A Little Too Late

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These character belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M


Chapter 1

Why Isn't It Enough?

Haley had just had the wedding of her dreams, alright maybe not the actual wedding of her dreams, but it was definitely to the man of her dreams. Or so she had thought. Everything had been perfect. The ceremony, the way he set up the house afterwards and carried her to the bedroom, and the sex that followed. It was her first time. So not having anything to compare him too she had figured it would be the most amazing feeling in the world like everyone described it out to be, but it hadn't.

If she were to be honest with herself or with more importantly Nathan she would have told him about how it felt. "It felt so wrong" She said shaking her head from side to side as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What do you mean it felt so wrong tutor girl?" Brooke asked her face showing obvious shock, though she hadn't ever personally been with Nathan, she had only heard great things about him from her best friend Peyton.

"I don't know." She paused, her hazel eyes downcast as she sighed "I guess I expected there to be some passion on my part. When we kiss there is passion, but every time he touched me." She looked away from Brooke embarrassed to finish the end of her sentence "I was almost disgusted."

"Disgusted?" Brooke asked in almost a shout, she was somewhere between feeling bad for her friend and feeling completely entertained by the topic.

"Yes." Haley stated plainly.

She didn't personally understand the feeling one bit, it wasn't what she should have felt. She loved Nathan, she knew she did. So then what was it? Was she just not in love with him? It would have been nice to have known this before marriage.

"Wow." Brooke smiled her mischievous smile, dimples showing and all as she asked the inevitable question "Who's the other guy?"

For a moment Haley found herself lost in the sight before her. She loved when Brooke got that almost evil look on her face; she loved her smile, her dimples. Golly gee she is gorgeous. She thought to herself before shaking the thought from her mind, angry at herself and curious to why she would even think such things. "What other guy Brooke?"

"Well, you must be attracted to some other guy if you are that disgusted with the thought of Nathan touching you." She stated almost like it was a fact.

Thinking about the other men in her life she immediately shook her head "No, there is no other guy. Trust me."

"Not even Lucas?" Brooke asked, a bitter tone in her voice. She was still in love with Lucas and wouldn't support Haley if she wanted him, but she did want to help her figure out the problem.

"Ew! No! Definitely not him!" Haley shouted.

Brooke raised an eyebrow at the sudden outburst and thought through the possibilities, it really could only be that reason. At least that is all that she could think of so she stated "Are you sure?" Pausing and not letting her answer she got an amazing idea "Wait! I have a plan! Why don't we go through a scenario with each of them and then you tell me if it did anything to you. "

"Did anything to me?" Haley asked her eyebrows knit together in confusion, she wasn't quite sure what Brooke was expecting.

"You know Tutor Girl, you aren't that clueless!"

"um…" Now blushing lightly due to the fact that she really had no clue what Brooke was talking about, and felt stupid. It wasn't very often that she felt this way, only when it came to sexual things.

Brooke's mouth was now hanging open in disbelief and Haley found it to be the most adorable thing ever, why do I keep thinking these things, it's Brooke! If only you could think this way about your husband Haley!

"Oh my god, you really do need help." Brooke chuckled to herself as she explained in her deep raspy voice "You know, we will see how much it turns you on."

As Brooke made the statement she waggled her eyebrows, this causing Haley to blush. Brooke was certain that it wasn't herself that made Haley blush, but instead it was probably the whole situation. Though if it was me then that could be kind of fun.

"Well. Alright, if you think that it will help I will give it a try." Haley stated though she looked very uncertain.

"Don't worry so much Tutor Girl, it's not like I am going to actually check if you are turned on or not." She chuckled seeing Haley's face fill up with a deep red blush again "Unless that is what you want?"

"No! Don't be ridiculous!" Haley said then changed the subject back to the experiment they were planning to do "Let's just get this show on the road okay?" Gosh pull yourself together Haley James SCOTT, you need to remember you have a husband. That and that the thought of Brooke physically checking how turned on you are shouldn't turn you on!

"Alright, Alright, calm down I was only joking." She said with a smirk as she started to think up a scenario dealing with Haley and Lucas. "You are going to have to take this seriously, and really imagine it happening okay?"

Haley nodded agreeing to at least take this seriously, she had to fix her marriage.

"Lay down Tutor Girl." Brooke practically demanded of the other girl.

Blushing Haley did as she was told lying back onto the bed they had been sitting on, why does her telling me to lay down cause so much more of a reaction than when Nathan did so. "Can you at least stop calling me Tutor Girl as we do this?"

Brooke thought about it for a moment as she bit her bottom lip then nodded 'Alright, but only for right now Haley." She stated her name for emphasis before continuing "Now shut up and close your eyes."

Haley did as she was told and let her eyes fall shut, trying her hardest to block out random images. Why do I keep imagining Brooke, this isn't about her, it's about me and Nathan and whoever else I like.

"Okay now I am going to give you a scenario and you have to imagine it happening to you, imagine every little detail." Brooke looked down at Haley who gave a silent nod. "Okay, first you and Lucas."

Sighing Haley opened an eye and looked over at Brooke "I really don't want him, if this is just some way of figuring that out then—"

"Hey! Sometimes you like someone and you don't even realize it, trust me I know all about that." Brooke stated and Haley nodded closing her eyes and finally giving in to Brookes little game. She knew Brooke did have a lot more experience in the sexual department than herself.

"Alright, now imagine you and Lucas are at school and he comes up to you at your locker." She paused to give Haley a moment to think this through and imagine Lucas meeting her at her locker. "But instead of what he usually does he pushes you against the locker placing his hands on your hips and a lean forward gently, but doesn't kiss your lips. Instead he lets them hover over yours."

Haley was lying on the bed imagining the scenario and felt a weird feeling in her stomach, it wasn't a good feeling. It was much like the feeling she got with Nathan but only worse. She didn't feel good about it; it disgusted her and it show on her face. She wanted to just push him away in the scenario, but a lot like with Nathan she couldn't.

Brooke noticed the look on Haley's face, it was all scrunched up, but she looked almost like she was trying to kiss him. Jealousy filled her eyes though the reason behind the jealousy didn't quite make sense. It wasn't at the thought of him liking her, because obviously he didn't. It was at the thought of her liking him, of him being the one that made Haley's body go wild; she had almost hoped it could be herself. Still she knew that would never be the case. And you shouldn't want it to be either, you probably just want to be the first like always Brooke.

"Slowly he leans forward finally kissing you deeply, as his hand makes is way under your shirt you let out a—"

"No! Brooke, stop the story!" She shouted out sitting up in the bed, not wanting to be violated by the man even in her imagination. "It's not Lucas that is for sure."

"Ew please tell me it isn't mouth?" Brooke asked her face showing disgust, she couldn't imagine even Haley would find him that attractive. He was a nice guy but a definite sexual no no.

Haley stared at her in disbelief at the fact that she could even suggest that and she rolled her eyes "No Brooke it isn't Mouth, why would you even think that?" She sighed loudly and fell back onto the pillows closing her eyes in frustration "I don't think it is any man." Wait? Not any man that sounded wrong. Still, why can I not add the fact that it is not any woman? Is it a woman? Is that why?

Brooke's eyes widened as realization hit her and her smile widened "It's not a man? Is it a woman then?" She shouted "Haley James Scott are you a lesbian?"

Brooke's excitement didn't make her happy; if that was the case she did just get married after all. This was nothing to celebrate. "Brooke, no I am not a lesbian that is not what I meant."

"Oh really, so if I suggested Peyton doing the same thing as I said Lucas did that wouldn't do anything for you?" The smirk on her face was causing Haley to blush, not the comment about Peyton.

She thought through the whole scenario only with Peyton and she shook her head a disgusted look on her face "ew no. Sorry to disappoint you."

Brooke's smile widened her dimples showing even deeper than before. "Oh really? So it is only one girl then? One specific girl? Hm." She thought about it for a moment as she started to crawl over the girl on the bed.

Haley's eyes widened at the sight before her and a deep red blush formed on her cheeks. "Brooke what are you doing?"

"Checking out a theory of mine." She stated with a knowing smile playing on her lips. Slowly she climbed over the now squirming Haley, she seemed to be trying to move or get away. Brooke knew that she didn't want to though. She lay her bottom half over Haley's so that she couldn't move away and lent forward gently. Lips hovering slightly above the beautiful girl below hers.

Haley blushed even more at the closeness, getting caught in the moment she was no longer moving around. "Um Brooke, this isn't it either. Trust me. It is not you." Still she couldn't help but notice the heat that was forming in her stomach and between her legs.

"Really? Well your body seems to think otherwise." She pointed out a smirk evident on her face, the smirk that she knew Haley and no one else could ever resist. Slowly she leant forward so that her lips were practically against Haley's as she spoke. "You sure this is not the reason you felt nothing?"

Haley wanted nothing more to be able to stop Brooke and say that this wasn't the reason, but she couldn't. The feeling of her breath against her lips was almost enough to make her body feel like it would explode. Those Hazel eyes she was staring up into, seemed to be captivating her. The scent of Vanilla and Coconut filled her nostrils and Brooke was right her body was responding. She could feel her body shaking lightly, and she could feel herself taking in deep breaths. Trying to control the feelings. It was never like this with Nathan.

Brooke took Haley's silence as acceptance to continue, and she lent forward. She knew that the other girl would push her away if it wasn't how she really felt. Though she would never admit it the thought of that scared her.

Feeling Brooke's lips finally touch her own there was a spark that erupted between their lips. A blush came to the young intelligent bride's cheeks at the contact along with a warmth that ran across her body from head to toe. Finding its way between Haley's legs. She did not push Brooke away, on the contrary she slowly started to kiss her back.

She could feel herself becoming excited as Haley began to kiss her back. This surprised Brooke, she had only been trying to see something. She hadn't actually expected it to have any kind of effect on her own body. She had Lucas after all, and he was all that she needed. Why does this feel so right then? It feels so different than with him, innocent, and gentle. The innocence was soon lost when she felt Haley's wet and warm tongue run across her bottom lip. She wants more? This surprised Brooke, due to the small fact only minutes before Haley hadn't seemed interested in this with anyone.

What is wrong with you Haley? You are married! Haley tried to make herself stop, and she would have succeeded if Brooke didn't open her mouth to allow her entrance. Letting out a soft moan Haley felt Brooke's tongue brush against hers before they were both massaging the others with their own tongue. Oh wow, this feels so amazing, I just want to feel so much more of this.

Suddenly Brooke felt like she was losing control and it scared her, how could Haley be pushing her toward the edge so much. This wasn't Brooke, Brooke wasn't interested in girls. She had only been meaning to tease Haley. Still she heard herself let out a throaty moan when Haley started to suck on her tongue. Oh god! That feels amazing! Every single touch that Haley made to Brooke's skin felt amazing and sent shivers throughout her body. This was perfection. Still she knew it was wrong.

Haley also knowing it was wrong suddenly had it all hit her the moment Brookes hand found its way underneath her shirt and she pulled away. Her face was flushed, she was sweating, and her breathing was jagged and unsteady. "Um Brooke this is wrong, I am married!" She practically screamed as she pushed Brooke off of her. "As far as I am concerned you don't deserve to even call me your friend, taking advantage of my pain like that." Her eyes were cold.

Part of her knew that Haley was only freaking out because of her own insecurities, because of her own feelings. Still, it didn't make it hurt her any less when she heard those words. She hadn't been taking advantage of the other girl, it had just happened and Haley meant the world to her. She didn't want to lose her because of a mistake. Because she got carried away with her own feelings and her own lust. "Haley, wait! It wasn't a plan! It wasn't to hurt you! I-I just…" She didn't have a chance to finish her sentence as the door was slammed in her face. "really like you.." She whispered to herself.

"What the hell was that Haley! What the hell! You are with Nathan! Not just with him you are married to him!" She scolded herself as she started crying and running away from Brooke's house, she needed to get away from her. She started to break down suddenly and she couldn't run anymore so instead she leant against a nearby building and just stared up at the stars. "It wasn't any better with her… I am sure, Nathan was just as good." She tried to convince herself, but the curiosity got the best of her.

Pulling a very non-Haley like move she allowed her fingers to creep beneath the waistline of her jeans. She ran them under her panties and over her entrance. Though she didn't have to go very far to realize just how wet she was. She was soaked through her panties, even through her pants. A blush filled her cheeks as realization hit her, "I want Brooke… but that's not possible."


End of Chapter 1

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