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Something about the road

"Haha! That's so funny Haruhi!"

"You think so?"

"Absolutely. Don't you think it's funny, Kaoru?"

Kaoru's eyes darted from the window to his brother's face.

"Sure. Hilarious." He flinched at his words; did he sound sarcastic?

The three classmates were seated in the twins' limo, heading for the Hitachiin estate. Hikaru now stared at his brother in surprise, a small crease forming in his forehead. Haruhi simply raised her eyebrows. Kaoru quickly flashed a smile, trying to make it as sincere as possible. Of course, Haruhi wasn't convinced…

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm… I'm…" Kaoru started to stutter out.

"He's just a little cranky today because I dragged the covers off him this morning." Hikaru broke in as he hooked Kaoru's head under his arm, crushing him to his side. Kaoru began to struggle to get loose, but was soon grateful that his face was turned down as Haruhi gave a small laugh that made his cheeks heat.

"That really happened today? I thought that was just one of your lines to get the girls to squeak."

"Nope. True story." Hikaru grinned. "You would be surprised if you knew how often that actually is the case…"

"Okay, that's enough Hikaru." Kaoru blurted out with a nervous laugh, finally escaping Hikaru's grip and cursing at the flames still playing in his cheeks. That afternoon, Hikaru had started to retell the morning's events loud enough for the entire crowd of music room three to catch every humiliating detail. Kaoru had had no choice but to go with it.

'You're so incredibly endearing when you get fired up like that Kaoru…'


'But you are… it gets me fired up as well… in a good way, that is.'

'Stop it!'

Kaoru hadn't been able to disguise his true anger at that point.

Hadn't Hikaru understood anything from what had happened that morning? It wasn't fair to bring it up like that! The girls, however, had gone crazy, making both them and Hikaru seemingly oblivious to the sincerity of Kaoru's reaction. Not picking up any of the strain coming from Kaoru, his big-brother had persisted with the act.

'Oh Kaoru, it's not fair for you to start this again… You're so damn cute, I won't be able to control myself even though we have company...'

At that point, Hikaru had wrapped his arms around Kaoru, who had tried to push him away, but ended up just adding fuel to the intensity of their act and spurring Hikaru on.

'You big tease!' He'd chuckled to his squirming brother while forcing their bodies closer together. Kaoru had had to bite his tongue to not scream out the profanities he'd really liked to release on his twin. Instead, he'd just put on a blush and forced his body to relax in his brother's arms. He'd given Hikaru one of his well used and well rehearsed answers, too tense to be creative.

'Well, I know that's how you like it… But you know I can't stay mad at you for real Hikaru.'

Their eyes locked. Hikaru's arms around him. Kaoru's hands at Hikaru's smooth cheeks. Hikaru's warm breath so close to him… Kaoru's eyes had flickered to his brother's lips. All he could remember thinking was how soft they'd looked… curved into that beautiful little smirk he loved so much… so soft… so… And then Hikaru had pulled away, releasing him as a new pair of girls had joined them and Kaoru realized that he hadn't noticed the first couple leaving. He'd quickly excused himself to go to the bathroom; the room swaying a little as Hikaru's 'Come back soon!' reached him from behind. He'd felt really sick… probably as a result from the lack of a real breakfast. After taking a good time to drown his anger in the shower earlier that morning, he'd only had time to grab himself a glass of orange juice. Yeah… that was probably the reason his stomach was still churning, Kaoru thought, reminiscing. He inhaled, trying to push the queasiness down and shuddered involuntarily against the leather seat. He changed his posture to try and cover it up.

"Are you sure you're all right Kaoru? You look a bit pale," Haruhi pointed out.

"Mhm," Kaoru gave a short nod, trying to make his face indifferent.

"Oh, he's fine!" Hikaru said dismissively with a scowl. Haruhi shrugged her shoulders and looked out the window, obviously annoyed with both of the twins' behavior.

Hikaru's eyes were at him immediately, his gaze concerned and demanding as he looked his brother over from head to toe. The intensity of his eyes formed the question as clearly as if he was shouting it into Kaoru's ear; ARE you all right? Kaoru swallowed a little, knowing that his expression, however unconcerned it would look to anyone else, was all but reassuring for Hikaru right now. He stared back at his brother, not knowing what to project to him. A streak of panic was making its way into Hikaru's eyes as Kaoru's apathy lingered… this wasn't normal, they didn't shut each other out like this, they both knew that. Kaoru felt sick again, something about the jostling car and the narrow road with trees passing close by the window… a lump was growing in his throat. Hikaru frowned, parting his lips slightly as if he was about to speak, but not a word came out.

"Is that really your house?" Both of the twins jumped at the sound of Haruhi's question. To his astonishment, it was Kaoru who found his voice first.

"Yeah… quite nice isn't it?"

"I guess… though I can't imagine what you would need all that space for."

"Well that's easy for a commoner to say, you don't know what you're missing." Hikaru filled in. Kaoru looked over at him to see him smirking, his gaze fully focused on Haruhi now. She sneered at him and rolled her eyes. They were almost to the house now and Hikaru didn't meet his eyes again until they'd stepped out of the car. When he did, Kaoru's heart plunged down in his chest, for the eyes glancing over at him were hurt and confused. Kaoru knew he had some explaining to do later, and he didn't look forward to it.