This was it. There was nothing more we could do. Time and time again, we'd embraced battle with hope and determination, always coming out on the better end, always feeling successful, and at the least a bit shaken. Not this time.

Standing on this field, staring into the dark woods, it was impossible not to feel déjà vu. How many times had this very place been the setting for my most terrifying experiences. It was the setting for countless nightmares I'd had in my last months as a human. However, the déjà vu lacked a certain quality. In all of those other times, something in me had hoped, even suspected that I would come out alive, and even more importantly, that Edward would. This, in all of those cases, was wishful thinking in a hopeless situation. Still, I had always known that there was a possibility that we might win. The slightest chance, of course, but always a possibility. There was no such possibility now. I could not even hope. This was the end.

Horrified, we stared into the trees, waiting to die.