As the black automobile took off, roaring down the empty streets, leaving only a faint trail of exhaust fumes, Everything was distorted and blurry.

The air was thick, and tasted like copper and rust. Parappa knew he needed urgent help

Parappa reached for his trademark Red beanie, with a small green frog icon sewn onto the front. it was damp, and cold. Freshly plucked out of a day old rain puddle, on the cold streets of coolzville,

Falling back onto the unforgiving pavment, clutching the oozeing bullet wound through his light orange shirt, a wrack of pain stung every part of his body. Movement was unbearable, just that mere motion to retreive his missing headpiece had sent him into agony, The happy-go-lucky Rapdog did'nt want to admit it, but things were looking quite grim.

Gritting his teeth and balling his fists, Parappa forced himself upright. every breath was hell, and his breathing was becoming quicker and more frantic with each passing second. His mind disarrayed and lost in after-shock. Just afew breif seconds ago he had been walking home at around half three at night. Not the wisest move in most towns. The attackers came, fired their shots, and left without any trance of their existance. Parappa did'nt know if he should thank their lack of accuracy...Or curse it.

He tried to scream and shout, but his efforts fell on deaf ears, and only served to worsen his condition. Parappa shut his eyes and lay sideways on the concreate, He imagend his friends, PJ, katy, lammy, and so on...The best of times, and the worst of times. it all came flooding back in a matter of momments.

The hero of his generation, the upstanding, outspoken, hip-hopping rapstar bled to death just two blocks from his own house. Their was no aid. their was no time.

He only asked that his people remember him. Nothing more