A Little Too Late

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M

Chapter 7

Dirty Little Secret

Haley sat in the lunchroom at the school looking around at her friends awkwardly. As if things were not strange enough for her at the school after the tour and getting married, now she had to hide a sexual relationship as well. It was not something that her conscience was enjoying. She felt it constantly sitting on her shoulder nagging her every time her husband stroked her hand with his thumb and his best friend smiled over at her. She had betrayed them both.

"So, how is the married couple at the table doing?" Lucas asked with concern in his blue eyes for his best friend. He had grown overly protective ever since Nathan's outburst on Brooke a few weeks ago.

"We are doing just fine man, just drop it already it was just a misunderstanding." His brother said squeezing tightly onto the blonde singer's hand.

"It better have been… Brooke was pretty shaken up… I will not just stand by if you abuse—"

"I would never abuse Haley!" Nathan growled out in defense as his grip on his wife's hand tightened and his legs urged him to leap up and put Lucas in his place. Regardless of how angry he was he knew that doing something violent would not clear his "abusive" name. Anyone would have done the same thing; he walked in on someone kissing his wife. Drunk or not it still irritated him and he had started to notice their closeness lately.

"Okay you guys calm down." Haley said laughing and shaking her head at the protective men, it was actually a little bit endearing. "Water under the bridge."

"We're doing what under the bridge later?" Came a raspy voice from behind her and then she felt a thin arm wrap around her shoulders as Brooke sat down beside her. That familiar and sweet scent surrounding her, bringing up memories of the many nights they had slept together and how amazing they were.

She could not hold back the blush as she realized the implications of the other woman's words. "I said water under the bridge Brooke." Laughing nervously she tried to calm herself.

"Oh." She stretched the word seductively. Haley simply nodded at her urging her with large brown eyes to drop the subject as she felt her husband gripping onto her hand almost painfully. "Well that's boring." Brooke finished pulling her arm away from the tutor and focusing on her food with a pout on her lips.

As hazel eyes glanced across the table she noticed blue eyes boring into her rather uncomfortably as she started to eat her lunch. Nathan seemed to hate her, not that she blamed him, but she had never really felt scared of him like she did now. It was probably just the other night when he got so angry. Still, if he got so angry when he thought that it was a "misunderstanding" how would he react if they actually said they wanted to be together?

The entire table had grown silent and was weighted down with awkwardness; no one knew what to say. This had become a regular thing when Brooke entered a room or sat down with them. Most awkward of them all was Haley, but she simply found that cute. Reaching under the table she allowed her manicured nails to trail up the tutor's inner thigh.

Brown eyes widened in shock at the contact and she practically jumped out of the seat as a blush spread across her cheeks and down her neck. Heart pounding against her ribs she tried to continue to eat her food as if nothing happened. Her nervousness serving to take away her appetite.

"You okay babe?" Nathan questioned with worry in his voice.

"Um yeah, I'm fine." She laughed and tried to think up a believable excuse. "Just feeling nervous, I have a test next hour."

Brooke raised her eyebrows at the excuse and a smirk spread from one ear to the other as her fingernails trailed even higher and closer to the other's heated womanhood. She felt the blonde shiver underneath her touch. Loving the control.

"I'm sure you're gonna do just fine. You're my tutor after all." He smiled that beautiful smile that she once loved to see; now it made her stomach twist with guilty knots. The knots almost inducing vomit as he added another squeeze of her hand. 'I am a horrible person… god I hate this…' The woman sitting beside her extended her finger applying pressure to her throbbing womanhood through her pants and she had to suppress the moan that threatened her throat as sweat formed on her forehead. 'Mm god I love this…' Her mind contradicted itself.

All of her friends were looking at her oddly now. It was true that she got nervous before tests but she knew as well as them that the look was a little closer to arousal. Luckily Nathan seemed a little more clueless than Peyton or Lucas. More pressure was added to her through her jeans as Brooke started to stroke her.

Glancing over to the brunette she caught dark hazel lust-filled eyes with her own and she knew what she wanted and needed right there. Glancing down to see the way that the gorgeous woman bit down on her bottom lip made her want to jump her at the table. Luckily she had a little more self-control than most people her age and she ignored the urges.

"Are you sure? You kind of look like you have a fever…" There it was again, Nathan was worried his wife was sick and she was only a terrible cheater. That is how she felt, but what was she to do? Just tell him and watch as he murdered Brooke. No.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Feeling another stroke she blushed even more before reaching under the table to push the hand away. She could literally feel the disappointment radiating off of the cheerleader as she did this.

"Actually I think I would like to get some studying in before that class, I'll see you guys later." Standing to her feet quickly she leant down to press her lips to her husbands before rushing out of the cafeteria. Leaving a very awkward and very silent table behind her.

"Maybe I should help her study." The word study came off as suggestive to say the least as Brooke stood up to take her trey to the trash and headed out of the cafeteria with a sway in her step.

"Brooke, study?" Lucas questioned.

"In all my years." Peyton said laughing a little. "Never heard that one."

Nathan did not say anything though he simply stared after the brunette with a fire behind his eyes, a raging hatred. He knew that the other woman harbored feelings for his wife. Why else would she kiss her and flirt with her all of the time? There was no way he was going to let her get away with trying to take the one person he ever cared for away from him.

O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Haley was sitting in the hallway against some of the lockers, with her head in her hands, trying to calm herself down and think logically. For whatever reason whenever Brooke was involved she lost all rational thoughts. Not that any of this was rational in the first place. She loved Nathan and married him because they had something between them why would that not transfer over into a physical relationship? She had never found a girl attractive in her life, so why did Brooke do these things to her?

"Hey there Hales." Came that familiar voice. Looking up brown eyes met hazel as the brunette slid down the lockers and sat beside her placing an arm around her back.

The tutor immediately felt comfortable and safe as she was pulled into the warmth of the other woman's body. Smiling softly she felt tears start to roll down her cheeks. "Why do things have to be so complicated?"

"Because you make them that way." Brooke teased reaching out with her free hand to poke the blonde on the nose before wiping her tears away.

"Thanks." Haley said sarcastically rolling her brown eyes.

The playful brunette allowed her mouth to drop in shock as she watched the singer roll her eyes at her. "Don't you roll your eyes at me tutorgirl! For being such a smart girl you sure don't know anything about relationships."

"I've only been in one Brooke and I married him." She laughed shaking her head. "Guess you're right, I don't know anything about relationships."

"Now you see things the way I do." Gently she started to run her fingers through blonde strands smiling down at her with that beautiful dimpled smile. "You need to tell him the truth even if you do not want to be with me romantically. Even if all you feel for me is physical. The guilt is tearing you apart and I hate seeing you like this."

"You saw him Brooke! He may kill you!" Haley said with worried eyes.

"I'm a tough girl I can take care of myself. You need to take care of you, because let's face it you are so not as tough as me." Brooke teased which earned her an adorable scowl from the blonde.

"Again, thanks."

"I'm just stating the truth." She chuckled under her breath before leaning down and pressing her lips gently against the shorter woman's earning a moan from both of them. Every time they kissed it was like a spark lit inside of them, it was perfection.

Pulling away Haley now wore a bright smile, brown eyes shining. "Mm… I love that."

"I know." Brooke said her smile growing and her hazel eyes squinting as she laughed and the tutor slapped her arm playfully.

O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Authors Note: Probably a short addition but I really wanted to add to this story, It is one of the only ones I have not updated in like over four months and people love it. I have just been writing a lot of Tonny fics and new Baley fics! :p So this Baley got thrown on the backburner and I am sorry. :/ Hopefully y'all will still love it! I promise to update more regularly.

-Tracy Cook