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Title: Junshou 純情

Rated: G

Summary: Kagome uncovers a secret and is thrown into the Black Order. When she is found compatible with Innocence, it's just the start of many troubles... Inuyasha Crossover!

Pairings: Kanda X Kagome, maybe others..

Setting: -man Canon universe, AU plot

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and -man belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Katsura Hoshino respectively.

A/N Junshou means pure heart; naivete; self-sacrificing devotion; innocence.


Uncovered Secret

A pretty girl with raven-black hair... A beautiful woman in a kimono... A smiling man with a kind face... A little boy with a deformed hand and snow-white hair... A dark shadow, crimson blood spilled on gray cobblestones, lifeless bodies on the ground, the girl screaming and fading from sight...

Waking up with a start, a young man sat up on his bed and panted heavily. He laid his right hand over his bare chest to calm the frantic beats of his heart. Sweat covered his whole body, and his legs were tangled with the bed sheets. Both his eyes were wide open and his red left hand gripped the sheets tightly.

After a few moments, he managed to calm down and recover enough to lay back down on the bed. He ran one hand through the messy white strands of his hair. Staring at the bare ceiling, he wondered about the people he had seen in his nightmare. Their faces seemed so familiar, and yet, he could not remember who they were. Although his heart was not pounding at his chest anymore, the young exorcist could not erase the sense of unease in his mind.

Something was going to happen. Something... that was going to change his life.

Kagome waved goodbye to her friends before jumping into the old well that took her back to her own time. Floating in the tunnel of blue light, she prepared herself for the landing, and stuck one foot out...

Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell onto the hard dirt floor of the well.


The miko groaned. She sat up and nursed her sore foot for a while, before looking around her. She spotted a piece of rock sticking out from the flat ground, and sighed. 'I must have tripped over this rock. I'd better dig it out before I trip over it again..'

She scraped at the dirt around the rock for a while, and managed to dig it out. It was actually a wooden box, and not a rock as she had first thought.

'Why would there be a box down here?' Kagome wondered. She held onto the box as she climbed up the ladder placed inside the dry well. When she reached the top, she brushed the dirt off her skirt and sat down on the edge of the well to examine the box more closely.

It was a small rectangular box, with beautiful gilded patterns engraved on the lid and sides. Its surface was already quite worn out, but the carvings still remained visible and the wood was solid. It looked to be of high quality, and very valuable.

Kagome traced the carving on the lid with her finger, feeling the curves of the lines. A sense of familiarity came to her, and she was puzzled. Staring at the curling lines of the pattern on the lid, she realised that they were words in Hiragana. She squinted to try and make out the words from the curling script, and slowly read them out.


Her eyes widened, and she gasped. She brushed away the remaining dirt on the box, and slowly lifted the lid up.

Inside the box, there was only a single old black and white photograph. Kagome picked it up gently, being careful not to bend it. It was a family portrait of a couple and their two children.

The woman was dressed in a kimono, and her long black hair was tied up elaborately. She had round dark eyes and looked intensely beautiful. Standing beside her was her husband, who was every bit as handsome as she was beautiful. He had light colored eyes and pale hair. He was dressed in a formal suit that matched his eyes and hair. They were an uncommon couple. She was clearly Japanese, while the man had European features.

The man had his hands on the shoulders of a little boy, who looked just like his father, except for his left arm. It was discolored, and looked deformed. However, the boy was still smiling, mirroring the grin on his father's face. Beside the boy, with the woman's arms surrounding her, stood a little girl. Like her mother, she was wearing a kimono, and was smiling happily while holding her little brother's deformed hand. She had raven-black hair and startling blue eyes that showed her parentage.

Although it was a black and white photo, Kagome just knew that the little girl's eyes were blue. Realization trickled slowly into her mind as she stared at the girl in the photo until it finally dawned upon her. This picture was of herself, and her family. However, it was a different family from the one which she had grown up with.

She frowned in confusion, and stood up. She needed some answers, and the only one who would know was her mother.

With brisk steps, Kagome walked into the kitchen, where she found her mother. "Welcome back, dear," she greeted with a smile. Looking at her daughter's face, Mai Higurashi had a feeling that whatever she was going to say would not be good. Sighing, she sat down and gestured for Kagome to sit as well.

She waited patiently for Kagome to speak, and when she saw a familiar worn box in her arms, Mai knew that it was time.

"Okaa-san, I found this box in the well when I came back," Said box was placed onto the kitchen table. Looking up at Mai with uncertain blue eyes, Kagome hoped that she would have some answers.

A sinking feeling set in when Mai looked down and refused to meet her daughter's eyes.

"Okaa-san, please... Tell me."

The soft plea made Mai raise her head. Kagome looked into her eyes, and was confused by the emotions she saw in them. Sadness, regret, guilt. Why did a simple wooden box cause such feelings to arise in the face of her kind mother?

"Kagome..." The soft utterance of her name startled her.

"I..I'm not your real mother." Although she had been prepared for the worst that might have happened, this simple sentence shocked her. Of all the scenarios she had imagined, this was one that she had not thought of. Her mind numb, Kagome listened as Mai continued.

"I-I found you, one day, in the well house. You were alone, and didn't have anything with you except the clothes you were wearing and that box. My husband and I posted a report at the police station, but a few months passed without anyone turning up to claim you. We decided to adopt you and raise you as our child, because we had no children of our own then. You had lost your memory, so you quickly accepted us as your parents. We loved you so much that we didn't want to lose you, so we buried that box in the well to ensure that you would never remember your past life and leave us..."

Mai could not bear to meet Kagome's gaze as she revealed the truth that had been weighing down her heart for years.

Kagome shook her head, horrified. She gripped the box in her arms tightly, and started to retreat. She turned and ran out of the kitchen. A door slammed shut somewhere in the house.

Mai Higurashi wept silently as she watched the girl she had considered her daughter for thirteen years step out of her life. Deep inside her heart, she knew that Kagome would never return to her. The worst was that, she would not blame her if she did.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she ran for the well house. She entered slowly and shut the doors behind her. Thin beams of light shone through from the holes on the doors, lighting up the shadowy interior of the well house. Kagome descended the steps in a daze and leaned against the well.

The woody smell of the old well comforted her as she cried. To think that she had been deceived for all this time, by her very own mother, who was actually not the one who had given birth to her. She felt betrayed, her trust in Mai shattered.

Mai could have chosen to keep the secret that Kagome was adopted all her life and she would not have cared. However, it was the fact that Mai had selfishly tried to keep Kagome for herself, take away the chance of finding her real parents, that had pierced through her heart.

Kagome picked up her box and opened it. She took out her picture and stared at the faces of her real parents. She looked at the face of her little brother. He was small and cute. His hair looked so soft that Kagome wished she could reach through the picture to ruffle it.

The young miko sighed. She wished that she could find her real family. Although Mai had taken care of her all these years, she had always felt that something was missing.

It would not be easy to find them though. Since she was found in the well, she could have come from any time or dimension. Maybe she was from Sengoku Jidai? She stared at the picture and shook her head.

She suddenly thought of something that could help her find her parents. Fingers trembling, she turned the picture over. As she had thought, on the back was written the date and the place the photo was taken at. 'England, East Mansion, 1877'

Kagome gasped at this new bit of information. 'So I was born in England? But how was I sent to Japan...?'

At one corner, a message was scribbled in neat cursive writing.

'For your fifth birthday:

Our beloved Kagome,

This box is our birthday present to you. Treasure it always, and keep your best memories inside it. Remember that we love you.


Mama and Papa'

Kagome shivered, and tears leaked from the corner of her eyes. A strong feeling of longing and desire for her parents and brother welled up inside her, and she could not contain her emotions any longer. She did not even realize when she spoke her wish out loud.

"I wish... I could see my real family, and remember my past..."

Suddenly, with a bright flash of light, the well activated and a blinding white beam covered Kagome. As suddenly as it had come, the light disappeared and left only an empty space where Kagome had been sitting.

Kagome had no time to even gasp as she was thrown into the time-stream by the magic forces in the well. The only thing she saw before she was spat out of the tunnel was that the light was white, different from the usual blue. She was thrown out violently, and landed hard. Wincing, she rubbed her sore knees and looked around.

Expecting to be in the well in Sengoku Jidai, she was surprised to see that she had landed in the middle of a circle inscribed with complex runes, surrounded by glowing orbs that were circled with serrated rings. Darkness loomed around her and the only light was given off by the circle and the orbs. Tense and cautious, she sat up slowly.

She observed the glowing orbs of light, and noticed that each one was slightly different from the other. For example, one of them was more round, while the other was squarish, while another gave off a dimmer light. Suddenly, a bright flash of light caught her eye, and she turned around. She saw an orb that looked different from the rest. It was glowing brilliantly, and giving off light of different colors.

Curious, she reached out to touch it. Just as her finger grazed the surface of the smooth orb, a large white shape loomed out of the darkness.

Reacting instantly, thanks to quick reflexes cultivated from being in the dangerous feudal era, she grabbed a bow from the floor and immediately shot off a spirit arrow at what she thought was a youkai. However, the serpent-like creature dodged it with lightning-fast reflexes, and started to move closer to Kagome.

Her face determined, the young miko erected a barrier using her spiritual powers to hold the youkai at bay. Using the bow as a medium, she projected her power into a half-bowl shape over her.

The youkai paused at the sight of the barrier, and reached out with ghostly hands to touch it. Much to Kagome's horror, it did not repel the serpent, and it was able to grab her and bind her tightly. She cried out as she was lifted out of her barrier, and the barrier shattered as her concentration broke.

Try as she might, she could not break free of the creature's grasp, although she struggled and kicked furiously. She was lifted up in the air until she was face-to-face with the snake creature. By now, Kagome had quietened down to conserve her energy.

Taking the opportunity to study her opponent, she glared boldly at her captor. It was a white and scaly snake thing that had half a human face. It seemed to be studying her intently and had remained quiet throughout the whole ordeal, and Kagome was a bit disconcerted with its silence. Usually, any youkai that captured her would loudly demand that she hand over the Shikon shards, or proclaim their desire to eat her.

Suddenly, Kagome realized something. She looked at her hands. Both hands were gripping a white bow very tightly, so much that her knuckles were beginning to take on the same hue as the bow itself. She relaxed her grip and looked at the bow, puzzled. She had not brought her bow along with her, and there had been no bows or arrows around her just now. So where had this bow and the arrow she shot out come from?

When she looked up, she almost screamed when she saw the creature's face right in front of hers. Reacting to her surprise, her powers flared and made the bow glow. However, the creature did not even budge, and it looked like it had not been affected even a tiny bit by the reiyouki. Instead, it stared at the bow in her hands for a while.

Pale tendrils started to wrap around the bow, and Kagome started to panic. It was going to take away her only weapon! She held onto it with a death grip, stubbornly unwilling to let it go. The creature bowed its head and leaned closer but did not try to hurt her. Kagome was confused by its actions, and was shocked when it started to speak.

"Calm down, I'm not your enemy."

The deep voice startled her, and she relaxed unconsciously. The bow in her arms glowed and it melted to form a bracelet around her right wrist. It was still white, and now had a cross formed with blue crystals in the middle. The creature bent its forehead to the bracelet, and a light shone between them.

"1.. 5... 18.. 36.. 52.. 69.. 72..."

The light continued to shine between the bracelet and the creature's forehead as it counted off percentages. Finally, after a while, it stopped. It lifted its head up and looked at her.

"It seems like 72 is your maximum synchronization percentage. Don't worry, you're all right now... I am Hevlaska, what is your name?"

The hands that were wrapped around her loosened their grip until she could rest comfortably.

Suddenly, a bright light shone from above and illuminated a group of tall chairs on a ledge. Kagome squinted in the light and made out five dark figures.

"Welcome to the Black Order, exorcist. You have passed the test and you are now one of us, the Black Priesthood."

The light disappeared, and the figures melted away into the shadows again. Kagome's head was filled with question marks at the appearance and disappearance. Finding nothing else to express her confusion at, she chose to stare at Hevlaska, her earlier caution replaced with trust.

She decided to speak in English, since Hevlaska and the mysterious figures had spoken to her in English. Thanking her school for making English lessons compulsory, she replied Hevlaska's question.

"Umm, I am Kagome Hi-" she hesitated, because she remembered that she was not a Higurashi anymore. Continuing her sentence, she simply said. "I am Kagome."

"What exactly happened just now?" The newest exorcist asked apprehensively.

"You are compatible with Innocence, with a synchronization rate of 72, and you are now an exorcist." was the simple answer.

"What's a synchronization rate? What innocence? What's an exorcist?" A rapid fire of questions was shot at Hevlaska.

Thankfully, Hevlaska had enough patience to explain the whole story of the Innocence and the Millennium Earl slowly to Kagome. Meanwhile, inside her head, the little miko was swimming in all the facts and her doubled confusion. However, she still had a bit of rationality left, and just absorbed all the information thrown her way like a sponge, for her to digest later.

Finally, all her questions were answered until there was only one left. She could not hold it in anymore, and blurted it out.

"Why and how was I brought here?"

"I do not know. However, I will investigate the cause of your appearance here. For now, Lenalee will take care of you and show you to your new quarters."

Kagome was gently deposited on a floating platform that had appeared out of nowhere beside a girl who looked to be around her own age.

She was startled yet again, the fourth or fifth time since she had landed in this place. She had not noticed the platform at all, but was pleasantly surprised when the girl smiled at her. She returned the smile, and waved goodbye to Hevlaska as the platform started to rise.

"Hajimemashite, watashi wa Kagome desu." She introduced herself with a small bow, thinking that the girl was Japanese like her.

"Ah, umm, I don't speak Japanese!" the other girl replied in an embarrassed tone.

A blush spread across Kagome's cheeks when she heard the girl's reply, and she was extremely embarrassed that she had made a mistake.

Blushing, she apologized, "Ah, I'm sorry, I thought you were Japanese like me..."

"It's alright. I'm Lenalee Lee, by the way. What's your name?" A bright smile from the girl reassured Kagome, and she introduced herself again.

"I'm Kagome. Pleased to meet you."

The girls chattered excitedly with each other as the platform brought them up to the higher levels of the tower. By the time they reached the rooms, the two girls had already become best friends. Lenalee because there were few girls around, and Kagome because Lenalee was the only person she knew here so far, aside from Hevlaska.

Lenalee showed Kagome around, explaining the rooms and their purpose cheerfully. The only rooms that she did not introduce were those on the third floor, and the doors looked so scary that Kagome decided it was better not to know.

Other than that, Kagome was sure that she knew most of the Head Quarters already.

As they climbed up steps in a tower, she caught a glimpse of the sky through a window. 'It's night already? I didn't realize it had been so late...'

They continued to walk through corridors, passing many doors before Lenalee stopped in front of one.

"Here, Kagome-chan, this is your room."

She opened the door and stepped in, gesturing for Kagome to follow. Inside, was a plain room, with a bed, a drawer, and a bed-side table. There were some blankets and bedclothes placed on the bed. Finally, the day's exhaustion caught up to the miko, and she yawned softly. Lenalee turned to face Kagome.

"It's been a long day for you, hasn't it? You should go to bed first, I'll come over and bring you down for breakfast tomorrow." The older girl said with a smile.

"Thanks, Lenalee-chan." Kagome returned the smile, and covered another yawn with her hand. Warm arms enclosed her in a hug, and Kagome was startled for a moment before wrapping her arms around Lenalee too.

"I'll be fine," Kagome reassured her new sister.

They let go of each other, and with a last smile, Lenalee walked out of the room, closing the door on the way.

Kagome laid on her bed, fatigue making her eyelids heavy. As she closed her eyes, she saw the faces of her friends from Sengoku Jidai. She thought about how she would never see them again, and a teardrop streaked down her cheek. Then, the miko slowly fell asleep.

Japanese Words/Index

Kimono - Japanese clothing

Miko - Priestess

Hiragana - Japanese characters

Okaa-san - Mother

Sengoku Jidai - Feudal Era (from Inuyasha)

Youkai - Japanese demon

Shikon shards - Shards of a jewel possessing great power. (from Inuyasha)

Reiyouki - Spiritual powers

Hajimemashite, watashi wa Kagome desu - Nice to meet you, I am Kagome

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