brother a quick wink to show him that he'd understood.

"I'm sure we can find something suitable for you..." He murmured a little closer to Haruhi's ear. From the corner of his vision he could see Tamaki's eyes widen as his fingers went rigid and grabbed at the fabrics of the sofa. Hikaru also leaned in towards Haruhi, touching his index finger to her chin and making her face him. All of a sudden and without any reason, Kaoru was filled with an irrational urge to shove Hikaru's hand away from her. And why did he have to touch her like that in the first place? Tamaki-senpai would react anyway... All this rushed through Kaoru's head in a split second before he quickly gained control of himself. What the hell was that all about?! Hikaru did that sort of thing to Haruhi all the time and it had never bothered him before...

Kaoru returned to reality in time to hear Hikaru pick up their lines.

"Our mother just designed this beautiful little corset-dress with a flowing silk skirt – and wouldn't you know – it's purple! It would look just per-"

"What do you think you're doing with my innocent daughter, you shady twins?!" Tamaki jumped on them, his face horror-struck and flushed. He grabbed hold of Haruhi's shoulders and crushed her against his chest. "You'll keep my Haruhi out of your filthy fantasies you incestuous perverts!"

"What!?" Hikaru and Kaoru echoed before continuing as one. "It was just a suggestion."

"And by the way, I don't see the difference..." Hikaru said as he sauntered over to Kaoru and put his arm around his neck. Kaoru snaked his own arm around his brother's waist, feeling a bit possessive, before he continued where his brother had left off.

"Just a week ago you were begging us to photoshop her into a dress-me-up magazine."

"So really we're just following your lead, 'oh graceful and glorious leader,'" Hikaru said with an evil grin.

"So if we are perverts what does that make you?" Kaoru said, mimicking his brother's grin and cocking an eyebrow.

"That's pretty clear to me Kaoru..."

"The Pervert King!" They exclaimed with their faces turned to each other, pointing their fingers in an act of sudden realization. They laughed hard and watched as Tamaki went fuming.

"That wasn't the same thing; it was for research to find out what costumes might suit her while being in the Host Club! You two on the other hand are way out of line! You should be taught a lesson in how to respect a young lady, you-"

"Sure... 'Research'." Hikaru interrupted, rolling his eyes. Kaoru snickered in approval.

"You two need to learn your place, calling me the Pervert King, it's just... just – Mommy!"

Kyoya looked up from his black notebook with a bored expression. He rose from his chair with a small grimace, as if he couldn't believe he was being bothered over this.

"Well I don't know about the 'Pervert King' deal – though you are known to indulge in your fantasies from time to time and who knows what they include." Tamaki staggered as if he was being hit by a canon-ball and crept into a corner with a cloud over his head to sulk. "I agree on one thing though – Haruhi should not be wearing that dress." Tamaki skipped out off his corner and landed an inch from the twins.

"You see! It's not proper for a young lady to dress-"

"Actually Tamaki, I simply meant she shouldn't be wearing a dress at all." Kyoya interrupted.

"Not at all?" Tamaki's eyes glazed over before he shook his head and laughed with a winning smile on his lips. "Don't you think that's a little steep Kyoya..."

"Yeah, I think she might steal the attention away from the models if she shows up naked," Hikaru said with his gravest of voices. Tamaki blinked twice before his mouth dropped to the floor, his face going from ghostly pale to violent scarlet in less than a second.

"Good one," Kaoru whispered in Hikaru's ear as Tamaki-senpai exploded in front of them.

"How dare you say something like that in the presence of my daughter's sensitive ears?! Daddy won't stand for this! Mommy, do something!"

"What? He did say Haruhi shouldn't be wearing a dress at all." The twins laughed out together. But they quickly stopped as Haruhi threw them one of her 'Stop-or-I'll-make-sure-you-drop-dead' looks.

"Doesn't anyone think I might have a say in this? Cause I kinda' think I do..." Haruhi said, raising her hand.

"Yeah! Haruhi wants to wear that dress and there's nothing you can do to stop it, Pervert King!" The twins echoed.

"Don't you listen to those jerks Haruhi, Daddy will protect you!" Tamaki wailed, clasping his arms around her once more.

And here we go again... Kaoru exchanged an amused look with his brother who returned it with a grin.

"Senpai, would you get off me... listen guys, I don't think-"

"Actually Haruhi you do have a say," Kyoya informed. "You can wear whatever you want, as long as it isn't a dress or a skirt, but a suit. The Hitachiin Runway Gala is bound to have some of our clients as guests, or their parents. We can't afford you to blow your cover as a male student before you've paid off your dept, can we?"

"With interest..." Haruhi muttered. Kyoya ignored her and continued.

"Maybe not a tuxedo but preferably a tailor made suit - since it must be purple, and that is the only way you can require one anyhow. Of course I understand this might be hard for you to afford, since you are, after all, a commoner." He gave Haruhi a wry smile.

Damn he really is cold...Kaoru thought to himself.

"Don't worry Haruhi, Daddy will take care of it for you." Tamaki said with teary eyes.

"No thanks Tamaki-senpai, I'd like to handle this myself. And I'm sure Kyoya-senpai has already figured out how to balance my dept to the Host Club if they cover it for the time being?"

"Naturally." The Shadow King answered with a smirk. "The Host Club would be delighted to help you out Haruhi. In fact, I won't charge you any interest, since this is an event that the Host Club is attending as a whole, and therefore can be looked upon as an act within our sphere of responsibility."

"Thanks, I guess." Haruhi muttered again.

"You're welcome." Kyoya said, altering his glasses before walking back to sit in the chair he originally emerged from.

"Well, then at least let us put you up with a good tailor." Hikaru said.

"Sure... why not." Haruhi said with a somewhat defeated smile.

"Great! Then you can come over to our house tomorrow and we'll get it all worked out." Hikaru said with an exalted ring to his voice. Kaoru looked over at his brother and when he realized he was frowning he quickly relaxed his face before filling in.

"That's a wonderful idea! Will you, Haruhi?"

Haruhi gazed at them. Was it just Kaoru's imagination or did she linger a bit longer when she looked at him? What was that in her eyes? That same glimpse he hadn't been able to put into words earlier. Puzzled... almost curious... and something more; concern? He couldn't identify what it was and he sure couldn't make any sense of it.

"Sounds good then," she finally agreed. "I'll come home with you guys after school tomorrow if that's alright?"

"Absolutely!" Hikaru grinned.

Behind Haruhi's back Tamaki yelped, gawked with a gurgling sound and started eroding away.